Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

Walmart is opening two new stores in Orange County, in Irvine and in Huntington Beach, according to the O.C. Register.  Walmart also recently opened a new superstore in Anaheim.  But there is no truth to the rumor that they are planning to open a store at the vacancy created when Food for Less closed their store in northeast Santa Ana, on Grand and 17th, according to Karen Haluza, a Planning Manager at the City of Santa Ana.

Haluza confirmed via email that there are in fact no current applications to fill that vacancy.

The Santa Ana City Council effectively banned big box superstores in 2007.  ”Under the new regulations, big-box retailers must apply for a conditional-use permit and identify the benefits and costs to existing stores within a three-mile area,” according to the L.A. Times.

The City Council could make an exception to that ban, but that isn’t likely, and Haluza noted that it is tough to find new tenants given the current economic conditions.

I would love to see a new Walmart open up at this shopping center.  It just doesn’t seem likely.

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14 thoughts on “Walmart not planning to fill the Food for Less vacancy in NE Santa Ana”
  1. “Walmart not planning to fill the Food for Less vacancy in NE Santa Ana”…… Hmmmmm

    Good for them!

    Who wants to be harassed by Santa Ana’s anti-business Planing Commissioners, Code Enforcers and Pulido/ Walters regime.

  2. Sometimes the little people know more on what is going on.

    I asked a clerk the reason why their inventory was so low and was told the store is moving because a Wal-Mart was going to take the entire building. I have no way to confirm what the clerk said is true or correct.

    Transparency in local governments is nothing to brag about. So who are you going to believe?

  3. There is no ban on superstores. The council did not vote for it. It was tabled for good due to union influences.

    1. Why would the unions want it tabled? They were the ones advocating for the ban.

      I will check with planning and see what happened but the Times reported it was a done deal.

  4. Good now Walmart will not fill this location then so what will this vacant building be converted into

  5. I have no idea why The council told food4less to move out of the building Walmart did not check the measurements or sq feet of this building I hope one day food4less reopens it’s store back and never agrees with this stupid plan

    1. They closed down after the last union grocery strike. Food for Less wasn’t union butvthe are owned by Ralph’s and paid the price for the dumb strike.

  6. Due to influences Walmart doesn’t have a chance to fill this location / now this place has been vacant for over 2 half years someday maybe someday itll be converted into a Mexican supermarket like a northgate, vallarta,or el super

  7. The location is haunted by Susie Young Kim’s spirit since the Police Chief Walters’ SAPD13 goons cornered her on that parking loot for a purpose of the brutal murder.

    Expect a lot of the paranormal happening there.

  8. If walmart did not fill this location can food4less reopen its store because it was the onliest store around o.c

  9. It will never be a Walmart this place might be a la curaçao, fresh and easy,or a Mexican supermarket like , northgate,Vallarta or a El super I have no idea what will this place be it has never been bought or demolished so I am going to wait a few months to see what will happen

  10. This location is well protected they boarded up the stockroom doors so no one can break in and almost everyday a security guard or a cop stands outside looking around for trespassers also they did not cover up the front entrance so if you go here at dawn you could see the inside thats my story

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