Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

One of our readers has reported that apparently someone may have fallen into a runoff channel down S. Raitt, south of Edinger.

There are firetrucks at the scene as well as a helicopter.

The police are apparently trying to close down the street and the helicopter is broadcasting a message, all the way down to Warner.

Another reader said that “someone got stuck in the tunnel by Carr Middle School.”

UPDATE – the OCFA is now reporting that two victims are in the water at Raitt and Edinger.

A man and woman were discovered underneath a bridge in the closed channel hanging onto the side of the channel. Rescuers sent a boat into the channel and underneath the bridge and were able to recover the two without incident.

UPDATE – An adult male and female were assessed by firefighter paramedics. The female was transported to the hospital for leg pain, and was in stable condition. The male declined treatment.

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