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A Santa Ana resident has been trying to get City Hall to help an injured peacock that showed up at her Mobile Home park two days ago, at 1527 S. Standard Ave., in Santa Ana.

The resident has called the Santa Ana Police Department, which is supposed to run our Animal Control department, and has been ignored. The Santa Ana Zoo ignored her too. She is at her wits end! The poor peacock appears to have some twine or ripe around its feet.

Sadly this is what I have come to expect as business as usual in Santa Ana – a city with executives and Council Members that all got big raises last year while doing nothing to deserve any of that.

If any of our readers can help please do so!  The Mobile Home park is not far from Madison Park.

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9 thoughts on “Santa Ana’s Animal Control won’t rescue a peacock on the loose at a mobile home park”
  1. City of Santa Ana doesn’t provide those service. The county of orange does, which is why they’ll have to contact the county. I sent them an email for her. I’m at work right now and am unable to do personal calls at the moment.

  2. I totally agree with you that City of Santa Ana’s City Council totally sucks but please get your facts straight. Animal control is in the County of Orange’s jurisdiction! So the homeowner has to call THEM! They County provides the animal control NOT City of Santa Ana or SAPD. I already emailed them with her phone number so they can contact her about te peacock issue.

      1. This is at a mobile home park. The County has jurisdiction at all mobile home parks even if it is located within City boundaries.

  3. Absolutely disgusting. What is wrong with people? Surely someone, with a semblance of common sense and compassion, would do something, just as a human being. I just don’t understand this arrogance and ignorant behavior. I would hope that people will wise up in how and who they vote for in the next election. Maybe a good recall is in order, like in recalling the whole majority on the city council.

  4. OK, let’s get the facts straight – Animal Services (Animal Control) is handled by the city of Santa Ana through the police department. The city of Santa Ana has its own Animal Services Officers (like other cities in Orange County). It is the responsibility of the of the City Santa Ana Police Department – Animal Services Unit to handle any animal related issues & complaints.

    It’s no surprise animal control does not come out, they are useless – sorry to say that but it’s the truth. They have a very rude guy who answers the phone – who lacks customer service skills and is defiantly out of touch with his job. They never have anyone available to respond. I believe the city should contract these services out, the County of Orange would probably do a better job and would have staff available. Many other cities use the County for animal control, our police department has no reason to be in the animal control business. SAPD must and needs to focus on real crime issues, like the spike in shooting!

    Editor: you should look into the animal control nightmare our city is, research this and you will be amazed what you find out.

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