Fri. Mar 31st, 2023

When the City of Santa Ana partnered with the Downtown Santa Ana Restaurant Association to begin a trial valet parking program, utilizing metered parking spaces on the streets surrounding the Artist Village, the local artists felt left out as they were not consulted.

Now the artists have organized themselves into a new organization of independent artists and citizens called the Artists Village Alliance of Santa Ana (A.V.A.S.A.). This group has formed out of their mutual concern for the future of the Artist Village.

This new group feels that the most urgent issue in the Artist Village that needs to be addressed is the valet parking program, according to an email distributed this evening by A.V.A.S.A.

The founding board of A.V.A.S.A. (Artists Village Alliance of Santa Ana) include:

  • Margie Zuliani
  • Matt Southgate
  • Kalim Quevedo
  • Moises Camacho
  • Joseph Hawa
  • Theo Hirsch
  • Alicia Rojas
  • Yenny Bernal
  • Salvador Ruiz

Click here to contact A.V.A.S.A..

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6 thoughts on “New organization formed to represent artists and others in the Santa Ana Artist Village”
  1. My only problem is that you continue to say “Artist Village” when it is ARTISTS Village – plural – look at the signs downtown that is what they say! Sorry! : )

    1. Anon,

      I actually did look into that, awhile ago. The City website lists it as the “Artist Village.”

      So which is it? I will have to check out the signs, but you will find references to both the singular and plural if you search online. Very frustrating!

  2. The Artists Village and some Properties Owner has been force to paid into this PBID, they need to get together,.and ask for their right to the city.

    Why is this hapening ? where is city council, this bid, shoud be supervised by them, and city is the bigest contributor.
    This may become another Bell……. we need people like the Artists Village and Properties owner to speak out NOW ! they have the support of the dowtown merchants. .

  3. Someone please explain to us what a PBID is. We need the whole town to be enlightened. Art was right, the village is referred to as artist village and/or artists village and maybe even artists’ village. or maybe in six months, “The Santa Ana Restaurants that you can no longer afford District.”

    1. mateo,

      A PBID is a self-imposed assessment, in a particular area. The building owners in Downtown Santa Ana pay into this and use the money to fund Downtown Inc.

      I am not sure as to the details of this program…

  4. admin, That is the problem. The citizens read administration talk and read “self imposed assessment”. 90 % walk away thinking o.k. cool, not having a clue what you are talking about, the other 10% of us think, wait, I still have not a clue what you are talking about, and that is not that cool. That is why banking institutions rule the world, because if they make the formula abstract enough, everyone will just say, “oh well, it’s beyond me.” What time does “Dancing with Stars Come On?”

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