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My old friend Max Madrid, a longtime member of the Santa Ana Parks and Recreation Commission and an employee of State Senator Lou Correa, has filed a lawsuit against the Santa Ana City Clerk, to compel her to issue City Council nomination papers to Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez.

Madrid could have filed this lawsuit anytime, but he did it this week.  The nomination period for City Council elections begins July 16, and continues for 30 days, according to the O.C. Register.  To me it sure looks like this lawsuit was timed to put Santa Ana Unified School District Trustee Roman Reyna on the spot.

Reyna was going to run for Alvarez’ seat on the Santa Ana City Council.  He has until mid-August to pull his papers.  Now he has to ponder whether or not Madrid’s lawsuit will prevail, which I think it will.  If Madrid wins, then Alvarez will run again in November.  And if she does she is virtually guaranteed an easy victory.  She already beat the tar out of Reyna in a previous contest, in 2004.  Alvarez beat Reyna that year by over 16,000 votes, according to Smart Voter.

No wonder Santa Ana Council Member David Benavides reacted so negatively to the Madrid lawsuit.  He told the Voice of OC “For somebody to question that, is, I think, a misunderstanding of what the voter intent was.  I’m hopeful that she’s not behind it.”

If Reyna backs out of the Council race, as I expect him to, then Alvarez will face off against young newcomer Karina Onofre.  Alvarez will no doubt beat Onofre easily as she has the name I.D., a great ballot designation and the ability to raise thousands of dollars.

Alvarez first won a Santa Ana Council seat in 2000, when she beat Nancy Lutz, the wife of the longtime Council Member Tom Lutz, by over 4,000 votes, according to Smart Voter.  Alvarez has been trashing the Usual Suspects ever since, garnering their ire.

There is of course a chance that Alvarez won’t prevail in Madrid’s lawsuit.  Reyna will have to think long and hard about those odds as he considers pulling papers to run for the Santa Ana City Council.  He cannot legally run for both the City Council and the SAUSD School Board.

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9 thoughts on “Was Madrid’s Alvarez lawsuit timed to stop Roman Reyna?”
  1. It looks like we have 2 losers that need to go. I would not vote for Alvarez because she is out for herself. Term limits were created to remove the scum.

    As for Reyna, he is either interested in good schools or he is just another scumbag that wants power. I can’t win a council seat so I will just bide my time on the school board.

    We need candidates that don’t want to be permanent fixtures.

  2. Its unfortunate that you do not know the Roman Reyna that I know. He is always involved and looking out for his community. I wish him the best of luck in his run for city council.

  3. I can’t wait to see the cat fight. I heard the new girl, Karina Onofre,is super powerful and she’s backed by the GOP and very powerful politicians, and she is ready to take Claudia Alvarez all the way to the Supreme Court for corruption and abuse of power. Claudia is wasting tax payer money with her arrogance in holding on to a seat that no longer belongs to her but to the people.

  4. Roman Reyna was one of the most influential people in my life throughout high school and I attribute a lot of my success to his support and guidance. I wouldn’t be the leader I am today had it now been for all his dedication to the YMCA Youth and Government program that has had a lasting impact on my life. I don’t know of anyone else who is more dedicated or passionate about his community and the future of students in Santa Ana. I know my classmates would say the same. My best wishes to Roman in his run for City Council. He is definitely the man necessary for the job, someone who cares more about his people and puts students above everything else.

  5. “I wouldn’t be the leader I am today had it now been for all his dedication to the YMCA”….. Hmmmmmmm

    Are you saying that thanks to Roman Reyna you are Gay?


  6. Sadly not everyone makes the effort
    to dedicate some time to the young
    community as Roman Reyna has in the
    past till today. He is an amazing leader
    that not only cares for his community
    but actually gets involved. Best of luck

  7. No matter what obstacles stand in the way, I know Roman will over come them because he has shown great dedication and love for this city of ours. Go get ’em Roman!

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