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UPDATE: Perez was interviewed at his alleged home by O.C. Register reporter Andrew Galvin, who reported that Perez magically knew what sort of toothpaste was in his restroom and what sort of soda was in his refrigerator.  Perez however did NOT provide any solid evidence that he has been living at the home in question – no driver’s license and no utility bills.  His residence remains in doubt.  Click here to read Galvin’s article.

Remember when Democrat Phu Nguyen ran for the 68th Assembly District, in 2010, and there was a scandal as to whether or not he was a carpetbagger?  That may have ultimately cost him that election.  Now he is running around promoting his fellow liberal, Julio Perez, who is running for the 69th Assembly District.  And guess what?  It looks like Perez might be an even bigger carpetbagger!

The O.C. Register is reporting that a process server who tried to serve Perez with documents stemming from a lawsuit by a company trying to recover credit card debt from Perez was unable to find him at the address he is registered to vote at.  Instead a woman named Yolanda Estrada told the process server that she lives at the address in question.

Perez later said that he does live there and that she may have been a previous tenant.  Unless she is a ghost, I can’t see how she was there previously when the process server said she lives there now.

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UPDATE: Perez now says he does live at the address in question, according to the Voice of OC, which is funded by organized labor.  No proof of that was presented in the Voice of OC article, and they didn’t explain why no one in his neighborhood knows him.  They did admit that he has barely lived in the district, if at all:

Perez grew up in Anaheim and lived a block from the 69th State Assembly District lines for most of his life. In 2000, he moved to San Juan Capistrano after his parents bought a manufactured home there.

In 2001, he moved to Michigan after being accepted into the University of Michigan’s master’s degree program for public policy. Two years later, he came back to Orange County and has lived in Anaheim, Cypress, Westminster and Santa Ana during the last few years.

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71 thoughts on “Update: Julio Perez fails to prove that he is not a carpetbagger”
  1. I take him at his word on this just as I did Mayor Pulido, Councilmember Alvarez, and almost every Hispanic elected official in and around Santa Ana over the years. They all have had people say they don’t live where they live. You know they are hurting for campaign issues when the only thing bad they can say about you is that you don’t live where you say you live! This is inside political baseball that doesn’t mean a thing to voters! Let’s get back to talking about economic issues like a living wage, creating jobs, and medical care. This other stuff makes fun cocktail party conversation and blog posts but has no impact on the lives of the working class residents of the 69th!

    1. You could not be more wrong. Perez is NOT from Santa Ana. He is from Anaheim. And Lord knows where the heck he lives now. Michele was born and raised here and I know that she will strongly represent the people of our city. Who will Perez represent? Rich labor bosses? No thanks.

  2. Who is Michele going to represent? Casino’s? oh thats right we never talk about that here.

    She ignores the people of Santa Ana as she did when she voted against SACReD.

    1. SACReD? Oh I was there. I quit when the Usual Suspects showed up and took over. They were all there – a pile of Mexican haters. Where is SACReD now? Dead. Just like Amezcua’s lame mayoral campaign.

      For the record I support legalizing gambling and taxing it.

      1. SACReD the community group is getting stronger. Just got an endorsement from SABHC tonight. Those meeting of SACRed are open to everybody and working families of SA are still pushing for a better SA.

        Apparently Michele is happily supporting casino’s as well.

        1. So the Usual Suspects were pushing for a better SA? Really? Strange bedfellows. These are the SAME PEOPLE who put up illegal traffic barricades in French Park, which thanks the ACLU were taken down.

          You OK with that are you?

          1. Please come to a SACReD meeting then you can say all you want about it. Otherwise, you are very ignorant of who composes of the group.

            they meet at Latino Health Access btw. I’ll get you dates and times.

            What I’m not ok with is Michelle talking to Indian Casinos about Independent Expenditures. Atleast that is what a highly respected reported said.

          2. Are you kidding? The Native Americans were subjected to genocide. They were horribly repressed in this country. Now you want to deny them their only source of income? Income that is used to educate their children? Really?

