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UPDATE: Saturday, April 30, unlimited carnival rides from 12-6pm for $20!

The 12th Annual Cinco de Mayo Festival returns to historic downtown Santa Ana, Orange County’s largest Cinco de Mayo street festival.

The City of Santa Ana along with MX Live Entertainment will be producing the two-day festival on April 30 – May 1st, 2011. Each year over 150,000 attend the weekend festivities. Top Latin Billboard entertainment will be lined up the entire weekend including Fobia, Maldita Vecindad, Mexican Institute of Sound and Grammy winning World Music act later to be announced. Food, carnival, beer garden and live music entertainment will be lined up the entire weekend.

About MX Live Entertainment: MX Live is the leading Latin entertainment booking agency in the U.S.. It is a joint venture with Seitrack and Crack Producciones which are the most important talent and event management companies in Latin America in collaboration with CCG Inc, a U.S. based concert event production company headquartered in Santa Ana, CA. Our powerhouse portfolio includes GRAMMY award nominees and winners, radio and album chart toppers, as well as proven concert performers within the Latin entertainment world. Additional information about the company can be found at

WHAT: Santa Ana Cinco de Mayo Festival

WHO: Maldita Vecindad, Fobia, Mexican Institute of Sound (M.I.S.), and Grammy winning World Music act later to be announced

WHERE: Downtown Santa Ana, Orange County CA.

WHEN: April 30th – May 1st 2011 12pm-9pm

Sponsorship Contact:

MX LIVE Entertainment
Oscar Ulloa
(714) 966-1788

Omar Damian
(714) 966-1788

Media Contact:

C.B. Lopez
(714) 966-1788


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17 thoughts on “The 12th Annual Santa Ana Cinco de Mayo Festival, today and on Sunday”
  1. That Bud light chick. Beautiful. SO what. The video? interesting until they had some lame company having to sponsor some band. Santa Ana is so ready to move beyond the same old “Viva Mexico bull shit! and American bankrupt Corporate slave culture. Both cultures are retarted! Santa Ana is on the verge of more! New santa Ana and the City Council have a responsibility to be progressive, not just mediocre stampers. Viva Mexico! Buy Sprint Phones! Retarded! The artist Village is going to save santa Ana!

  2. That’s right. The Artists of the Village! Not Downtown Inc. Not the Restaurants, but the Resistance! The Artists, that is! The only people that ever save civilization from stupidity and greed, the ARTISTS! See you at the town hall next week Pedroza. Peace.

  3. W.T. F. What happened to my previous rant? I am so depressed now. Damn it. I had good things to say about that stupid festival and the organizers. I hope Eduardo M. makes some changes to all that less than mediocre, hardly status quo, corporate kiss ass fake hispanic pride B.S. that they call Cinco De Mayo festival. Will the people that care about Santa Ana please stand up! Will the real Hispanic pride please make a show? Life is more than Bud Light Chicas!

  4. This “Hispanic Festival” sponsored by Sprint. Telemundo. Excelsior. The National Enquirer. Bud Light, Corona super light. Hooters. Downtown Inc. Caribou Mngmt., Halli Burton, Tokyo Nuclear Consortium the Santa Ana KKKiwanis Club puppets and the Spanish Inquisition! Party On! and don’t forget Obama ’12.

  5. Why not cancelling this events, does not benefit anyone, this is an insult to the Mexican Culture, Puebla is the only place they have a 15 minutes ceremony and is not consider a National Holiday.
    Hope the City Council cancell this events for good.

  6. Wow! And I thought I was going to be in deep trouble, or alone for having such opinions about the festival. It seems Gabacha and (Other than Gabacha) probably think that the festival needs serious change.

  7. I just watched that video again. rediculous! You know the Nazis used to have rallies at Madison Square Garden before the U.S. came to the conclusion that enough was enough. Who produced that video? What is their agenda? I am so confused. What country is this? Mexico or the United States? New Santa Ana, do you have an opinion? I hate patriotism! but this crap forces me to be patriotic. Patriotism is for weasels! Don’t make me have to defend my country because the politicians refuse to do their job.

  8. Even the people with a sense of Mexican History say that Cinco de Mayo is not a big deal in Mexico. Why is this city doing it? Is it not time for a Santa Ana Pride fest, instead of Mexican Propaganda Fest? It is so disturbing! Does Santa Ana have no true pride? Do the Hispanics in Santa Ana have no true pride? For Christ Sake! Sport A California flag or even an Aztlan Flag, has the Mexican Government shown us anything to be proud of lately? THIS VIDEO IS DISTURBING! Muslims are being attacked for going to a Women’s Shelter Fundraiser in Yorba Linda. Meanwhile everyone in Santa Ana excepts this? Everyone says, give the slaves their two days out of the year to feel good about themselves? Fellow Santa Ana Hispanics should be ashamed! California is their place! not Corrupt Mexico! Do you have an opionion NewSantaAna?

    1. Cinco de Mayo celebrates the Mexican victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla. Did you know that the U.S. government supplied arms to the Mexican army? And by doing so the U.S. supported the liberal Mexican President, Benito Juarez, against the conservative traitors who allied with the French.

  9. 35,000 dead in Mexico

    25,000 dead in Afganistan

    (during the war)

    Need I say more…. Oh, do please celebrate!

  10. So stuck on the past, You have avoided the future. Most of your hispanic kids are failing schools at an alarming rate. Children are having kids at an alarming rate. And the trouble is, this is not a third world country!

  11. Michelle, how old are you? By your writings I estimate you’ll be dying soon. Sounds like old folk rhetoric… PS take Barbara Coe with you.

  12. All the BS aside, this party/festival is not about Mexico.

    This is a Santa Ana party for locals and neighbors to enjoy.

    If a Latino / Mexican theme party is not your cup of tea, there are other places to go and enjoy yourself.

  13. You have it all wrong!

    Same as Santa Claus was invented by Coca Cola for purpose of marketing the Cinco de Mayo was invented by the beer industry to sell beer.

    In USA many holidays are relatively big events compare to the rest of the world because of marketing.

    Fathers day, Mothers day, Valentine’s day, Halloween, Thanks giving, Saint Patric, etc. etc. etc. for business only.

  14. I bet that you are right Stanly, and by my count at this years festival, business is way down.

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