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Unfinished Santiago Creek Bike Trail

Bruce Bauer, a Santa Ana resident who has been one of our top leaders with regard to finishing the “missing link” of the Santiago Creek Bike trail updated this situation via email today.  He said that consultants have come in and made proposals to the City of Santa Ana on the bike trail plan and that the City is looking for our input.

The City of Santa Ana is hosting two open houses for residents to review and comment on concepts and recommendations contained in the city’s draft update of the General Plan Circulation Element and ways to improve neighborhoods, housing affordability, and mobility as part of the General Plan Housing Element.

The open houses will be held on:

• Saturday, April 27, from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at the Southwest Senior Center, 2201 W. McFadden Avenue, and
• Thursday, May 9 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Santa Ana Senior Center, 424 West Third Street.

The Circulation Element contains new and exciting proposals for the city’s streets, bike routes and sidewalks.

This is by no means a slam dunk!  I don’t trust our City Council to do the right thing.  We need to let them know that we want this bike trail finished!

Click here for more info.

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The New Santa Ana blog has been covering news, events and politics in Santa Ana since 2009.

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The New Santa Ana blog has been covering news, events and politics in Santa Ana since 2009.

20 thoughts on “Let’s tell the City of Santa Ana to finish the Santiago Creek Bike trail!”
  1. Bruce Bauer got himself appointed as a Parks Commissioner by a new Santa Ana Councilwoman. Describing him as a citizen and neighbor doesn’t describe his business as a lawyer who specializes in seizing property or his leadership in the Bike Trail plan for lawyers and construction companies. He gets to see the plans before the rest of the “citizens” and “neighbors” do. This is a big set up and the people of Santa Ana are going to pay the price for the lawsuits, bad press, any construction costs, liability, maintenance, etc., so some lawyers can be hired to seize the land and then some contractors can be hired to do the work, all at Santa Ana Taxpayer expense. All of these plans are for private property and the effort is led by special interests and those they have fooled.

    Go to the meeting and tell the City you are tired of seeing your neighbors harassed and lied to by lawyer-sponsored “citizen” groups who are sowing the ground for future work for special interest companies.

  2. People of this community deserve a safe way to get from the Santiago Creek Bike Trail to/from the Santa Ana River Trail, the Main Place Mall, the museum, or any other destination they choose. I’d dare any of you to take your kids on any other of the trails proposed that are on streets. Dangerous. I know. My daughter was hit by a car riding a bike in a bike lane. Bruce is a hard working and honest guy giving so much of his free time up to make sure that this community is given safe routes to recreate and get around. It’s that simple. There’s nothing fishy going on. Get real and open your eyes. For the facts go to

    1. There are very scary places under that bridge, on both sides and women should not feel safe about sending young girls down there where the gangs and homeless are prowling and no one can hear you because of the freeway. Why the city created a perfect place for rapes is crazy. Don’t send your poor daughter down there. The criminals might watch that trail for victims to follow home or worse. I see gang members going down there with tools.

        1. Is the area under the freeway owned by the people you are calling property owners? The criminals have a den under the freeway and they watch folks on the trail and in the tunnel. Having a trail is not going to move those folks out and no woman should have to go through that type of danger.

          1. Then why the effort to keep the police out of the area?

            With the pathway completed the police horse patrols could go through the area and clean out the trouble makers.

  3. “My daughter was hit by a car riding a bike in a bike lane”…….. Hmmmmmm

    That is because the Americans never ride the bikes as a necessity and, therefore, the traffic rules for the bikers are stupid.

    Everywhere in the world bikers are riding in the bike line against the traffic so you can see the car coming at you and avoid collision if necessary.

    It is about the time to change bike traffic rules here too.

  4. Check the facts; there are public documents on file dealing with the 2 areas. The interstate to Flower and from flower to the SA River.

    The complaining few really should check the facts before they spend a bunch of money on a defenseless position.

  5. I found this link after my first time biking the Santiago creek trail yesterday (how timely!) thinking I would be able to connect to the Santa Ana trail. You can imagine my surprise when I saw how the bike road ended, especially since Google maps shows the trail as going under highway 5.

    I am very excited that such a project in the planning and i really hope, seeing the first comment above, that politics doesn’t derail it. I don’t want my family and I to have to ride on the streets to connect to the Santa Ana trail. This connection will prevent accidents: It is a necessity, not a nice-to-have.

    It will be a satisfaction to see our tax money put to good use!


    I am normally on the same side of issues with Admin.

    But, on this we disagree.

    I am intimately familiar with this subject. there is ZERO crime along this “creek” as Peggy suggests. That is a scare tactic.

    Kids for decades have played in this creek. The bigger threat is the trash.


    I am stunned that councilwoman Angie “Azumecua” Oliver, who live ten doors down from the said trail has not taken a leadership role. Perhaps her HUSBAND doesn’t ride a bike???

    This is a neighborhood issue. certainly some compromise can be reached………….Pehaps Carlos Bustamonte could chime in..

    1. My neighbor says she sees men taking bikes under the freeway and file off serial numbers as they seem to be stealing them to sell. There are lots of kids on the trail smoking drugs. There is already a lit tunnel under the bridge but the criminals camp on the other side and watch folks in the tunnel and on the trail. They aren’t scared away, they are the scary ones and the police go down there all of the time. It is not a good place for women.

  7. Carpetbagger,

    So the graffiti lining the creek along the unfinished portion is just a mirage?

    That trail is not safe as it stands. I would not let my kids go there.

    However finishing the trail will do wonders by introducing law abiding residents who will be able to safely walk or bike through there – chasing the bad guys away.

    I have by the way personally seen all sorts of unsavory characters lurking in and around the unfinished trail…

  8. Perhaps, I “self nuked” my last comment.

    But, in a nutshell, I said, I have a hard time believing that Phil Schaeffer and company in West Floral Park and Jack Fisher Park, with property butting up to the creek would allow this kind of behavior. It may take place South of the I5 but, not in the “exclusiveness” of WFP!

    If Raul Moreno is to be believed, and assuming he is referring to Angie Oliver, she should AT ONCE call a community meeting at the Jack Fisher Cabin. SATURDAY AM. In fact, do it every Saturday for a month. Invite all interested parties to come and talk it out.

    I bet the “NIMBY’s” would find the bikers to be “self policing” and while aesthetically undesirable a trail to be good for the community.

    Further, perhaps the “bikers could commit some support (financial and otherwise) to ensure a safe, clean trail.

    This is a classic community battle over a minor subject.

    David Benavides is about to feed TAXPAYERS a police contract that they will choke on like a foot long sausage!

  9. Santa Ana can’t afford a Fire Department. Bruce Bauer and his colleagues want to hijack millions of dollars into a process that will ultimately face long expensive court battles and probably end up losing. But lawyers will still get paid.

    Seizing private property for recreational use is not only unAmerican and socialist, it is expensive. Most of those promoting this idea are missing the point that even if they were to win, it will be five to ten years before you would see anything except legal fees. The community is being misled and Bauer’s seeking titles and offices in the City operations is a good indicator of who he is looking out for. Wanna bet he runs for some kind of office and uses this as pr for his campaign?

  10. Raul, you should read the reports that deal with what the ACE is going to do. I am not saying that it would change your mind, but it would give you a better understanding of what will be happening to the flood control channel after they are done with the part by Prado Dam.

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