          3. ha ha…you are too funny. I’m all for Native Americans getting paid.

            I am against Michelle doing allegedly illegal moves by talking to Casino’s on what is suppose to be Independent Expenditures…thats against the law. She apparently got caught by a respected journalist while on the phone.

            In summary:

            Go Native Americans. Yay!

            Boooo Michelle. Keep it clean and legal.

          4. Obviously you didn’t read my post. A process server visited his residence and the lady who answered had no idea who Julio is. Nor did any of his neighbors. Then again, none of the voters know who Wholio is either…

          5. No he lives on Baker in SA.

            Y Michelle got caught talking about IE’s, which is completely illegal.

          6. Again, the evidence is mounting that he lied about where he lives.

            It is not illegal to talk about IEs. It is illegal to coordinate them. That she knew about them was nite illegal. If she was managing them that would have been a problem. But she didn’t. And they never happened. But Julio DID get caught!

  3. Just because candidates running for central county state elected offices continue to carpetbag in the past doesn’t make it right now. A few years ago, it was Tom Umberg who deciding that he prefers a dinky dink apartment in Santa Ana over a Villa PArk Estate. I think the voters saw through this and that’s why he did not win.

    Here, with Juio we have him not only as a carpetbagger but raises his right hand and signing that what he declared is the truth. Besides, the legal implication what about one honor in affirming the truth.

    I know how the OCDA has little history in reviewing these political issues but why can’t we all ask the OC Grand Jury to consider if a law was broken.

    1. Well said Joe! Amen. Julio is supposed to be a man of the people, but he can’t be bothered to be honest about where he lives? What a joke!

  4. Reading about all th mud being tossed around and at the canidates for the 69th.

    Its looking like Francisco Barrigan is the only CLEAN choice.

    1. What is dirty about Moreno? Nothing. Or about Martinez? She hasn’t broken any laws. The only guy looking bad right now is Perez.

  5. Seems like this may turn into another one of those campaigns when our community puts one Latino against another and like the proverbial crabs in the barrel, as one of us tries to make it up and out, another one of our brothers or sisters is there to pull us back down, down, down. Meanwhile, the big white Sea Gulls swoops to victory! It’s time for Michele to drop out and throw her support behind Mr. Perez. He’s our best and only hope of beating the White/Coconut political machine. Wait until they have debates and poor Michele will embarrass herself. I mean really, have you heard her speak? She might be ok for a lecture to wayward teens in some prison scared straight setting but she is not ready for Prime Time! Just my thoughts. Keeping it real.
    Peace Out.

  6. Admin- What evidence is mounting about him lying? Is there more than just the story that has been written? The other articles I have seen certainly present alternative views, so I am curious what the additional evidence that is mounting is composed of? It is possible that the process server was lying. Hopefully, Julio can show proof of him living there. It should be pretty easy to do with a few trips to the mail box and some other documents.

    I will throw this out there and then wait to get blasted…how about supporting a candidate b/c they are the right candidate with your own morals, ethics, and political beliefs instead of focusing on their skin color. Perfectly fine to support a candidate who happens to be Latino just as it is fine to support a candidate who happens to be non-Latino as long as their political views and other beliefs that matter are aligned with your own. I feel that there is way too much emphasis by some on the heritage of a candidate and not enough on scrutiny on the beliefs and views. I cannot imagine supporting someone over another candidate because they are of a certain ethnicity. Ok, ready, aim, fire…

    1. Well sure, if you want a socialist, back Perez. If you want a guy who wastes taxpayer money and who has been anti-Latino, vote Daly. If you want to vote for someone who grew up in Santa Ana, and who supports businesses and is fairly moderate, vote for Martinez. If you want to vote for a Republican, then Moreno is your pick.

  7. Really, “evidence is mounting?” Maybe in your own cabbage head, this process server’s story is getting bigger and BIGGER, I’ll believe that. Way to fall for Jubal/Daly/Register propaganda.

