Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

There was a fire early this morning at the abandoned Saddleback Lodge, at 1655 E. 1st St., in Santa Ana, according to the O.C. Fire Authority.

The fire began at about 4:30 a.m. It began the second and third floors. It was a two alarm fire with approximately 65 firefighters on scene.

The fire crews knocked down the fire and were checking for any hidden pockets of fire. No injuries were reported.

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2 thoughts on “There was a fire early this morning at the abandoned Saddleback Lodge in Santa Ana”
  1. I’m going to save you the time and money. Homeless people have taken over that building. They live in there. Put the pieces together. Also, why is this building still up and not demolished ? Last but not least , don’t blame the homeless , blame the cops who see them go into the building and not do nothing about. I have personally witnessed homeless going in and cops just watching.

    1. Ther cops also allow the homelss/ drug dealers to live in the abandoned building at 2020 E 1st street. As an Uber driver I have seen many people going into the boarded up building. This is a huge abandoned building and I really wonder why the police allow this to take place!

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