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Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido has been silent thus far on the matter of whether or not Santa Ana Council Member Carlos Bustamante should resign from the City Council, now that he is facing a number of felony sex crime and public theft charges.  My sources tell me though that he is standing by Bustamante.

Santa Ana Planning Commissioner Sean Mill sent an email to Pulido earlier today, asking him to join in the call for Bustamante’s resignation.  You may also email Pulido at this link.  Here’s Mill’s email message to Pulido:

Mayor Pulido,
As you know our great city has weathered many a storm and always managed to land on its feet.  There has been no greater storm than the budget crisis that we recently survived thanks in large part to your leadership and the leadership of our great council majority and our City Manager Paul Walters.  Thanks to all the hard work the eminent disaster that we were facing was averted.  Brighter days are now on the horizon for our city and there are so many great things happening now and in the near future that we cannot allow our city to get off track.
However despite all the sunshine coming our way there is a huge black cloud hanging over our city, Councilman Carlos Bustamante.  These charges that are being levied against him are disgusting and despicable and I am quite sure that none of us are shocked at these revelations.  This behavior is the worst kept secret in Orange County.  Whether we like it or not the charges and “alleged” crimes by Councilman Bustamante reflect badly upon our city.  After all that our city has been through we don’t need another black eye.
As the leader of our city I would encourage you to join Councilmembers Tinajero, Sarmiento and Martinez in calling for Bustamante’s resignation.  Your voice is needed now more than ever.  The whole world has its eyes focused on Santa Ana and it is important to demonstrate that we are a city of decent, moral and upstanding people.  You are our leader and your actions will go a long way towards defining who we are. 
A Register reader poll indicates that over 86% of respondents believe that Councilman Bustamante should resign.  It is time that you add your name to that list.  It is times like this that leadership is desperately needed and the greatest leaders rise to the top. 
Miguel I know you love this city and have worked so hard to make it a great place to live and work.  Please don’t let this black cloud ruin all that you have put into.  We need your voice to be heard, call on Carlos Bustamante to resign immediately for the good of our city.
Sean H. Mill

By Editor

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22 thoughts on “Mayor Miguel Pulido should join those asking Bustamante to resign now”
  1. Maybe he is waiting to see if Carlos’s wife Adriana is going to ask him to resign. If it’s all true, you have to wonder why a smart lady like Adriana would stand by her man. Maybe there is lots of smoke but no fire. Perhaps Mayor Pulido and Mrs. Bustamante know something we don’t in terms of guilt or innocence. I’m sure if he is convicted Mayor Pulido will ask him to step down. He’s old school, he believes a man is innocent until proven guilty. Also, maybe he knows that if Bustamante steps down there will be pressure from some Councilmembers to appoint Mr. Alderete. Art, do you feel the Council should appoint someone if Carlos steps down or do you believe that being so close to an election, the voters should decide in November? What does Mr. Mill think about appointing? Thank you for the updates on this important issue.

  2. Hey I know. Let hims resign and then hold a special election costing MILLIONS of dollars so the seat can stay worm for a week or two!

    That’s how we roll in “small government OC”

  3. Freedom Fighter,

    I do believe that someone should be appointed to the seat should Bustamante resign. We need someone in that seat in order to do the people’s business.

    As we saw on Monday regarding the PBID the council was unable to move forward due to a lack of quorom. Because the Mayor, Vince and Michele are all conflicted out we need someone in that Ward 3 seat so we can move forward.

    No need for a “special election”.

  4. So Bustamante should step aside so Alderete can be appointed? How soon could that happen if say Bustamante resigns this weekend? Is Alderete prepared to step in? Does he already have his 4 votes lined up? Tinajero, Martinez. Sarmiento, and……who is his 4th vote?

  5. I respect Mr. Mill and his opinions and believe the city would be in a LOT better shape today had Dave Ream listen to Mr Mill back in the day.

  6. As a resident of a city bordering Santa Ana, I can tell Mayor Pulido that we look upon his city with disdain, disgust and disrespect — and even more so when we see him dither on doing the right thing. We also fear your people, but that’s another post.