    Of course the main story they wanted to get out to the public, knowing that the carpetbagging story would be quickly debunked, was that Julio has some debt. You won’t touch THAT though, will you Art? Good, neither would I.

  8. There is a simple answer that the Julio camp wants to avoid (for whatever reason):


    That is not unreasonable considering he is asking to represent us. Greg Diamond will disagree, but he comes up with a clever “non-answer” for everything.

    Have the dude show his license.

  9. That’s a silly question. A CDL is good for a number of years and doesn’t get changed until the old one expires. While the Perez haters are talking about where he lives, the Perez camp is walking door to door and winning the election voter by voter throughout the city. Martinez will finish her political career much like other S.A. Councilmembers before her….on the city council. Solorio is the ONLY S.A. Councilmember to be elected to higher office other than the Gringo guy in the 1970’s who got elected to Congress. All those years…all those councilmembers who have tried…but a Santa Ana elected office is the kiss of political death for all but the very lucky or smart (like Solorio)

  10. Sean, I don’t think that means you automatically get, or need to get, a new license with your new address.

    This is all stupid anyway. Of course he lives on north Baker. You-all are supposed to be following the Jubal/Daly lead and trashing Julio because he has debt.

    I mean — that makes him unqualified to represent the area, debt-free as all of you are, doesn’t it?

    1. As I pointed out in my post, over at, the debt is not the main issue. If anything it means he is dealing with something a lot of families in the district have gone through. The problem is if he lied about where he lives. Even the Voice of OC had to admit he barely has any roots in this district. He has moved repeatedly over the past few years.

      Martinez at least grew up here and has been serving this community for some time. Perez certainly can’t say that.

  11. Admin..

    Are you behind in the news..the OCRegister just did an update validating the Julio does in-fact live there.
    Many servers lie this has been a huge issue specially in Latino communities where it has caused families great difficulties..the company that is implied in serving Julio has many negative reviews from its own customers..check out the BBB.

    The story is about the debt but it makes him a more real candidate as he has been going through what many American go through, high tuition debt, credit card debt and rising health care costs.

    You can argue Perez experience and his stand on the issues. But this was clearly a sloppy reporting job now being rectified.

    Check out the update..nice picture of Julio in his living room!

    Michelle is a fine candidate get to the real issues so folks can decide on what is best for them..not based on hit pieces..the community deserves better!

    1. I heard about the new article but have not seen it yet. My sources tell me the hit on Pérez was orchestrated by a former reporter who works for Daly. They definitely are going to hit him on the debt issue.

      Pérez really should have quit and endorsed Michele. He isn’t going to win. He was never going to win. His name ID is non-existent.

  12. Why doesn’t he show the ID?

    Everyone who defends the guy deflects that.

    The “PACKMASTER” (that must have hurt) has tried to associate my handle with his disclosure. What a tool.

    I am not a canidate for assembly. Perez is. If all you need to do is provide a AAA card and a tube of Colgate, then so be it.

    What is the matter with saying JULIO PEREZ is a loser. Plain and simple. He has hollow credentials and LOUD but weak defenders.

    What I fail to understand is why he is so reluctant to release a bankstatement or a CDL or anything.

  13. Art, my sources tell me that you don’t have actual sources. You have desires that condense into corporeal form.

    Honestly, Art, this is embarrassing for you. “Evidence is mounting!” and then an actual reporter checks it out and finds everything in order. (KLND — how do you know that Julio didn’t show ID? Where should he have done it? Should he have gone to Art’s house?)

    It disturbs me that you seem to think that knowing what brand of toothpaste you use or what kind of soda you drink must involve “magic.”

    1. Clearly Greg you are missing the point. Galvin settled for circumstantial evidence. A driver’s license would clear this all up. And why is it none of Julio’s neighbors know who he is?

      And why pray tell is any of this your business? You live in Brea. You are nowhere near the 69th A.D.

  14. Art, respectfully you have lost any semblance of journalistic objectivity or integrity on this issue. Everyone knows you want are an avid supporter of Michelle – more power to you – but you are simply looking foolish. At what point do you start to care whatsoever about facts?

