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It is simply amazing how much mail the Julio Perez campaign and his friends in labor are sending out – daily.  I am receiving at least two pieces per day.  It reminds me of the recall of former SAUSD Trustee Nativo Lopez.  My mail box drowned in pro Lopez mail, because at the time my wife was working at Disney, at a union job.

Now I am the one in a union – a teacher’s union.  So this time I am being targeted by the unions.  And they are destined to fail again, as they did in the Lopez recall.

The fact is there are very few Latinos who belong to labor unions.  Over eighty percent of Latino workers are employed by non-union companies.  They know full well that the unions are out to kill their jobs – that in fact is what Perez has been doing for a living, for years.  He has been trying to kill non-union jobs wherever possible, and replace them with union jobs.

The reality is that workers often make LESS as union members, as so much of their money is taken out in dues – that is the money that Perez’ labor allies are wasting on his campaign now.

But Perez is not the only one burning money by the barrel.  Orange County Clerk-Recorder Tom Daly is also sending out far too much mail – all of it emblazoned with that awkward forced smile of his. 

And Daly’s pals in Sacramento have also been blowing thousands of dollars on his campaign.  The spending has been so egregious that liberal Gus Ayer, a former Fountain Valley Council Member, blew a gasket in a post he published over at the Calitics blog.  Here are a few excerpts:

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4 thoughts on “O.C. liberals set themselves up for failure when they got behind Julio Perez”
    1. Someone emailed that photo to me.

      Pictures posted on Facebook are public domain. Thanks for posting that one. It sums up Pérez quite well…

  1. No…you going through my facebook, sums you quite well. Your a creep.

    Do we really need this kind of bully behavior in education? By that, I mean your blogging and attacks on people you don’t agree with. You are so wrong for the OC dept of Ed. God help us if you get elected.

    1. LOL! How could I go through your Facebook when I don’t know your name? That picture was emailed to me but I was asked to keep the sender’s name anonymous.

      As for my campaign, I have not raised or spent one dollar, but I bet I end up with more votes than Pérez. Won’t that be a hoot?

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