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Lurking in the back of the OCTA‘s Measure M Wasteful Boondoggles Projects File is another streetcar project in Santa Ana.  It’s not as expensive (for now) as the $319 million debacle that’s been cooked up in Anaheim by the City Council and the Toontown Troika of SOAR, the OC Business Council and Master of the Universe Curt Pringle’s team of lackeys, but it’s just as big a turkey.   The Register reports today (don’t worry about the paywall) that so far it’s coming in at a minor $209 million even though it’s longer and has five times more stops than the Murray/Eastman Express.

From Lou Gonzales’ story, there are some absolutely priceless quotes from a clueless, in-the-dark City Councilman and his colleague, Michele Martinez, a failed Mayoral candidate:

Councilman Vincent F. Sarmiento asked what the project would cost, and where the money comes from.  One of the questions to me is always, why are you doing this? Why is this necessary?” he said. “I don’t have a lot of answers. It’s unfortunate, because I’d like to be able to represent what this means, what it’s going to result in, and we’re a little thin on that.”

In short, who’s going to ride this thing and why?

Cindy Krebs, a “consultant who is the city’s project manager” has been working this project for years, but we can’t find out much about her.  What’s her rate?  Is she an engineer?  How’d she get hired?  Who does she work for?  Was she sole-sourced?  Is she associated with Mayor Pulido’s corrupt pals at Cordoba Corporation that were handed the streetcar project even though they’d been underbid?  (And what of that Grand Jury investigation of the Santa Ana’s Public Work Director?).  Krebs maintains a very low profile and hasn’t a LinkedIn or Facebook account we can find except for a one-page website.

We do know Krebs FAILed at selling a similar mega-expensive project in Irvine a few years ago: Irvine OKs mass-transit system when she was working with a convicted felon, Marty Bryant, a cocaine dealer who was the CEO at the Irvine Great Park (great reference there).  The combined Irvine streetcar/bus system (she recommended two different modes to go five miles) never went anywhere as Lucy Dunn at the OCBC maneuvered the funding away, with Steven Choi’s help, to parking and rail enhancement projects for the Metrolink.  The Register had reported that the project was “to use $121 million that was first allocated to the city in 1990 for a transportation system near John Wayne Airport” — this money was originally from Proposition 116 which voters approved to build, with matching city funds, a “fixed guideway” transportation system in Irvine.  Dunn’s on the CTC, so the voters can pound sand as she knows their needs better than what they incorrectly voted for.  Irvine later built a valueless, riderless shuttle bus system with OPM.

More priceless quotes from the Register:

He [Sarmiento] said the council needed to ask tough questions now, including whether ridership would support the system.  “We don’t want this to be a street car that goes nowhere,” he said.

But it does, Vince — it runs from non-existent Harbor Blvd. “Regional Transit Connection & Station” through some of your classier residential neighborhoods to your Metrolink station — you know, that busy underserved transportation corridor that needs the streetcar to get hordes of folks who can’t take a bus to their jobs, schools and shopping.  The Register didn’t think to include their map with the online story, so we had to scan it out of the paper:

Graphic: OC Register
Graphic: OC Register

The map also doesn’t portray where the trolleys will be stored and maintained when they’re not busy


moving Civic Center politicians to the pavement princesses along Harbor Blvd. — that could be a substantial piece of land, and we wonder who owns it now and what it costs.

Sarmiento goes on:

“One of the questions to me is always, why are you doing this? Why is this necessary?” he said. “I don’t have a lot of answers. It’s unfortunate, because I’d like to be able to represent what this means, what it’s going to result in, and we’re a little thin on that.  We can’t make decisions about supporting something like this in a vacuum,” he said. “Is this going to be a burden? Is this going to be an anchor around the necks of our residents, that they’re going to have to pay for and subsidize?”

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32 thoughts on “Another damn Streetcar”
  1. This article is confusing.
    Vince Sarmiento is a “failed Mayoral Candidate”?
    What year was that?
    It is also confusing because it suggests that Vince is clueless. But is the clueless aspect suggested to be his fault or not his fault?
    Is the “Editor” Admin?
    What is up with this article?

    1. That is a veiled reference to Michele Martinez, who lost badly to Pulido a few years ago.

      Sarmiento is generally useless too.

      I’m guessing that the Council members are trying to figure out of they can make some money off this light rail scheme.

      Benavides is a realtor, so you know he is hurting. Reyna has a temp job. Who knows what Martinez does when she’s not posting on Facebook. If these folks think they can make a few bucks off the streetcar they’ll be all for it.

      1. The “truthseekers” over at the VOC said this about David Benavides:

        “Pablo David Benavides claims to be a realtor, but in six months he’s not had a single listing” Hmmmm. How does David make his money?

        As for Michele, there was this:

        “She posted thirty six times in three days about food, quotes and recreation. ALL DURING BUSINESS HOURS”

        Which leads me to wonder….What does she do for a living.

    1. He should be more concerned about the fact that an unknown candidate who didn’t campaign and spent no money almost beat him last November. The voters clearly aren’t enthused by him.

  2. We are all hurting jerk. The American economy sucks and we are all trying to figure out how to pay the bills. You are no Santa Ana Saint. You are a Santa Ana hustler. No better No worse. I am being nice.

    1. The difference is that the Council members are in a position of power and I don’t trust them to be honest or ethical. If you do, then you’re not just a starving artist, you’re also incredibly naive.

      And if that’s your idea of being nice than perhaps that’s why you’re hurting. Customers don’t like surly people. It’s an unattractive trait.

  3. Maybe if Michele and David spent more time on issues facing the city instead of promoting PAYAN X, they’d be better informed.

