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We broke the story that the Santa Ana City Council suspended the search for a new City Manager, and today the O.C. Register followed up with a new article indicating that SAPD Police Chief Paul Walters, who has been serving as the Interim Santa Ana City Manager, now wants to be considered as an applicant for the job on a permanent basis.

Santa Ana Council Member Michele Martinez told the Register that more than fifty candidates have applied for the City Manager job.  That is not surprising.  Santa Ana is the Orange County seat and the city has a lot going for it.

I don’t know who all those candidates are but I would imagine that Santa Ana Parks and Recreation Agency Director Gerardo Mouet and perhaps Santa Ana Public Works Director Raul Godinez II are among them.  Either one of them would be a fine City Manager.

But what about Walters?

Some civil Libertarians in town don’t like him, but he has had no choice with regard to enforcing the law with regard to drugs.  That is his job as Chief of Police.

Walters did a great job building our SAPD headquarters and the City Jail a few years ago.  He is a whiz at doing a lot with very little, as far as budgets to.  He has great connections in D.C. – in fact he received an award from President Barack Obama.

But Walters has never been a City Manager before – and that is something that will weigh heavily on the Santa Ana Council Members.  Many of them are close to Walters, particularly Mayor Miguel Pulido, Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez and Council Member Carlos Bustamante.  Technically they would only need one more vote to give the City Manager job to Walters.

Would that be the end of the world?  Probably not.  I don’t think Walters would keep the job for too long – five years at most in my opinion.

What do you think?  Be sure to vote in the poll above – please weigh in and use the comments to let us know who you think our next City Manager should be.

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13 thoughts on “Should the Santa Ana City Council hire Paul Walters as the new City Manager?”
  1. I voted for Mouet. He is a not a Gay Republican (Quasi- racist)is he? He seems to have an appreciation for the importance of arts and culture for the all-around economics and image of a city! Also, Fiala is correct. Walters kind of smacks of a “Police State”

    1. Mouet is happily married to a lady he met at UCI when they were both students there. They have, I believe, two kids. He is a good guy indeed with a great knowledge of local history and a real appreciation for the arts and for culture.

      I don’t know about that whole police state angle. I don’t think you have anything to fear from Walters if you are not a criminal.

  2. What happened to the Jill Arthur bashing? Did Jill, Miguel and Paul bring you up to the 8th floor and put you back in your place? RLMFAO at how the City Hall insiders use you.

    1. Not at all. But if Walters is in charge she isn’t going anywhere. The only way we will be rid of her will be under a new city manager.

      I have not talked to Miguel or Paul in months. Or Jill for that matter.

      She is the last of the Reamers and she may prove hardier than the rest of them…

  3. Do not be naive Zorro!

    This narrative has to play out itself in most dramatic way.

    Checking your radial buttons is actually fun but I have skipped it for now.

    There is a new seen in the OC which unexpectedly developed in last couple days.

    The FBI and U.S. Department of Justice is cumming into the town and any one who was in local politics for more than 20 years has skeletons in their closet.

    However, if you are observant everybody usually gets nailed for coverup during the investigation not for the actual allegations.

    Carona got nailed for lying to the investigators and acquitted for the rest.

    Martha Stewart got nailed for lying to the investigators and acquitted for insider trading.

    So we must be patient and see if the Fullerton will spill into the Santa Ana.

    If it does, every one must start lying to protect the status quo so it will get interesting.

    Buy yourself balcony tickets it may be good play.

    Bring some kleenex, you may sob and shed tears.

  4. Of course I am a “criminal”! Jack-o. I upset your immoral, Terrorist, Status Quo. Police State Propaganda Ambitiousness. and all for the sake of former Santana! My god, you can not Have your pan and eat it too.

  5. Paying Paul Walters $250,000 a yearn to learn on the job is too high a price to pay!

    This doesn’t pass the smell test and I sure hope Miguel and Claudia don’t get away with this. Maybe another grand jury investigation will be needed.

