Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

Roman Reyna may have won a seat on the Santa Ana City Council in the November General Election but he probably should refrain from celebrating now that he has been sued by his Ward 4 opponent, Phil Bacerra. Click here to read the legal pleading.

You might recall a campaign mailer that included a representation of an actual text conversation that occurred between Reyna and the Santa Ana City Clerk wherein she advised him that he had applied to run as a Ward 4 candidate while using a Ward 6 address. Reyna then asked the City Clerk for a copy of the city’s ward map and he responded with “Yikes!”

On paper it sure seems like Reyna broke the law – he faked his home address and then tried to fool residents about where he lived.

To make matters worse, Reyna refiled at a Ward 4 address less then 30 days before the nomination period for Ward 4 closed.

I am amazed that the Santa Ana City Clerk approved Reyna’s addition to the Ward 4 ballot. She has accordingly been named as a co-defendant in the new case against Reyna.

Here is the bad news for Reyna – if a Judge finds that he broke the law he will be dismissed from office and if he is found to have committed a felony he will NEVER be able to run for public office again.

If Reyna does end up getting booted from the Santa Ana City Council it is likely that his seat will either be filled by appointment or there will be a Special Election.

Wouldn’t that be just desserts if Bacerra was appointed to replace Reyna as the Ward 4 City Councilman – after Reyna and his allies participated in a horrific smear campaign against Bacerra?

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6 thoughts on “Roman Reyna has been sued for not being a qualified candidate for Ward 4 of the Santa Ana City Council”
  1. Roman Reyna won fair & square. Obviously not enough people believed “Basura”. Thankful for this Homegrown Representative for my family. Sorry Phil, there’s no participation award to be handed out here. Roman took the trash out.

  2. Phil is desperate. He out spends Roman 3-1, loses by 15% and remains unemployed. Phil stews in his anger for weeks, realizes he is not electable and decides to usurp the voters. He is who everyone says he is: deplorable.

  3. Roman Reyna LIED about living in the ward. Griselda Govea LIED about Phil. Jose Solorio and his dark money PAC failed to disclose (LIED) who funded the smear campaign against Phil. The lies are starting to catch up, and I can’t wait to see all these people testify under PENALTY OF PERJURY soon! Go get em Phil!

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