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There are already so many good reasons not to support O.C. Clerk Recorder Tom Daly’s pending campaign for the 69th Assembly District.  While he has not formally announced his campaign, Daly did hold a fundraiser, in Santa Ana, this week.

The 69th Assembly District is currently held by Jose Solorio.  The two other candidates for the Latino majority district are Santa Ana Councilwoman Michele Martinez and first time candidate Julio Perez, a labor consultant.

“Obama needs both an overwhelming edge among Latino voters and a heavy turnout,” according to the L.A. Times.  It is not likely however that Latino voters in the 69th will be going to the polls in November, 2012, if Daly is the Democratic nominee for the 69th.  

Latino voter turnout has been a problem in central Orange County for years – having Daly atop the Democratic ticket won’t help.

The Democrats already have a major problem – a new PBS series called “Lost in Detention” examines the sad story of over 400,000 Latinos put in immigration jail by the Obama administration.  Check out this introduction:

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Check out this excerpt from a recent Huffington Post article: “But facing double-digit unemployment and Obama’s broken promises on immigration reform, Latinos are disaffected from the president and aren’t especially energized about voting for him. The latest Gallup pollhas Obama’s approval rating among Hispanics down to 48%, the lowest of his presidency, and down from 60% in January of this year.”

Daly could in fact doom other local Latino Democratic candidates running for office on the November ballot.  In fact he might wreck Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, whose campaign coffers are now empty due to the actions of her former Treasurer, Kindee Durkee.

The Democrats still don’t have a candidate to oppose First District Supervisor Janet Nguyen, and their candidate for the 72nd Assembly District, which includes Little Saigon and part of Santa Ana, is a joke named Joe Dovinh.

Daly will be a total disaster for the DPOC – but check out the list of Democrats who were on Daly’s host committee for his recent fundraiser:

Host Committee

  • Bill Lockyer, State Treasurer
  • Jose Solorio, State Assemblymember
  • Gail Eastman, Anaheim Councilmember
  • Bruce Broadwater, Garden Grove Councilmember
  • John Hanna, Rancho Santiago Community College District Board Member
  • Brian Conley, Rancho Santiago Community College District Board Member
  • Leonard Lahtinen, North Orange County Community College District Board Member
  • Donna Miller, North Orange County Community College District Board Member
  • Jordan Brandman, Anaheim Union High School District Board Member
  • Jan Domene, Anaheim Union High School District Board Member
  • Anna Piercy, Anaheim Union High School District
  • James Vanderbilt, Anaheim City Elementary School District
  • Tom Umberg, State Assemblymember, 69th District (Ret.)
  •  Todd Ament
  • Frank Barbaro
  • Dan Callahan
  • Cynthia Contreras
  • Lucy Dunn
  • John Erskine
  • Alden Esping
  • Linda Esping
  • Juan Carlos Flores
  • Mark Gaughan
  • Frank Garcia
  • Gary Hunt
  • Dan Jacobson
  • Charles Kim
  • Paul Kott
  • Mike Levin
  • Reuben Martinez
  • Carrie Nocella
  • Tom Phelps
  • Michael Ray
  • Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters
  • Geoffrey Stack
  • Bryan Starr
  • Steve Sullivan
  • Bill Taormina
  • George Urch
  • William C. Waggoner
  • John Withers

Are these people completely daft?  No wonder the DPOC is such a train wreck in Orange County.  Sanchez, Solorio and State Senator Lou Correa do NOT owe their seats to this lame party machine.  They won on their own.  How sad it must be for them to see this party drooling over Daly – knowing full well he will hurt his party and hurt Obama if someone doesn’t talk some sense into him before it is too late.

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22 thoughts on “A Daly primary win will hurt Obama, with less Latino voters in the general”
  1. I’ve come to accept that the DPOC isn’t at all about winning. It’s about keeping the same five guys (that’s a figure of speech, there are about 30 insiders by my count)in positions of power.

    The party leadership and the central comittee are as self-serving and exclisive as anything on the right, maybe even more so.

    What I find amazing is the “cheerleaders” who blindly carry water for these “elitist” carenothings.

  2. Art, your position is flawed.

    Your make it sound like the Latino vote is dependant on non-citizens who can not vote.

    I think a case can be made that as more and more non citizens (without the right to stay) are deported, then the squeeze on available housing can be eased so more USA citizens of Latino decent can move into those areas, (Like Santa Ana) and increase the political cloud of Latinos.

    Whatever happened to let the best candidate prevail?

    If you think that only a Latino candidate should run, a Latino only platform, then I think you are backing the wrong female council member for the 69th.

    1. Look at the numbers Cook. The 69th AD is dominated by Latino VOTERS. You are barking up the wrong tree.

      And I would not back Daly for any seat. He has an awful record of graft and corruption. And he loves to waste taxpayer money. No thanks!

  3. Hey, didn’t Daly back out of his last race because he said he couldn’t stand the heat and time it took to campaign for a local seat? Who actually thinks this guy will even walk? You’re right about Loretta being worried. Tom is too lazy to do the turnout needed to win.

  4. You need to be more honest about your position. A non-Latino candidate for this District is simply unacceptable to you, isn’t it?

