Thu. Sep 29th, 2022

Will Orange County’s Democratic candidates run away from the increasingly unpopular President Barack Obama in November? He is likely to win the State of California, but I can’t see him doing well in Orange County. Obama won U.S. Representative John Campbell’s district in 2008. That is highly unlikely to happen this November. In fact the only Congressional District that Obama might pick up is the one held by his fellow Democrat, Loretta Sanchez.

On the other hand, I expect Republican nominee Mitt Romney to come to Orange County perhaps more than once. He should be a boon to the local Republican candidates, with the exception of Jerry Hayden, who is running against Sanchez in the 47th Congressional District. That district’s Latino voters won’t likely be very impressed by Romney, who has been very harsh on immigrants during his campaign this year.

Obama’s negatives will definitely hurt Democrats such as Sharon Quirk-Silva, the Fullerton Council Member who is running against Assemblyman Chris Norby. Obama might even be a drag on Tom Daly, the Democrat running for the 69th Assembly District. If the economy tanks even further by November, Orange County Democratic voters might well stay home on Election Day.  You can bet that Daly’s opponent, Republican Jose Moreno, will be supporting Romney and likely working closely with his campaign.

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