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Michael Sebreros, a 47-year old man, was arrested on Thursday on suspicion of making a false bomb threat using Santa Ana’s newly installed Code Blue Help Points emergency phone line just after being released from jail, according to the O.C. Register.

Sebreros walked up to an emergency pole across the street from the Ronald Reagan Federal Building and Courthouse, sometime after 7 p.m. on Thursday, then he pushed a 911 button and he said that there was a bomb in the area, according to the SAPD.

Sebreros then told the police dispatcher that he was making an anonymous call. However he did not count on being video-recorded by no less than six cameras on the pole, that showed him making the bogus call. And it turned out that Sebreros had been arrested earlier in the day on suspicion of malicious damage to a vehicle in a county parking structure.

Sebreros’ photo was then distributed to SAPD police officers and he was recognized by the officers who arrested him earlier that day. They found him at his home. Sebreros was arrested a second time for making the false bomb threat and for possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia, according to ABC News.

Sebreros ended up at the Orange County jail. But then he was cited and released! That’s right – this nutcase is on the loose again!

There are now seven fully operational blue emergency poles located around the Civic Center in Santa Ana. And now the gangs in our town know that all they have to do is press the 911 buttons on those poles in order to distract the police while they commit other crimes elsewhere in town.

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  1. He’s a Nut you got that right I kick him out of the restaurant I work at all the time .scares customers he’s gonna hurt someone one of these days he 5150

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