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If you’ve ever visited the the Santa Ana Public Library in the Civic Center you probably have noticed a statue of a man holding a dove in front of the main entrance and asked yourself “who is he”?  Is it a statue honoring one of Santa Ana’s or Orange County’s forefathers?  Is it a statue honoring a historical figure from literature?  An author perhaps?  No this statue is none of these.

The nine-foot bronze statue that was erected in 1994 honors Alex Odeh, the west-coast regional director of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, who was murdered October 11, 1985 in a terrorist attack right here in Santa Ana at 1905 E. 17th Street.  Odeh was killed when a bomb triggered as he put the key into his office door exploded.  The FBI classified the bombing as a terrorist attack and believed that Jewish militants from the Jewish Defense League (JDL) were probably responsible for the murder.

Odeh, who on the day of his murder had been scheduled to speak at Friday prayer services at a synagogue in Fountain Valley, was believed targeted because of his support for the Palestinian people and for what some claimed were anti-semetic statements.  Odeh, shortly before his murder, had appeared on Nightline with Ted Koppel and debated with a member of the JDL.  He was killed by cowardly terrorists simply because of something he said.

The late Irv Rubin (pictured above) who was a leader of the JDL sated, “I have no tears for Mr. Odeh.  He got exactly what he deserved.”  Rubin also gleefully exclaimed after the statue was twice vandalized, “I think the guy is a war criminal.”

Let me remind everyone that if we forget history, we are bound to repeat it.  This brings me back to the here and now in Santa Ana.  We are all now aware of the unfortunate choice of words by Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez in regards to the PBID debate and Irv and Ryan Chase.  It is never wise to invoke the name of Adolf Hitler into any debate.  While comments and actions by the Chase’s appear to demonstrate an anti-Latino/immigrant  bias, bringing Hitler’s name into the debate is wrong.

Some bloggers, local media types and others in Santa Ana have seized upon this and whipped up an angry frenzy.  One of our regular readers/commenters, “Cook”, has even used the term “lynch mob” to describe those atacking Alvarez.  The screams of “anti-semitism” are being used to create a toxic atmosphere of hate with Mayor Pro Tem Alvarez as their target.  This is quite scary and can have dire consequences.

Those fanning the flames of hate against Alvarez don’t know exactly who is listening, nor do they care.  All they are concerned with is their agenda and their opposition to Alvarez and her allies.  All of this hysteria can very well awaken the demons inside of some extremist and the next thing you know we have what happened to Alex Odeh all over again.

Just as Mayor Pro Tem Alvarez’s words spoke in anger and frustration were irresponsible, so too are the words being written and spoken by those attacking Alvarez.  Alvarez has apologized for her words, when will the Chase’s apologize for their words and actions?  Once they do perhaps we can put this whole unfortunate incident behind us.

We must stop throwing gasoline on the fire and fanning the flames of hate.  God save any other family from suffering the same despair that the Odeh family has had to deal with for the past 25 years.

By Editor

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23 thoughts on “Could toxic attacks on Alvarez lead to terrorism?”
  1. You are a terrorist for even bringing these issues up! shame on you! j/k Actually I look forward to researching all of this. My Dad use to have an office space a couple of buildings over on 17th. I forgot all about this incident.

  2. I wouldn’t begin to know, but I bet Chmiliwinskis lawyer has a pertty good take on this.

    Amazing, The LOC has gone from using a JEW BASHING – CAIR lawyer to promoting Jew’s as a race. Talk about an about face!

    Somebody should let them know, Jew’s are not a race.

  3. I wonder if the ADL and all the others would be carrying on if Irv Chase was Armenian and the term “ethnic cleansing” was used?

    Jews don’t like it when Armenians use the term holocaust in regards to their slaughter at the hands of the Turks.

    Remember, Jews have the market cornered when it comes to suffering and oppression. Just ask them.

  4. “Remember, Jews have the market cornered when it comes to suffering and oppression. Just ask them.”….. Hmmmm


    If the history could be revisited and the alleged holocaust derailed, Jews would never allow that to happen.

    Without the holocaust they would be nomadic hated group without a state as they always were for more than 5,000 years.

  5. The Anti-Defamation League or the ADL was quick to blast Alvarez, they weren’t as fast at recognizing the Armenian genocide.

    For many years the ADL refused to acknowledge the Armenian genocide. They have actively campaigned to oppose Congressional affirmation of the Armenian genocide.

    As many as two million Armenians died at the hands of the Turks and yet the ADL refused to call it a genocide.

    Is it any wonder that this group would support racists like Irv and Ryan Chase?

