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Sanchez announces her Senate campaign

Sanchez Announces Long Shot Bid For US Senate

Special To The OC Politics Blog By Joe Hill

SANTA ANA, CA – As expected Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez (D-Garden Grove) announced her candidacy to replace retiring Senator Barbara Boxer. Beating a rare May rainstorm by Minutes the “Blue Dog” Democrat exclaimed “I’m a Doer”.

Surrounded by fewer than a hundred supporters, mostly family and attention starved political types Sanchez by talking about here upbringing in Anaheim, here parents struggle as immigrants and her Fathers illness. Then someone yelled “TURN ON THE MIKE”! OOPS!

Sanchez's Husband John Jack Einwechter
Sanchezs Husband John Jack Einwechter

Sanchez, who was first elected in 1994 presented her case to lead California. She spoke of her husband John (Jack) P. Einwechter military service and her experience on the Armed Services committee. The importance of her tenure in congress and repeatedly spoke of being the first Latina….

You can read more about the talking points the campaign provided HERE.

Anaheim ARTIC boondoggle

Most of what we saw today from Loretta was canned political rhetoric, what was surprising was the unprofessional nature of the event. Following her bungled on again off again announcement debacle, the dead mike and the poor advance preparation, especially the site selection. ARTIC Anaheim’s 200 million dollar show piece (or debacle) would have been much better suited for an announcement of this magnitude, we are building a TRILLION DOLLAR bullet train (its coming folks) and you supported ARTIC and are beloved by Daly, Pringle, Aitken and other BIG names. Instead you chose the Depot, a run down, aesthetically cool but ill equipped location in Santa Ana. The Old Courthouse would have been better!

Vern Nelson and Blogfly Mike Tardif
Vern Nelson and Blogfly Mike Tardif

Regardless, you got your message out and when you finished and were reminded of the Spanish speaking media, you seemed to settle into the zone. Your conciliatory tone met with chants of “Si Se Puede” and “Viva Loretta” were not lost. Even though other, mostly white media had bailed out before you finished (sorry Vern, lunch with Skalleywag instead of Jordan Brandman’s PRICELESS interview!).

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez thanking her Mother
Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez thanking her Mother

The real story here may just be Loretta’s MAGNETIC DRESS, because it was pretty obvious that the OC politician’s made of metal were attracted to the source. You could not keep Lou Correa, Vince Sarmiento, Sal Tinejero out of the photo op. There were others too, not as shameless, but certainly just as predatory to that congressional seat.

I am reminded of what David McCullough wrote of the days following FDR’s death April 12, 1945. The real question was who was going to get Truman’s coveted five bedroom apartment in Washington.

Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem and water waster Vince Sarmiento
Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem and water waster Vince Sarmiento

Whatever the “plan is for Loretta’s (post) candidacy are, it appears that they have been well worked out ahead of time.

JOE HILL is an independent thinking contributor to various publications in Southern California. He lives in the minds and imaginations of some of the most fanatical internet timewasters known to God and Man.  He tries not to be Prolix, too serious and never whores himself out.

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The New Santa Ana blog has been covering news, events and politics in Santa Ana since 2009.

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The New Santa Ana blog has been covering news, events and politics in Santa Ana since 2009.

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  1. Blogfly is perhaps The best phrase since bloviator and. Lapband Dan.
    Tough for those guys to argue that it was an anonymous attack when it came from a reputable blogger like Joe.

      1. Thanks Mike. I don’t feel the same way. I think your use of several pseudonym’s, your hilarious defense of Mater Dei’s rip off of Eddie West places you a credibility realm along with Carlos Bustamante and your own Father Hollywood.

  2. LOL, just saw this. “Priceless” Brandman interview? Last time I tried to talk to him (Mayday) I complimented his brown guayavera shirt and asked where he got it … and he responded “I HAVE NO RECOLLECTION OF THAT.” Three times. Who talks like that, outside of court? Cynthia had warned me that Pringle orders his puppets not to talk to his critics, but I didn’t know he also gave them canned taglines. What a drone.

    Hey, is this the Joe Hill that was supposed to provide blogger gossip for the Orange Juice? I haven’t seen or heard from you since I bailed you out after that brawl at Quill’s!

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