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The City of Santa Ana’s Planning Agency has released their staff report regarding the proposed multi-family housing project known as the Addington, at 2525 Main St. in advance of next Monday’s Planning Commission meeting.

The staff report was very positive. Here are a few excerpts from the report:

  • Staff is recommending the conditional approval of the project subject to project modifications such as:
    • Reduce the density to 81 dwelling units per acre Revise the unit mix; reduce the number of studio and one-bedroom units to 70 percent of the project and increase the number of two and three-bedrooms to 30 percent of the project
    • Provide parking at a capacity of 2.0 spaces per unit
    • Provide courtyards along the north elevation
  • This project is required to comply with the City’s Housing Opportunity Ordinance (HOO). To satisfy the provisions of the HOO, applicant is proposing to pay an in-lieu fee in excess of $6,000,000. (Editor’s Note – this means the developer will pay $6 Million Dollars to the City for use in affordable housing development at a site of the city’s choice).
  • Park Santiago Neighborhood Benefits Package. The Developer shall provide Park Santiago Neighborhood residents with access to on-site amenities, Amazon lockers, security patrol within the Park Santiago Neighborhood and the Santiago Park (patrol area, type of patrol and length of patrol), and the installation of neighborhood entry monuments (with long term maintenance) for 55 years subject to annual review during which review it may be determined that such term shall end earlier.
  • Park Santiago Public Improvements. The Owner shall provide funding for the Park Santiago Public Improvements, Traffic Calming Contribution in the amount not to exceed $500,000. These funds will be used to achieve traffic calming at up to three locations, entry monuments, street lighting enhancements, a street light, an pavement at Main Street/Walkie Way and Main Street/Santiago Park Drive at the direction of the Public Works Agency.
  • Staff is recommending that a zone change to a Specific Development No. 93 (SD-93) designation be conditionally approved subject to recommended changes to the project. The SD designation will allow a residential development and will ensure consistency between zoning and the General Plan, assuming the associated general plan amendment is approved.

The report concluded:

Staff is supportive of General Plan Amendment No. 2018-01 and Amendment Application No. 2018-10 for the site as redevelopment of the site with a residential development will provide additional housing in a prime location that is accessible to retail and employment opportunities with multimodal transportation options and general plan revenue. In addition, public benefits of the Development Agreement include: public art, monetary contribution to the Santiago Park Maintenance & Improvement Endowment, access to on-site amenities for Park Santiago residents, security patrol of the residential neighborhood and Santiago Park, assistance in designating the Park Santiago Neighborhood Association as a historic district, and monetary contribution to Park Santiago Neighborhood Improvements and Traffic Calming and Parking Endowment, for improvements such as street calming, traffic diversion, entry monuments, and street lights. The project will also enhance the City’s economic and fiscal viability by the increase in property tax values as well as an increase in sales tax generated from the residents.

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