    Pulido needs to lead and get this animal out of office, but he also needs to go a big step further and get his new City Manager and his police department to investigate if Bustamante assaulted or harassed any city employees. This turd would not have limited his activities to just the young Mexican girls at the County. It’s time to start asking questions, Mayor, and you better offer to protect these girls — your people.

    Remember, pal — the coverup’s always worse than the deed. Plenty of people at the County are kissing their political careers good bye today. Take heed.

  7. We fellow crockers, no relation to the Fockers, live in our own little bubble with glass houses. We yearn for yesteryear, when you folks knew your place. Now you get elected and start running things. Getting into trouble
    reserved for our people.

  8. Dave Ream hired mostly women to serve as department heads in Santa Ana, and this type of activity would never, ever, happen there

  9. I was being sarcastic with the special election quip.

    They should appoint an interm replacement maybe somebody who promises not to run in Novemeber.

    Where does Barragan live? While everyone may not agree with him, there’s a guy we could trust to simply keep the seat warm. He’s got what has been sorely lacking in the ward: INTEGRITY.

  10. ——– Original Message ——–
    Subject: Stanislav Fiala is asking: Should Carlos Bustamante be impeached?
    Date: Fri, 06 Jul 2012 18:46:12 -0700
    From: Standa
    To: Walters Paul,, Pulido Miguel,, Alvarez Claudia,, Sarmiento Vincent,, Benavides David,, Martinez Michele,, Bustamante Carlos,, Tinajero Sal,, Harrelson Anthony,, McGeachy Douglas,

    Dear Miguel,

    In oppose to Sean Mill’s e-mail, in which he is praising your performance on the city council, I must strongly disagree with your puppet and an apologist Mill.

    The Carlos Bustamante’s incident is direct result of your incompetence and cover up for Carlos’ libido of which I have indirectly warn you and the council on July 16, 2007 meting in which I have satirically presented you with herein attached CERTIFICATE OF RECOGNITION outlining an embarrassment which comes with such behavior.

    Notwithstanding Carlos innocents, it was he who put himself in a bad spotlight and by doing so he embarrassed the City of Santa Ana which you Miguel are condoning by your refusal to impeach Carlos.

    The same goes for the Police Chief and City Manager Paul Walters!

    Based on the prior incident in which SAPD13 murdered a mother Susie Young Kim in front of her crying 18 month old daughter, you and Paul put yourselves in morally bad spotlight too, by not publicly condemning such brutal Syrian style crime against the humanity, which clearly indicates that both of you have serious moral problems which may be psychopathically laced.

    Whether or not you and Paul will join Councilmembers Tinajero, Sarmiento and Martinez in calling for Bustamante’s resignation will further solidify your incompetency or competency respectively, to lead this city into a prosperity.

    During my election campaign against you Miguel, I have introduced the Red Light District in Santa Ana to avoid these kind of sandals. Carlos was the first laughing moralist to reject such idea because it would, allegedly, made Santa Ana look bad.

    So here you have it!

    I am sure that he is not laughing now!

    The Fullerton recall may happen in Santa Ana too.



  11. The Appointed Incumbent ballot designation will get whoever has it elected in November and even the person who swears he/she will not run in November will figure that out and run in November. Alderete needs to nail down his 4th vote (He has Tinajero, Martinez, and Sarmiento), get appointed, and then he might as well measure his Council Office for curtains because the seat will be his. Pulido, Benavides, and Alvarez understand this and will not be that 4th vote unless they figure out what’s in it for them. This isn’t Ward 4, there are LOTS of great well educated people in Ward 3 (home to Loretta Sanchez, Lou Correa, 3 Rancho Board members, former State Sen. Dunn, two former CEOS of OCTA, former head of the San. District, and many others) who are well qualified to serve and Pulido/Alvarez/Benavides will not vote for the first guy/gal who steps up and says they want it just because Vince, Sal, and Michele want control of the Council. Wishful thinking on their part, and I think Alderete is one of a hundred or so in Ward 3 who would do a fine job.

  12. “I do believe that someone should be appointed”…… Hmmmmm

    You are changing Mill!……. is that good or bad?

    In the case of Sarmiento you have venomously opposed an appointment and I was the only one arguing before the council that the appointment is proper way to go.

