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Ceci Iglesias comment about teachers' pay

The Santa Ana Educators’ Association (SAEA) has declared war on SAUSD Trustee Cecilia Iglesias after she posted a comment on Facebook back in September.

Here is the comment Iglesias posted – that riled up the teachers’ union:

I disagree with the notion of a huge pay increase for teachers. In Santa Ana teachers with 10 years plus seniority are receiving an average of $95k / year + benefits for 180 days of instruction days. And a day is only 6 hours of work including lunch and nutrition.. which will only be 5 hours of instruction total. If you divide $95, 000 by 180 days = $527/ day and divide by 5 hours= $105 an hour. With that type of investment for our teachers I believe our students should be receiving high quality instruction and excelling academically.

Entry level for a teacher is $55k a year plus benefits for 6 months of instruction. If they teach summer school or tutor after school that is additional pay. So can you justify a huge salary increase????

Teacher's Union attacks Ceci Iglesias

The SAEA responded to the comment with a flyer that was placed in the SAUSD teachers’ school mailboxes (see the graphic atop this paragraph).

Iglesias has accused Susan Mercer, the union president, of “falsifying information just to encourage teachers to come to the school board meeting and rally against her.”

Iglesias also says that Mercer made allegations at a SAUSD School  Board meeting stating that Iglesias has disrespected the teachers.

Cecilia Iglesias' Pay

The flyer distributed by the union accuses Iglesias of earning over $32,000 a year in medical benefits and her School Board stipend.  Oops!  Turns out Mercer and her union pals are quite wrong about that.

You can research what district employees earn at the Transparent California webpage. They report that Iglesias only makes $9,450/year. She does not receive benefits from the SAUSD.

Susan Mercer's pay

But if you look up what Mercer is paid – it is pretty substantial!  She earns over $113K a year.

And the other SAUSD School Board Members make a lot more than Ceci does. In fact she is paid the least of all the School Board members!

SAUSD School Board Member Pay

It is too bad that the teachers’ union is at odds with Iglesias.  Her comments were somewhat inflammatory however and ill-advised. But her heart is in the right place. She is frustrated at the low literacy rates at the SAUSD, as we all should be.

That said most teachers work a lot more than five hours a day – and many of them use their own money to pay for school supplies.  I have even known of teachers who have bought dinner for students they knew were going without food when they got home.

Cecilia Iglesias

I am not sure why Iglesias picked a fight with the teachers’ union.  You can bet that they will spend a fortune next year to try to defeat her at the ballot box.

The reality is that the overpaid employees at the SAUSD are not the teachers but rather the administrators.  Click here to see for yourself.  The SAUSD Superintendent makes over $363K in pay and benefits!

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10 thoughts on “The teachers’ union declares war on SAUSD Trustee Cecilia Iglesias”
  1. While Transparent California does a good job of reporting salaries, sometimes there are omissions. SAUSD board members do receive the benefits described in the flyer by SAEA. Please check your sources before reporting.

    1. Yes they do and that is what we posted. The only SAUSD Trustee who has not signed up for benefits is Cecilia Iglesias. They all have the opportunity to opt out but she is the only who who has done so. She has a good job working for a State Senator so I would imagine she has her own benefits provided by her employer.

  2. Let’s show support for our kids on Tuesday at 3:30 at the district office. We need the funds to go back to our kids, in forms of arts, music, reference materials, more sciences.

  3. Transparent California misrepresents teacher salaries. That’s not really their fault as the district isn’t required to break down these costs. That 103k cost also includes all LEGALLY REQUIRED employer contributions that every California employer pays. Some of these costs include Disability Insurance, Social Security, Medicare, Workmen’s Comp, Pension contrubutions. Deduct about 20k from her “salary”. Then deduct 9% for teacher contributions to pension, about $800 a month for teacher contributions to health care, and $500 on average for classroom supplies. My wife spends over $1000 a year easily. Then try to live on what’s left in Orange County. Now, we can talk about transparency…and a politician that is out of touch. By the way…90% of the public support and admires teachers. They think we’re not paid enough and do a great job because we’re always teaching…like right now.

  4. 400 teachers and parents supported the coming recall of Ceci at the district on Oct. 13. Only a dozen dazed and confused Ceci supporters were there. Lots of students turned out to support their teachers. Teachers are honored in this culture.

    Ceci works for Huff. He supported Prop 187. He is anti- Latino. Ceci can deny her self-hate, but Latinos will see her as a Trump puppet. She should resign because Santa Ana students have started posting a petition on-line. When Santa Ana people realize she is from the party of Trump, she will never be elected to any position anywhere in the great Southwest.

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