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On the morning of April 13, a victim had her purse stolen from her vehicle parked at the Central Bark Dog Park, according to the Irvine Police Department.

It is unknown how the suspects got into the car. This woman is suspected of using the victim’s credit card at a nearby Apple store to make over $1,500 in purchases.

The man arrived with her in a white SUV resembling a Chevrolet Traverse.

If you can help the Irvine Police Department to identify these suspects, please contact

If you use Irvine’s open space, trails, and parks, please leave your valuables at home or carry them with you to avoid being the victim of theft.

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3 thoughts on “Three suspect’s stole a woman’s purse while she was at an Irvine dog park”
  1. I remember growing up watching IPD always stopping people who didn’t look like they belonged in Irvine, typically I would see poor Hispanics. I remember feeling bothered until a cop came by with my expensive bike that one of them had stolen from my garage. Hadn’t even noticed it had been taken. People who can afford to be in Irvine are what makes it decent and these days, when I see crime, i see its coming from crappy areas with poor Hispanics and African Americans and I wish they were more ruthless about their stops.

    1. Unfortunately, you are right, a lot of the people that commit crimes arefrom Hispanic or African American descendance, but you can’t generalize on the matter, there are a lot of honest citizens from the same groups of people mentioned, that we wish this stereotypal could be different so we don’t get pointed all the time for something we also condemn, it’s like thinking that white men should be banned from any fire arm purchasing because more likely, the will participate on the next school shooting here in the U.S.A.

  2. let’s go back to reagan police sate era.
    why do irviners associate walking a dog with getting in their car and driving somewhere

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