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Pulido and Mouet

Is Gerardo Mouet the Chosen One?

Do you remember when Santa Ana Council Member David Benavides and his allies were screaming about transparency during his failed campaign for Mayor?  Well that sure went out the window since Benavides lost.

Benavides and company have put a City Council meeting on calendar for this Thursday, at 1:15 pm.  Now think about that for a minute.  It is Christmas week.  Many folks are off on vacation.  The rest of us are working and can’t attend or watch this meeting online.  What is at stake?  Only the future well-being of our city.

The Benavides junta is going to consider the fate of our City Manager, Paul Walters, one of the top public administrators in Orange County, as well as our City Attorney – who was tossed into this fray to make it look like less of a witch-hunt against Walters.

To make matters worse, I am told that Benavides and his pals are encouraging paid union members to come scream at Walters at this kangaroo court – knowing the public at large won’t be there.

It doesn’t matter to these goons that new Council Member Angelica Amezcua is on vacation in Mexico with her family.  The fix is in and they don’t care what she thinks.

We can only hope that Mayor Pro Tem Sal Tinajero won’t be a party to this lynching – not when our city is struggling to deal with a $56 million dollar redevelopment bill that Governor Jerry Brown’s administration wants us to pay right now.

It should be noted that Santa Ana Parks and Recreation Agency Director Gerardo Mouet has allegedly been telling his comrades that he has the votes lined up to replace Walters.

Transparency?  It turns out the Benavides cartel was lying about it.  They don’t give a damn about transparency and it is likely that in brokering their votes against Walters, and for Mouet, they have already violated the Brown Act – perhaps repeatedly.

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52 thoughts on “Benavides Council faction hides in the shadows as they plot against Walters”
  1. “Gerardo Mouet”……….. Hmmmmmmm


    He is in charge of monkey’s cages why not in charge of monkeys at large?

    Any of these Latino clowns have no chance to survive for long because they have no clue about the structural deficit and missing about 100 mill. (which can’t be accounted for) according to Collins.

  2. Any chance there was a Brown Act violation or two committed getting this meeting set up? Can you say D.A. investigation?

  3. BREAKING THE BROWN ACT????? wow- so NOW you look at that practice now that Pulido isn’t top dog anymore? that’s really funny. Pulido has been notorious for doing this over his tenure, there’s a lot of evidence floating around- wonder if characters of influence will ever uncover it for the public.

    as a journalist you should be the first to acknowledge it…

    1. I’m a blogger, not a journalist. As for Mayor Pulido, he is very cautious. I can’t imagine that he would be as cavalier about these laws as the Benavides gang appears to be.

      Benavides told the OC Register that he isn’t trying to fire Walters. That is a flat out lie. However by exposing his plans ahead of time we may have forced him to alter them. He expected no one would be watching during Christmas week. He was wrong.

      1. Folks, Zorro once again exposed Benavides Gang and saved Walters’ Gang from an arrest and the corruption trial.

        Viva Santa Ana, feliz navidad al mundo humano.

  4. The Sunshine Ordinance should be renamed the Smokescreen Ordinance. These cockroaches operate in the shadows but want you to believe that they support transparency.

    Instead of business being done on the 8th floor of city hall, they hold court while getting drunk in downtown watering holes. They are too stupid to realize that this makes it easier for the Feds to watch them and they are watching.

  5. closed door session meeting. The public can speak before the meeting and then wait outside.

    Being before the 1-7-13 meeting may have some meaning.

    There is no transparency in employee evaluations dealing with performance.

    1. There is no transparency when 4 roaches tell Mouet that he will be the new city manager either Cook, there is just a violation of the Brown Act.

  6. Mouet will certainly be the most girly city manager we have had in the history of the Santa Ana.

    Could there be a more feminine group of Latinos than Sarmiento, Reyna, Benavides and Mouet? And as for Martinez, she has big conjones but I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

    And with John Palacio as puppetmaster this is turning into a real circus freak show.

    What a sorry lot.

    1. With Palacio pulling the strings you know this won’t end well. He is the ultimate cockroach, he hides in Arizona.

  7. Bustamante won’t be the last of the Santa Ana city Council to go jail. The D.A., the F.B.I. and the IRS will see to that! I hear the weather in Lompoc is lovely this time of year!

