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Creepy David Benavides

Santa Ana’s City Council Members are supposed to nominate City Commissioners who represent their Wards – and hopefully these are Commissioners who can actually contribute something to our city’s well being.

However questions are being raised about how Santa Ana Councilman David Benavides is going about making his appointments.  We have already written extensively about his support for Santa Ana Planning Commissioner Phil Bacerra, who was a paid consultant to Downtown Santa Ana’s bars and restaurants when Benavides tabbed him for the Planning Commission.

But get this – apparently Benavides appointed his alleged girlfriend, Erika Carranza, to the Santa Ana Parks and Recreation Commission, which you can read about here.  Can you say “conflict of interest?”

Benavides also appointed his own daughter, Anais, to the Santa Ana Youth Commission, at that same City Council meeting.  Santa Ana is the County’s youngest city but Benavides could not find a young person he wasn’t related to, to fill this post?

Perhaps Benavides doesn’t get out much?  Or he doesn’t know anyone in his own Ward?

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14 thoughts on “Should Benavides have appointed his girlfriend and his daughter to City Commissions?”
  1. This astonishingly stupid. Even by P. David Benavides standards. Baccerra, Carranza and his own daughter.

  2. Dumb-dumb. Bacerra is still a non-confirmed commissioner. What an embarassment to him. Still cant muster 4 votes after months. Carranza is an idiot. Shes qualified to be David’s girl but not a commissioner. Was Emily ever appointed?

  3. Wait. Shouldn’t you switch this to another thread, you don’t want undo attention to Benavides action.

    P. David is a democrat, so Vern, Greg, Adam, Dan and Chris would NEVER call him out.

    Amazing how the so called “progressives” will overlook this stuff, even run cover for him. I wonder what would happen if Jordan Brandman nominated his boyfriend to a commission.


    They are all the same shameless shilling for there own. NO INTEGRITY.

  4. The Voice of OC says this is NOT true. Adam said it was Miguel Pulidos fault. Michele told him so.

  5. David doesnt realize these bad decisions follow him which is why he cannot find a job.

  6. Sal’s and Vince’s son were also appointed to this same commission; shame on you for picking on a 12-year old who only wants to help her city. If this were your son, you’d promote it to the high heavens. Loser

    1. However they didn’t directly appoint them. They nominated each other’s kids.

      And you haven’t addressed the fact that Benavides appointed his own girlfriend!

      What happened to transparency?

  7. Does his daughter qualify to sit on the Commission given that she resides in Irvine with her mom?

  8. Very clearly. This post had some kind of effect.

    Both Councilman Benavides and Erika Carranza have scrubbed their social media pages of ANY connection.

    There remains a picture on another users page of them in a compromising pose. Hopefully someone BLOWS IT UP and brings it to the council meeting Tuesday.

  9. Make that his Fiancee’ according to friends at Alex Flores going away party last night they are now engaged and shacking up together!

    I wonder what the Voice Of OC sewer dwellers will have to say about that………….NOTHING

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