Sat. Oct 1st, 2022

Councilman David Benavides has been desperately trying to quell the firestorm that erupted when we broke the story that he honored a group of Minutemen and extremist Republicans who were recruited by Mexican-hater Lupe Moreno to take over this year’s Santa Ana Independence Day event.

Benavides has tried to argue that he didn’t know the Minutemen were involved but a new video has surfaced that clearly shows him bowing to Moreno and talking to her at the event.  He certainly did know what was going on.

Many people in the community are wondering why Benavides would get involved with racists who hate his constituents.  Now they will have a chance to ask him personally why he did this.

Benavides will be available the first Saturday of next month, August 7, for his “Community Office Hours,” from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., at the Southwest Senior Center, located at 2201 W. McFadden Avenue.  The Senior Center is accessible by OCTA routes 66 and 145.  You may call the City Council office at (714) 647-5200 for more information.

For the record, Benavides has been involved with Republicans and Usual Suspects since he first ran for office.  Click here to see his past endorsements, which include:

  • OC GOP member Tim Whitacre, who ran the failed racist campaign of Mexican-basher Bill Hunt this year
  • Republican Councilman Carlos Bustamante, who was tossed off two State Commissions after his infamous “waterbra” comments
  • Former SAUSD Trustee Rosie Avila, a Republican and past member of the OC GOP Central Committee who challenged Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez – but lost to her fellow Mexican-hater, Tan Nguyen.  She ran again in a later race and Sanchez finished off her political career.  Whitacre managed her first Congressional campaign.
  • Current SAUSD Trustee Rob Richardson, a Republican who has helped to ruin the SAUSD.
  • Don Cribb, the father of the arts movement – and a major backer of gentrification schemes.  Benavides made him a city commissioner even though Cribb does not live in his ward.
  • Ousted City Commissioner Glen Stroud, a Republican
  • Glen’s wife Julie Stroud, who Benavides appointed to the Parks and Recreation Commission even though she does not live in his ward
  • Debbie McEwen, the Mexican-hater who erected barricades in French Park, to keep Mexicans out, only to get sued by the ACLU.  The barricades came down!
  • Otto Bade, a Republican who once challenged Lou Correa – and lost
  • Art Lomeli, a Republican resident of Orange Park Acres who is working on Al Amezcua’s campaign

Can Benavides survive the Hatergate scandal?  That is hard to say.  If no one challenges him in November he will win another term on the City Council.  But my sources tell me that his aspirations to go to Sacramento to replace Jose Solorio in the 69th Assembly District when he terms out in 2012 are now dashed.

Will Benavides’ Hatergate scandal also bring down Republican City Council candidate Thomas Gordon and mayoral candidate Al Amezcua?  There are rumors that Benavides, Gordon and Amezcua are going to be campaigning together as the “BAG” team.  That is plausible as they share the same supporters.  Mayor Miguel Pulido and the other City Council members have already been warned not to share anything of importance with Benavides as he cannot be trusted to be loyal to them.

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Art Pedroza started Orange County's first political blog, the Orange Juice, back in 2003. He now publishes the top civic blog in Orange County - New Santa Ana, plus other blogs including New Anaheim, New Fullerton and the Irvine News Blog, as well as the OC Politics Blog.

One thought on “Can Councilman David Benavides survive the Hatergate scandal?”
  1. Why would we want Benavides to be loyal to the council? How much are they paying you to eat your own words and look like a sell-out? Who are you kidding? All of the current council, especially the mayor, have close ties to various Reeps throughout OC. You want to bash David for bowing to Lupe Moreno~how bout the mayor??? I’ve seen him bow down to mexi-haters left and right.
    Your reporting has taken an interesting turn for the worst. Next you’ll be appointed to a commission, I’m sure of it….

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