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The activists at “Save the Sexlinger Orchard” are holding another demonstration,  on Saturday, June 25, 2011, from 11AM- 3PM.

They ask that our readers stop by for 30 minutes or an hour and help them share the message — “NO” to another housing development and “YES” to an Urban Agriculture Center – the first of this kind and scale in the city of Santa Ana. They say that your support is critical to the cause.

For more information about the orchard and how you can help, please visit :, and like them on Facebook :

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5 thoughts on “Save the Sexlinger Orchard demonstration set for Saturday, June 25”
  1. We don’t need more open space in Northeast Santa Ana. Parks are needed in Central Santa Ana.

    Why are you are supporting whitey over the brown folks? That is not your MO.

  2. Junior,

    I have already explained that I am not on either side of this debate. This is just a story of interest to my readers. That it annoys you is a bonus.

  3. Well Mikey T. it sure looks like, as you put it, whitey that wants to keep this place as open space. Yet another idiotic comment by Mike Tardif. Shouldn’t you be out opposing a soccer stadium or something?

  4. They should pool thier money and buy it. then as the owners they can deed it into a conservatory forever. If they don’t have enough money they can vote themselves a melo-russe (sp) tax on all the property in the area and pay an extra 3000 per year with their property tax to cover the cost., over a 30 year time span.

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