    1. When you have underemployed roaches like Martinez, Reyna and Benavides on the council can rampant corruption be far behind?

      People know that they can be bought off cheaply. They are using their council seats as an ATM. A sting operation will be coming soon especially if they attack a well respect lawman like Walters. He has friends in high places.

  8. Just be patient amigos.

    This kind of fragmentation leads to the ultimate clean up.

    As I have predicted about year ago there will be arrests and criminal prosecutions.

    You can’t expect to have both Chief and Mayor, including these who like to take pictures with them, in the power for more than 20 years and no corruption.

  9. Not only are they ungrateful–Paul Walters kept them from going bankrupt– they are the ones that did not keep track of the old city manager and that’s why the city became bankrupt. Not one of them could do what Paul Walters is able to do.

    1. You must be a moron! He may be going to the retirement home, but the city is going to the dogs. Ya real good move cockroaches.

  10. Again, you’ve said previously that post-election, Benavides is over, done, irrelevant, powerless.

    Yet any time something happens you don’t like, it’s Benavides that’s pulling the strings?

    You can’t have it both ways!

    1. Oh yes I can! He tried to pull a fast one today and thanks to our reporting the rest of the press woke up and covered this meeting. Every blog and newspaper in town ripped the Santa Ana City Council. And Benavides was the driving force behind this farce…

      1. “Every blog and newspaper in town ripped the Santa Ana City Council”……… Hmmmmmmm

        That is splendid, but I see noting in the OrangeJujceBlog.


        1. Well perhaps Vern is busy with his real job of providing entertainment at holiday parties.

          This was covered by the OC Register, The Liberal OC and the Voice of OC.

          1. By reviewing your above listed sources it appears that the council is pissed off about the $56 million which Walters and City Attorney failed to inform council.

            So I think it is appropriate to fire both of them rater then you claiming some sort of Benavides’ coup d’état crapola.

        1. “Benavides and company are pretty upset that we outed them”…….. Hmmmmmm

          Outed?… The agenda and meeting was published on the City Website.

          I do not hear about Pulido’s objections to the meeting.

          So wassup?

          1. Pulido, was cautious he said:

            “I wouldn’t do a 24-hour meeting notice for a meeting of this nature,” Pulido said of the move. “It’s too important.”

            I think this power grab by termed out civic representitives is just that. A lawyer, a teacher, a realtor,a admitted former drug dealer, a muffler shop repairman another teacher and Roman Renya (employment unkonwn) is quite a group.

            This “gang” certainly will move the city forward!

  11. Divorce and child support payments can get awfully expensive especially when you don’t have a real job as is the case with David.

    Emily is going to take him to the cleaners and he has to come up with the cash in a hurry. Law enforcement is aware of his situation and are keeping a close eye on him. He better be able to account for every penny he earns or he will be joining Carlos in the big house.

  12. nothing to report out of closed session.

    there was a few reporters and camara crews.

    so will have to wait until Jan 7th to see if there may be a change indirection.

      1. You don’t have to seduce Martinez for her to spill the beans. Just buy her some beer and give her a bucket and she’ll tell you everything you want to know and more.

        1. You should show more respect for our Councilwoman. She is doing the best she can. Why you hatin’ on her?
          And why the bucket?

          1. “…seduce Martinez so she spill the beans.”

            Also the use of the word beans is Hate Speech and has no place when speaking of an all Hispanic Council. That ain’t right.

          2. Truth is Councilwoman Martinez and her crew understand us on the streets of S.A. and I think things are getting better in Santa Ana since they been in charge. 2013 will be a great year I think. Gracias Michele and your fellow members.

          3. Let’s hope you are right. We all want a more peaceful 2013 and improved leadership in 2013.

  13. Ron Gonzalez did his usual responsible reporting for the OCR. The Register has all but BANNED Andrew Galvin from reporting on events since he fouled up the assembly race reporting and his personal problems got in the way of his reporting on Santa Ana from his Huntington Beach apartment (WEIRD).

    Funny thing, in the article, he quotes either Sal or Pablo as saying they did this on such short notice because several council members were on vacation. I guess they for got to check with Angie?????

  14. Art, Do you think Big Dan Griset will hang on to his MWD Water board seat raising the water rates for Santa Ana residents?

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