Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

There is a free stand-up comedy show called “Killing in the Name of Sanity” to raise awareness of bipolar disorder, scheduled for this evening, August 21, at

McFadden’s Bar and Grill, located at 14401 Newport Avenue, in Tustin, from 7 pm to 9 pm.

All of the comedians are bipolar, except for the ones who aren’t (we’ll let you figure out which are which).

This show will be either spectacular or a train wreck.

What Are We Killing For?

What do Carrie Fisher, Robert Downey Jr., and your ex-girlfriend have in common? They’re bipolar. (And at some point you’ve wanted to bang them.)

There’s a big stigma associated with being bipolar, and it’s mostly based on prejudice. Bipolar people have changed the world. Did you know Winston Churchill and Florence Nightingale were bipolar? Do you know who isn’t? Glenn Beck. (Though, to be fair, Team Bipolar’s got Mel Gibson, but there’s a difference between being bipolar and being an as*hole… )

We are accepting $10 donations at the door, or whatever else you care to give. Also, there will be a raffle at the end of the show. Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5. Proceeds to be donated to a local Orange County bipolar support group.

The Comedians

This is one of the best lineups KitN has ever had. Headliner Lisa Sundstedt has written for “Chelsea Lately,” and feature comedian Mal Hall has toured nationwide for NBC. We also have Lauri Roggenkamp (winner of OC’s Funniest Person contest) and local favorite Katy French.

This show is for people 18 and over. McFadden’s is also a restaurant, so you can get dinner there. Free parking.

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11 thoughts on “Comedy benefit for bipolar awareness, tonight in Tustin”
    1. My brother would have been 43 today. He was bipolar and he took his own life after suffering for years. I miss him and I pray that all those who are bipolar will get help and live happy and peaceful lives.

  1. Obviously you have not read the article but you are correct as to heredity so if your sibling was bipolar you may be too.

    Sibling’s bipolarity is only indicator….. Read the article it may explain some of your predictable behavior.

    One of the bipolarity’s symptoms is that victims believe that there is nothing wrong with them and will reject any medication or help.

    So if you have no desire to even rad the article it would be indicative of your bipolarity.

    Your brother would be a OK if he would stay on meds.

  2. He’s 65 or more. He bitches about how the gov’t makes him take Medicare. He just got out of rehab for something or other. He is our court jester, although his humor is hit-or-miss.

  3. “his humor is hit-or-miss”….. Hmmmm

    It is the Bohemian humor idiot.

    He believes that a satiric expression requires a degree of IQ for its interpretation. Therefore, he may be discriminating against moron mongoloids and bipolars.

  4. Stan, just think how miserable their lives would be, if they had to come to your office and bow down to the newly elected assemblyman from Santa Ana.

    You even have a leg up on most other likely candidates. You get to use the foreign immigrant flag of honor. Its worked for the mayor for decades, and for current assemblyman too.

    There is going to be a labor party at the zoo on the 3rd, free food and entry to the zoo. All the demo’s will be there, you can announce your intention to be the next assemblyman to all those sheep.

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