    1. I care deeply about the facts. And the fact is that even the Voice of OC admitted that Pérez has literally lived all over the place. It is not uncommon for such a candidate to be a carpetbagger. Again. Where is the proof that he has really been living there?

  15. Julio Perez is lying.

    His license shows another address.

    This is why all the distraction is going on. He is LYING.

  16. Facts? You state “even the Voice of OC admitted that Pérez has literally lived all over the place.” But what they really REPORTED was

    “Perez grew up in Anaheim and lived a block from the 69th State Assembly District lines for most of his life. In 2000, he moved to San Juan Capistrano after his parents bought a manufactured home there.

    In 2001, he moved to Michigan after being accepted into the University of Michigan’s master’s degree program for public policy. Two years later, he came back to Orange County and has lived in Anaheim, Cypress, Westminster and Santa Ana during the last few years.”

    The FACTS are that Perez is a lifetime Orange County Resident, who attended University of Michigan to get a Master’s Degree in Public Policy. Note that all of the cities, except San Juan Capistrano and Cypress, were part of the 69th AD until its boundaries were recently changed. Further, Perez even lived in the existing district prior to redistricting changes. So to call him a Carpetbagger isn’t factual either, under any definition of the term.

    As I said in my earlier post, you absolutely have the right to your biases and preferences. You are obviously a strong supporter of Michelle Martinez, and that is fine also. But you are acting like a political operative, not a journalist. Which is also fine. Just understand that when you are acting as one while pretending to be another, it affects your credibility, which the string of comments to this post seems to reflect.

    1. Well first things first. I am NOT a journalist. I am a blogger. Bloggers deal in OPINION. Journalists however are easily compromised. They pretend to be objective but as you saw with the Galvin article they can be led astray with little effort.

      Secondly, read the Voice of OC quote about Perez again. He lived “a block from the 69th Assembly District for most of his life.” A block away means he WAS NOT LIVING IN THE DISTRICT. The Voice of OC article goes on to mention that he lived in no less than five cities over the past few years. The fact that some of these cities were in the district is immaterial. THEY ARE NOT IN THE DISTRICT NOW.

      Finally, the reason he is being called a carpetbagger is two-fold. First, a process server tried to serve him at his alleged place of residence. The lady who answered the door had NO CLUE who Perez is. Secondly, the server asked all of Perez’ “neighbors” if they knew him. NOT ONE DID. That is by definition a carpetbagger. It means he listed an address he had NO INTENTION of living in, until he got caught.

      This sort of thing happens all the time. But it is not right.

      Do I support Martinez? You bet. And she GREW UP IN SANTA ANA AND HAS BEEN HERE ALL OF HER LIFE. Do you want to elect someone who will fight hard for the people of Santa Ana? If yes then you should be backing Martinez. Perez is not from here and I guarantee that if he wins he will quickly get a place in Sacramento and you will rarely seen him in Santa Ana.

      I want to mention one more thing. Martinez has told me that she will move the 69th A.D. office back to Santa Ana. I am going to hold her to that. Perez grew up in Anaheim. Guaranteed that he will keep the office in Anaheim if he somehow wins. But I am not going to lose sleep over that as he is most certainly not going to win. Very few voters know who he is or care about him. And when they find out how liberal he is, and how certain it is that he will be another tax and spender, he will sink like a rock.

      1. Julio lives on Baker in Santa Ana, has been there for a while.
        Admin is hack.

        Martinez overlooked that Santa Ana budget was being run down to the ground and said and did nothing to protect the people of Santa Ana. The whole city council instead of protecting the people and being the watch dog, took the word of a City Manager who had been there for too long. Martinez is not to be trusted. She was elected to protect and did do a thing to rectify a bad situation. She made it worse by not looking into it. Michele is a bad candidate for the 69th. If Dave Ream can pull the wool over her eyes she will get eaten alive in Sacramento. We should NOT send Michele Martinez to Sacramento.