    1. I would expect that from the GOP – but from the Democratic Party? Sacrilege. Latinos can only be elected in one OC Assembly District. Why would any of us want Daly to snag it? When you see how many DPOC leaders are backing Daly it is obvious that they aren’t leaders at all. Backing Daly will hurt their party – and Obama.

  5. Art, with sanchez, and some city counciol members on the ballot, Im pretty sure the latino vote will be about the same as it awlays is.

    1. You forget Paul that Loretta spent a small fortune defending her seat last year. Now she is broke – and her contributors already tapped out. She is in trouble – and Daly will only serve to toss gass on the fire…

  6. Mr. Daly, Jean Pasco, Jordan Brandman and Renee Ramirez are campaigning at work during County time. Who can we report this to?

    I received an email from Mr. Daly to support him. I work for the guy and I’m afraid if I don’t support him I will get in trouble. Mr. Daly is never at work.

  7. Art your supposition is incorrect. Obama needs two things from California. One is money. That is why he is having more fundraisers here this week.

    Second, the President needs California volunteers to go knock on doors in Nevada.

    No serious political prognosticator is thinking California is in play and losing a fraction of the Latino vote in ONE AD is indeed irrelevant in terms of the margin for carrying California.

    As a shill for Council member Martinez, Art, you are missing the one thing that will determine her fate.

    In the past, Michelle has run a great city council race but when it came time to step it up to run for mayor, her campaign was a lot of effort for little effect. Running for an Assembly district usually separates the adults from the children.

    A past false assumption amongst Michelle’s camp is that they can run a campaign on their own and win. Michelle needs to raise several hundred thousand dollars and get a real consultant to run her race. Otherwise, she will be taken to school by either Daly’s old boy network or by COPE and a massive labor campaign on behalf of Mr. Perez. If Michelle runs the same race that she ran for Mayor, she will come in a distant third. It is time for her to step up into the big leagues, if she expects to have any chance of winning.

    1. Perez has the same problem that Anaheim Council candidate John Leos had last year. – the voters don’t know who he is. Labor spent a fortune on Leos and he lost.

      Martinez has run three times. Her name ID is excellent. And she has the full support of Mayor Miguel Pulido. Perez, on the other hand, is supported by the same sad sacks who backed Amezcua against Pulido. How did that work out for Amezcua?

      Perez has never run for office before. He is in for a rude awakening.

  8. Snitch, that is good information for the public and voters to know.. Keep on informing us and eventually everything will come to light. I believe that the candidates should use this information against him in debates.. Art, why do you say “You forget Paul that Loretta spent a small fortune defending her seat last year. Now she is broke”.. It is not her seat.. This seat belongs to the District. And i am pleased to heear that she is broke. Now she has to really come out and talk to the people to get their vote. This District belongs to everyone not only Latinos. But I do hope that the best candidate wins not just because he/she is Latino but because he/she is a true leader and has the best interest of the district at heart. I am Hopeful that the Republican party will bring a Latino out pretty soon. If not we will vote for Hammond.

  9. Art,
    I understand about the vulnerable nature of calif electeds due to the kindee durkee fiasco but I just dont agree with your assessment of the latino turnout. I dont think it will be effected in any way with Dalyu on the ballot.
    Julio and Michelle are l;ikely to split the latino vote in the primary and Daly is likely to come out on top. Thus labor will back him along with sanchez, and others seeking re-election. Obama will get 80% + of the latino turnout. Turnout is the key. And I think the occupy movements will increase turnout among latinos. Just my opinion. I know you support Michelle. Thats cool. I wrote her a check for her campaign. Lets see where the chips fall.

    1. The numbers don’t add up to a Daly victory but I agree that he could end up in the top two due to a Latino voter split. Let’s see who the GOP runs for the seat.

      Thanks for supporting Michele.

    1. I wish they had! Pulido stayed neutral due to his longtime friendship with SAUSD Trustee Audrey Noji. I might have won otherwise. Lost by less than 1,500 votes…

  10. One would hope that voters of any race or faith put more thought into balloting than just a surname!

    That may be naive but, the point is many of the electorate would rather have a quality, honest canidate than one of a particular ethnic group.

    Using those as a qualifier, Daly doesn’t qualify. Perez has NO TRACK record, which leaves Martinez. She has some record and has staked position on issues of interest to a cross section of voters.

    As for Daly being a “disaster” for the DPOC, I think that maybe for the voters it might suck, but for the party players and the infiltrators from Long Beach, Irvine and Brea it will simply give them another tit to feed off for another election cycle. for them results DO NOT MATTER. It’s about who they can say they met or had thier picture taken with (without writing a check of course).

  11. “If Michelle runs the same race that she ran for Mayor, she will come in a distant third.”

    Nope – she will come in fourth, behind Robert Hammond. That will be funny to see.

  12. The reason Leos lost was beacuse Daly supported him. Daly is a washed out has been who can’t decide to wear panties or boxers in the morning much less make a strong decision on anything. For example, he is anti gay marriage but when the day came he didn’t stand up and stop performing ceremonies, instead he hid behind Jean Pasco’s pant suit and had her answer all the media questions. Jean is pro-gay marriage but had to keep neutral because her boss Daly couldn’t take a stand for or against. We need leadership not some number playing, colorless, career politician. The reason we should worry that Daly would win this district is because he would look out for the minority constituents and no the majority. F Daisy, I mean, Daly and his pals!!

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