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Debbie McEwen practices her free speech, at tonight’s Council meeting

The Alfredo Amezcua campaign spent a week screaming on Facebook about free speech, but at tonight’s Santa Ana City Council meeting, which was held at the historic Yost Theater, they sent a mime to the podium, then waved the white flag.  I was embarrassed for them.

Ruben Alvarez, who serves as Amezcua’s photographer, turned in a speaker card.  I asked him where his censorship sticker was and he blanched.  He must have thought I read his mind.  Moments later, when he took the podium, he put a piece of white tape over his mouth, then proceeded to hold up sheets of paper with words on them.  It was all so lame I couldn’t even follow what the heck he was trying to say.

Amezcua’s lame mime…

Councilman David Benavides whined and pleaded for forgiveness, apparently forgetting that he had voted to silence Amezcua’s disciple, Alberto Castillo.

The rest of the Council would have none of that.  Councilman Vince Sarmiento, who is an attorney, said he took the initiative and looked into the law, and he spoke to Castillo and offered to give him the podium.  Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez took it further and invited Castillo to come up and finish his statement.  He didn’t as he, predictably, had nothing to say.  I guess Amezcua forgot to write a speech for him.

Amezcua was there, but despite all his public whining and chest-beating he sat stone-faced in his seat and did not speak, even as the Council voted to toss his supporter, Tish Leon, off the Parks and Recreation Commision.

Benavides voted against that motion, after pulling it off the consent calendar.  He bleated about how it was a political move.  Then he sat there red-faced as the entire Council whacked him.  Mayor Miguel Pulido put it best when he said that the Council Members serve at the pleasure of the voters, and the Commissioners serve at the pleasure of the Council Members.  The Council Members can toss any Commissioner they want to, any time, for any reason.

Council Member Michele Martinez mentioned in her comments that she wasn’t playing politics when she appointed Leon, who ran against her in 2006, to a City Commission.  Then she revealed that Leon did not have a good rapport with her.  Mayor Pro Tem Alvarez then chimed in that Leon had once been her commissioner, and they had not worked well either.  Leon, for whatever reason, shunned the Council Members who appointed her to two City Commissions.  That was not a great strategy, as it turned out.

Councilman Carlos Bustamante, who is allied with Benavides, bit his tongue and voted to remove Leon.  I don’t think he wanted to get scorned like Benavides, who is now on the outs with the entire City Council.

That guy in the striped shirt lives in Long Beach – he must have gotten lost on the way home!

Leon did not show up, nor did her fellow bully Commissioner Julie Stroud.  But all the other Usual Suspects were there in full force.  It was funny to see Debbie McEwen sitting with mayoral candidate Charles Hart.  As you can see in the picture atop this post, she was her usual surly self.

All of the Usual Suspects beat a hasty retreat at the end, as their latest scheme to embarrass the City Council failed.  Even worse, now they have a mime in their midst!  Good grief…

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5 thoughts on “Amezcua campaign mimes, then retreats, at the Yost Theater”
  1. Oh dear lord, these people are insane! Tish Leon is officially Commissio-no-more!!! Now we need to get Julie Stroud out of there, and with Gordo Loco out of the race, seems like they have no more power! They are gone! I praise the 16-year-old who decided to proceed with all this and do the right thing! We definitely need people like him leading us! He is our future, and by the looks of it, he has his heart in the right place! He has my vote when he runs, and I will assist in his campaign! Hallelujah and Praises to this young man! it is truly amazing to see this young man be so involved in our community, and work so tirelessly with the community to make a difference! Further, I believe you guys mentioned he is all honors and AP courses, correct? WE NEED HIM ON COMMISSIONS!!! This young man is amazing, and EXTREMELY mature contrary what other people say! To be able to handle all of this, and he has such exceptional writing skills. He made Tish’s letter look like the toilet paper I clean myself with (Actually, I use extra soft quilt) so it made it look like that cheap kind you find in public restrooms, and I wouldn’t want Tish stuff near me, even if it is to clean my…behind…rather use my finger. Praises and Hallelujah’s to this young man, for standing up for what is right, for being so mature and taking all the heat, and for being able to cope with the stress and initiate this difficult step towards a better Santa Ana! I wish I could meet this young man! KUDOS to the Councilmember who appointed him!

  2. “Nobody really likes mimes.
    Nobody knows what they’re saying…
    If he’s offering someone a peso
    To make him a chile con queso,
    Why can’t he just simply say so?”

    — Calvin Trillin

  3. I think David Benavides is now a member of the usual suspects. What an FN moron. Those people wouldn’t piss on Benavides if he was on fire when they had the power. I know Michelle Martinez tried to work with Tish by putting her on a commission and all Tish did was talk sh** on Michelle. Sal Tinajero put Thomas Gordon on a commission and Thomas turned on him also. Glenn Stroud had to be removed. I don’t get what is so trivial about this. Councilmembers choose residents to serve on commissions to promote their vision and if you don’t; your not doing your job and you must go.
    David “The Preacherman” Benavides says he cares about immigrant rights yet he surrounds himself with anti-immigrant, anti-gay folks, and racist people who can’t stand that Mexicans are in control. If we were in Pre-Civil War time Benavides would be an in house slave. Here are the facts: Tish Leon is best friends with Julie and Glenn Stroud; Glenn Stroud and Julie LOVE Thomas Gordon; Thomas Gordon signed Minuteman Lupe Moreno’s Republican Central Committee paper work and these are the people David Benavides protects. Good job David Benavides more and more people see who your alliances and friends are.

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