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What would you do to improve Santa Ana if you were the Mayor?

I had lunch today with a couple of friends over at Las Brisas in downtown Santa Ana.  One of them asked me what I would do if I was Mayor of Santa Ana.  That’s a darn good question!  What would YOU do to improve our city if YOU were the Mayor of Santa Ana?

Regardless of what you may think of our current Mayor, Miguel Pulido, it is obvious that our city has some major issues to contend with.  Where would you start?

I invite you to post a comment here with your top three action items.  Here are mine:

  1. Change the City Council elections so that they are ward-specific.  That means a candidate would be elected only by those voters in his ward – not by all the voters citywide.
  2. Finish the Santiago Creek bike trail.
  3. Start charging for parking at night in Downtown Santa Ana, to offset the loss of the PBID revenues.

So what would YOU do?

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8 thoughts on “What would you do to improve Santa Ana if you were the Mayor?”
  1. 1. I invite the mayor and all council representatives to walk their respective neighborhoods. Meet & greet to help voice the most pressing issues and not only when elections are taking place. I could go on and on; however, this would be a great start

    2. Encourage financial institutions to be more community friendly

    3. Support working families by restricting payday lenders, it is a win-win for the community and financial institutions.

  2. 1. Create a general plan for the entire city and put an end to spot zoning.

    2. Work with non-profits, trade unions, etc. to create more opportunities for the youth in our community. I would like to start apprenticeship programs with the Teamsters and other unions that would help our young people learn a trade and find a good paying job. Not everyone is college bound.

    3. Encourage the construction of more workforce housing in our city. Giving our young professionals and young families an opportunity for home ownership that is affordable within our city. This will help keep some of our best and brightest in Santa Ana instead of them moving elsewhere.

  3. First of all, pass a law that anyone caught tagging or spraying graffity on any place in santa ana will be punishable with a huge fine and other harsh punishments.

  4. First put a limit of 2 years for the mayoral period, cut all the obscure deals that have been signed with special interest companies, redo all management and cut prices in their fat salaries, form a new team of city councils that can plan and oversee really good measures for the city, start to put the money to the really bad pot hole in the whole city not only in the wealthy neighbors and root out the graffiti with realistic programs…

  5. 1. Educate the community in promoting a cleaner environment; put the trash where it belongs, create school recycling programs, I am sure that we can get the support from Waste Management being the environmental leader. This program will also teach students at an early age (Kindergarden) to preserve our planet.

    2. Create programs in which individuals can express their art ideas at little or no cost to them. This will keep kids off the streets and from going around writing on someone else’s property.

    3. Allow Santa Ana residents to have more opportunities to have garage sales during the year rather than having only one every three months. Perhaps, charge a fee of $5 or $10 dollars for a whole month (like a permit) to have garage sales. The charge will create a revenue and from that revenue the City can create a fund for the needy (money can go towards building libraries, food for the homeless, shelters, recreational centers, etc.)

    LOVE my city!!

  6. i like how u gust told me thingg about becoming a mayor one day this website has taught me things about being one in real life and thank you for making this website.

  7. Void the pot lottery, temporarily shut down everything and redo the process in a fair manner. One person/owner/organization one vote thus, not allowing multiple entities as the first winner submitted 58 entries for almost $100K as reported in the OC Register. If you look at all the winners profile and how connected they are politically and financially, it was an uneven playing field. Please do not support any current lottery winner and support those who truly support the patient like Sky High.

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