    Based on my brilliant argument the council took a vote and I have prevail.

    So here you have it forgetful Mill.

  13. I can’t help but wonder why anyone would allow their letter to a public official be posted on a blog for everyone to see. Entertainment value? Bragging rights? This seems rather bizarre to me.

  14. “This seems rather bizarre to me”……. Hmmmmmm

    What is bizarre me Connie is your confusion.

    I have nothing to say to a public official what it can’t be said publicly, therefore, when I will then you should be concerned.

  15. Mr Mill’s letter is just a partisan attack. This is from a person who believes the democrat councilmembers and candidates that were in fact convicted of felony political corruption and were removed from office because they refused to resign and then sent to prison are really innocent. But has no problem with demanding a republican councilmember resign because of some alleged and so far unproven crimes.

    We will have to wait and see if any council member decides to join the lynch mob or keeps a civil decorum expected of elected leaders.

    1. Ted Moreno was set up by a police informant who previously tried to entrap my friend Lou López, A Republican Councilman in Anaheim. Lou was a cop and he rejected the bait.

      What Ted did was a victimless crime that in no way compares to they charges Bustamante is facing. And it is his fellow Republicans who are slamming him the most – Rackauckas, Moorlach, and Nelson.

      Mill clearly outlined why Bustamante should resign, which really comes down to the fact that his problems are holding up city business.

      The Council majority is already in record that Bustamante should resign. His only defenders are the Usual Suspects he has carried water for for years. They see they writing on the wall. Soon there will only be one Councilman who has them on speed dial, and Benavides better wake up to reality. The Usual Suspects no longer matter in our city.

  16. Admin says: July 9, 2012 at 6:04 am “The Council majority is already in record that Bustamante should resign”

    Posted by Admin on July 6th, 2012 “Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido has been silent thus far on the matter … My sources tell me though that he is standing by Bustamante.”

    So what is it? Is the council on the “record” to lynch him first and then wait for a trial, or are they on the side “of due process”?

    At least Mr Mill has the common courtesy to put “ “alleged” crimes” in his letter, some other posters/blogger have not and may face issues themselves when the criminal case falls apart.

    If I recall, the councilwoman MPT asked the city attorney to check and see if the ones who have recused themselves, in fact have a conflict. So if there is a question on “holding up city business” you are looking in the wrong direction.

    “T M was set up by a police informant” “What T(M) did was a victimless crime”
    Come on, that victimless crime was a felony that bought him 6 years in prison.

  17. “So what is it? Is the council on the ‘record’ to lynch him first and then wait for a trial, or are they on the side ‘of due process’?”……… Hmmmmmmm


    You are very smart person and usually very well informed on the issues, however, time to time you come up with a really bovine ideas.

    Carlos resignation is not about the doe process, guilt nor innocents.

    It is about removing the bad spotlight, a form of defamation cast on the entire council and the city.

    You know very well that defamation is about how others interpret the defamatory statement and not about its truthfulness.

    Example: You stop on your tricycle next to a hooker on the Harbor and will talk about how beautiful day it is. Your wife and neighbor drives by and see you talking to a hooker. There is no way to disapprove to them that you are not trying pickup a hooker but you put a bad spotlight on yourself and your family in light of your neighbors.

    Your wife will never forgive you and your neighbors will think bad about her more than about you. See Clinton and Hilary! She is still paying for protecting Bill but Bill is not.

    If however if same happen where you would be talking to a COP, over your ticket, you would be a OK with your wife and neighbors because a ticket will not put you in the bad spotlight.

    Probably the best example is so laced honer killing of a family member practiced by the Muslims. It is only way how to remove bad spotlight brought on your family because of one members alleged wrong doing.

    THEREFORE, by removing Carlos from the council we will cleanse the council and city of bad spotlight — that is not a trial

    However, Carlos innocents will be tried as provided by the constitution in the court of law, proving him innocent or guilty but it will never remove the bad spotlight which he will carry with him for ever!

    Same like Ted Moreno who paid to the society for his crime but it always will be bad dud regardless of how much lipstick admin and Mill will put on him.


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