Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Did you feel that?  A 4.4 magnitude earthquake struck this evening at 11:24 pm., and was centered in Yorba Linda, according to the USGS.  It was quickly followed by a 2.7 magnitude quake.

A 4.1 quake struck in Yorba Linda earlier this year, on June 13, as we reported.

Click here to download American Red Cross emergency preparedness guides.  And here are their Earthquake Safety Guides: English & Spanish.

If a big earthquake strikesclick here to visit the County of Orange Emergency website.  And click here for emergency updates from the Orange County Fire Authority, which now provides firefighting services in Santa Ana.  Should a major emergency strike our city, the Santa Ana Response Team would also provide emergency response services in our city.

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2 thoughts on “4.4 magnitude earthquake in Yorba Linda felt in Santa Ana”
  1. Maybe there is going to be a upswing of quakes?

    Better check the disaster kits and make sure there is enough food and water to last a couple weeks.

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