  6. Everyone knows that the Jews are the founders of modern terrorism. Don’t believe me, watch this:

  7. Hope not.. But if they do go after her.. I’d keep a distance from her.. You know just to be on thd safe side.. Claudia.. How’s that foot in the mouth taste? Need a little chile sauce?

  8. All of this discussion and hysteria about Alvarez’s comments is exactly what Chase and his cronies want. This is providing them with cover from their actions which hurt the long time Latino business owners in downtown.

    Chase does not want this to become a discussion about him, PBID, Downtown Inc. and gentrification. If we have that discussion the public will get a clear idea of the real Irv Chase and his bigotry.

    He will instead scream “anti-semitism” as loud and for as long as possible in order to create a smokescreen for his disgusting behavior and actions. We must not let that happen and the business owners who he is targeting must stand up and fight him.

    As far as these so-called liberal bloggers go, they are just pawns being used as enablers for Chase’s gentrification plans. I’d like to see them discuss the real issue at play, rather than fanning the flames of Chase’s hysteria.

    Do these so-called liberals stand with Chase or do they stand with the Latino business owners and the community they serve?

    So perhaps rather than posting yet another screed against Alvarez they can write at least one post letting us all know where they stand on the issues behind this dust up.

  9. “Do these so-called liberals stand with Chase or do they stand with the Latino business owners and the community they serve?”……Hmmmmm

    I believe that Liberals have no place to stand because they are suffering boomerang effect.

    Opportunists like Sean Mill and Vern Nelson are stigmatizing everyone who opposes them by calling them HATER.

    So if Jews scream “anti-semitism” the above bloggers must side with Jews and scream HATERS in support of Jews which will destroy Latinos.

    Can you see how dangerous it is to depart from the 1st amendment to yield to the political correctness by socialists?

    For about a decade I have been warning against this trend with no success.

  10. I do not follow Gustavo for about 2 years and do not read what he is convinced about, but prior to that he was convinced that he was philanthropist for Mexicans — in other words Mexican National Socialist (Nazi).

    Point is that use of stigmatization to achieve your political objectives and to silence criticism bypassing the 1st Amendment is double edge sword because you must form a coalition with other race Nazis and when one turns against you, you fall on the edge.

    This is happened to Claudia Alvarez.

    It will happen to Gustavo to if he will do same.

  11. Native,

    Don’t be so silly, the so-called “liberal” bloggers won’t be discussing the issues they are too concerned with attacking Claudia.

    Besides I doubt they would side with the Latino business owners and community anyway.

    They defended the honoring of Lupe Moreno and the Minutmen at the council meeting last July, why would you think they would support Latino’s and immigrants now?

    Quite typical of folks like this. Remember how all those “liberals” in Boston reacted when blacks were bussed into their neighborhood schools. They supported integration, just not in their neighborhoods.

    Dan and Chris are cut from the same cloth.

  12. Claudia Alvarez is a dangerous person. If this is true, Art, that her comment ultimately results in Jewish terrorism, she has taken Santa Ana to a new low.

  13. Statement from Frank Barbaro, Chairman, Democratic Party of Orange County (DPOC)

    The Democratic Party of Orange County does not condone the recent comments made by Councilwoman Claudia Alvarez. Her remarks were inappropriate, offensive and hurtful.

    We strongly agree with the Anti-Defamation League’s position that no matter how strong one’s objections to any government policy, invoking the Holocaust and the Nazi effort to exterminate the Jewish people is grossly offensive and has no place in civil political discourse.

    Using the Holocaust as an analogy for the frustration of local politics displays an ignorance of history and an insensitivity to the tragedy in human history that saw the murder of six million Jews and millions of others. The use of words such as “ethnic cleansing” had no place in meaningful debate and discourse at the Santa Ana City Council meeting.

    While Councilwoman Alvarez is not officially connected to the Democratic Party, other than through her voter registration, we have supported her candidacy for City Council and have high regard for her accomplishments both as a City Council person and as a District Attorney here in Orange County.

    As Chairman, I would remind all public officials that regardless of the issue or the intensity of the moment, that we need to rise above the demeaning rhetoric and encourage advocacy that is vigorous but free from personal, hostile attack.

    Councilwoman Alvarez has publicly apologized but she must now apologize directly to the people she offended.

  14. Everyone needs a Asshole.. Except Claudia has hers on her face.. She made an apologetic statement.. She didn’t mean a word of it.. Come on..

  15. In my of August 27, 2011 email to the city council, I have advised Claudia to stop apologizing.

    More you apologize to Jews more they beat you up.

    Judaism is not about repentance like Christianity.

    Judaism is about revanchism, eye for eye tooth for tooth.

  16. I serioulsy doubt this event will result in any form of violence. I gove it about a week and a half for some other politico in orange County to say something that will draw ire and thus negating this event. Just an observation about OC politics.

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