    As for Vince, I took away a little more of an independent streak from his reaction. He noticeably distanced himself from the dropouts saying ” I don’t know about them” and refereeing to “others”. Clearly, on an education level this guy is light years ahead of Michele Martinez and David Benavides.

    They are all still a bunch of do nothing whiners

  4. You mean Fiala is a professional parasite, speculating capitalist? Wow, that explains his social disconnect.

    1. “You mean Fiala is a professional parasite, speculating capitalist?”…… Hmmmmmmm

      You have it all wrong you comedian!

      It is you stupid people, moron mongoloids that is, which speculate with their assets.

      Mostly wrongfully because you do not understand concept of a transaction.

      In contrast, because I am highly intelligent, I take advantage of your stupidity.

      That is honorable profession.

  5. Matt fails to understand that the Council members are ELECTED officials responsible for MILLIONS of dollars.

    If they can not be gainfully employed, that should be an indicator.

    We don’t some kid, whose Mom was
    “cool enough” to encourage her kids dreams of being an artist running the city. we need people who are smart and deliberate: Like Vince, Mayor Pulido and dare I say Sal Tinajero.

    But, a dime a dozen realtor and an admitted reformed Crack HO and now a guy who can’t even post his correct job title on the city website…..That’s going to lead us NOWHERE FAST.

    Mateo, how many houses does a guy like David need to sell per year…6-10?? 20-40??

    Hang up your occupy bullshit for a minute and look at the reality. the guy has a $1628. mortgage and a $250. Harley payment. Kids don’t come cheap and neither does Healthcare or grocerys. Does he live of his wife who is a teacher????? That’s how he bought the house. But, how does he pay for it, with NO LISTINGS?

  6. Carpetbagger, where have I ever demonstrated that I did not know the professional responsibilities of a council member. Admin purposely mis-represented Coincilman Vince Sarmiento here. That is all that I have asserted regarding Council members.
    The value of art for a society is an entirely different topic.

  7. Also, if we have a Reformed Crack Ho and Fictional Realtor, Dictator for Life, After-school specialist, Popular name Latina, whatever else,we still have to work with them and be polite and send out pleasant vibes. Election is over. Karma continues.

    1. OK.

      That was a concise and correct response. You win that hand.

      One of my faults (none of which are gambling) is I am often over eager to make my point and tend to push boundries to do so. You are correct to call me out in such instances.

      I will however, continue to call it like I see it.

      Don’t forget Mateo. The reason I appeared her was because Julio Perez, who had NEVER been active in Santa Ana politics in his life rolled into West Floral Park and when exposed, a potpourri of Democratic agents (Diamond, Galvin and company) called me out and challenged me.

      If I remember correctly, Greg Diamond, was going to “Make Me Pay” and was going to force admin, using ‘methods you can’t understand to…………..Get my IP ADDRESS:

      Well here it is (“was” That fat pig did nothing, hos fat pig candidate scumbed back to Anaheim and is now plotting a grocery strike or something.

      I was born to challenge “the man”, I just don’t want to sleep in a tent in downtown Santa Ana with a buch of mis-guided souls in protest to do it.

      So you do your stuff, I’ll do mine.

      If we clash……we clash but, asking to live in Harmony with someone like Michele Martinez, who is utterly incompetent (except for calorie intake) is a deal breaker. Sal maybe, Vince likely, David(HE IS RISEN) Benavides, impossible, Roman is like Christan Ponder a real zero.

      Did I miss anyone??

      Draw on Artist.

      Hey ART is ART! You should commission a piece of ADMIN: ART as ART! No royalty required.

  8. “Does not by itself merit our respect”
    What are you some kind of tag team?
    You and Carpet Bagger.
    I hope that you get paid more than Greg D. for your services. You both seem to have this strange antagonism towards him, and others.
    Chillax, the next election is a year and a half away. Stop by Saturday and put all the competition on the shelf for once. I want to be Carpetbagger’s campaign manager. he,he, Seriously.

  9. “You both seem to have this strange antagonism towards him, and others”…….. Hmmmmmmm

    Notwithstanding his Semitic background and his self admired Tatar IQ, Esq. Diamond #256598 is probably most hated bloger on the internet.

    I wonder why?

  10. I read the Orange Hills dentist is going banana’s over the rumors about Angie Oliver’s husband!

    Apparently, he himself has used SEVERAL fake handles on the internet and that is central to the silly lawsuit from Robert “Azumecua” Oliver

    Pretty funny: two months ago Mr. “Azumecua” wanted to “punch Henry Gattis in the nose”, now he is rumored to be suing him from posting on the Voice Of OC.

    It’s not clear whether Gattis was BANNED or is laying low as the result of the threatened suits. One thing is certain: The union backed Voice Of OC will play politics to silence any critics of democratic politico’s.


    It is not readily available on the website.

      1. Yeah. I know Joe Dunn pretty much owns it. Which tells you everything you need to know: A term state politician, turned lobbyist, takes $250K from the OCEA and starts a “News Agency”.

        The wheels are off!

        Scour the site and you’ll not see a SINGLE mention of who the administrator is. The tax doc’s point to Dunn and Noberto. Washburn, from San Diego seems to be a player, but really is this anymore than a public employee union candidate website?

        One has to wonder?

  11. “s this anymore than a public employee union candidate website”?
    Go to bed Carpetbagger.
    It is past your bedtime.
    Who gives a f$#% who funds them!
    I know who funds this jerk’s website and I still support him and you on occasion!
    You need a drink! and a crawl through the ARtwalk to set your mind at ease. Pronto!

  12. Carpetbagger needs to stop thinking with a corrupt politician’s mind!
    May I suggest:
    d)another blog site.
    e)homelessness to actually gain some spiritual depth for one’s political/social outreach.

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