    Jerry Brown hates wasting tax payer dollars. Remmber that Miguel. I sure hope Claudia isn’t still waiting to be appointed to be a Judge. In case she doesn’t know, Miguel is on the outs with the current Governor and Miguel can’t ask for any favors.

  6. Paul walters is a big mistake anybody that lets SAPD goons falsify reports and turns the other way is no good for our city. His staff in his offices are rude and rather talk about there personal stories than to actually assist citizens who just want to obtain/purchase a police report.he needs to be replaced as a police chief not add to his plate.

  7. Chief Walters has done a tremendous job leading the SAPD and I believe that he will bring those same leadership skills to the 8th floor. If the great council majority chooses him to be the next permanent city manager it will be a great thing for the residents.

    As my detractors like to point out with 10 to 15 year old letters to the editor, I have been critical of Chief Walters in the past. Well, we are all entitled to a mistake now and again.

    However over the years I have come to have nothing but respect and admiration for Chief Walters and the work that he does. Having had the opportunity to speak with many of our fine police officers and department employees, I have seen first hand how much Chief Walters means to them and the department.

    Chief Walters can do the same thing for the 8th floor. His management style is much different than that of his predecessor Mr. Ream and I believe that he will change the culture of the 8th floor.

    Gerardo and Raul Godinez would be great as well, but Chief Walters has a much longer track record of success. I think he would do great.

  8. “Chief Walters can do the same thing for the 8th floor.”…. Hmmmm

    So can I, and I have submitted my resume too.

    You see, I do not make mistakes, I am consistent!

    I was only candidate in 2004 who sported 1B project you, that time member of “usual suspect”, oppose it.

    And you make same mistakes today as commissioner.

    You are simply incompetent Mill so your opinion about Santa Ana strong man Walters is irrelevant.

    Do not forget to bring up my criminal record (i.e. spousal and child abuse) to satisfy illness.

  9. I like the parks and recreation guy for a complete change of direction for the city. Into an era of public benefits with increased emphases on the parks, libraries and zoo.

    But if the council sees a need to wipe clean city hall to set the stage for the future.

    Then a few years of the impeccable and unimpeachable chief Walters is probably a good choice.

  10. You take Fullerton Police Chief Pat McKinley

    You put Fullerton Police Chief Pat McKinley on the council

    And you get police brutality of unseen proportions.

    You take Santa Ana Police Chief and make him City manager…… What do you get?

  11. ——– Original Message ——–
    Subject: Re: Stanislav Fiala is asking: What about the Fullerton?
    Date: Wed, 03 Aug 2011 18:08:37 -0700
    From: Standa
    To: Walters, Paul
    CC: Pulido, Miguel , Benavides, David , Martinez, Michele , Alvarez, Claudia , Bustamante, Carlos , Tinajero, Sal , Sarmiento, Vincent , Harrelson, Anthony , McGeachy, Douglas

    Hi Paul,

    Strong Man of Santa Ana

    I have spent great amount of time to try to explaining to you a concept
    of police brutality and police state. Obviously, base on your handling
    of Susie Youn Kim murder in the hands of your goons it is clear that you
    have no clue about the public policing. I have said many time that the
    Susie incident couldn’t happen in the old communist Czechoslovakia
    during the time I have reside there 1946 to 1968.

    Therefore, you are more brutal than the communists were! ….. or the
    Bohemia Protector Heydrich

    What do you think about the Fullerton incident….. Huh?

    That is what happens when you do not listen to Stanislaw Fiala.

    How about to amend your brutality manual to fit the peaceful KGB

    If you need some help just ask, I still remember most of it and it could
    make SAPD more human organization or;

    The usual SAPD steak tartare of the suspect face.


    PS. In the light of the Fullerton incident I feel obligated to ask US
    Department of Justice to reopen investigation into the Susie incident.
    If you want a copy of it just ask!.

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