        1. You sir are either uninformed or you are a liar. I know for A FACT that Martinez was one of the Council Members who challenged Ream – and our Council majority pushed him out the door. In fact Claudia Alvarez personally pushed his assistants out as she too discovered the problems he had created.

          The reality is that the previous Councils allowed much of this to happen. It was our current Council majority, including Martinez, that cleaned house and has righted the ship.

          Sending Perez to Sacramento when we KNOW he is going to be another irresponsible tax and spender and a union hack is a TERRIBLE idea. He is the very definition of a job killer.

          1. Funny how they all stood up once it was too late, then and only then did they all raise their voices again Ream. cmon, now.
            We had to lay off 2/3 of our city workers and out source our fire department. Great job Martinez! Those families that lost jobs and benefits thank you.

          2. Obviously those city workers were not vital, were they? Good move then. And NO fire fighters were laid off in the outsourcing, nor were any stations closed. But we saved ten million per year. For that you ought to be applauding the Council, and Martinez.

            It is not the job of our city to hire folks when they don’t have a job. Cities all over the state are going broke in fact because of the outrageous public pensions we now owe these people. Ridiculous! I am glad our Council is cleaning house and tightening the city budget. That is what I expect from our leaders.

            These union people should stop crying and go do what they can to get a new job. Go get educated if that is the issue. Change industries. But don’t blame our leaders for laying you off. You were lucky to make all that money. Now you are in the same boat as the rest of us!

  17. While it is true that many residents in the 69th Assembly have over-extended themselves, some have lived beyond their means and others are their victims of the economic downturn or the cost of healthcare, I don’t think we should lump them all together.

    For as much as I understand, Mr. Perez was always gainfully employed and earning an income as a political director for the OC Federation beyond what many two-parent incomes make, I’m perplexed why he can’t meet this $10,000 credit card obligation here. Certainly, going to a bank and asking for a loan or just asking the collection for consideration, or seeking the assistance of credit counseling. Why can’t he do this?

    Is there more debt than what was reported? If so, while this should not be a disqualifying issue, it is important. How can we expect him to make prudent, fiscally responsible decisions with taxpayer’s monies, when he recently couldn’t be financially sound with regard to his own situation. Did he say’s these were medical bills incurred by a family member as a way to deflect the issue as unavoidable and earning praise and sympathy. He mentioned it so let’s see the facts; medical payments paid by credit card and income received(pay Stubs)

    I’ll take him for his word that he lives on Baker street (even though he doesn’t have any proof) but show me the proof on the financial situation that you feel need to be proclaimed as the sole reason of the debt.

  18. Well, I am glad you are admitting that your posts are opinion, and not fact. This whole chain is the factual equivalent and parallel of Orly Taitz’s Birther challenge to President Obama.

    If I recall correctly, Martinez ran for Santa Ana City Council on a platform of imposing term limits on Miguel Pulido, as well as on City Council, as she strongly felt the existing power structure was corrupt and holding the interests of the people of Santa Ana hostage. You were a big supporter of hers then, as well. Did you hold her to that campaign pledge? I believe the record is that she dropped any attempt to impose mayoral term limits, and voted to extend term limits for the existing council. That is quite a position reversal, and one that is self serving at best.

    1. All bloggers deal in opinion. And we rely on facts to make our case. The fact is Perez has not proven he was living at the Baker St. address and I am not going to accept the word of anonymous hacks that he was when NO PROOF has been offered.

      As for Pulido, surely you realize that he has to run for reelection EVERY TWO YEARS. The voters keep on voting for him. They can easily limit him by voting for someone else. That is the ultimate term limit!

      And for the record Amezcua spent a quarter million trying to oust Pulido. But Martinez got a larger percentage of the vote when she ran for Mayor, on a shoestring budget.

      If you want to get rid of Pulido draft someone who can beat him and good luck. Martinez gave it a shot and now she is part of a Council majority that got rid of Ream and got rid of the racist Usual Suspects who were on our City Commissions. They all of course backed Amezcua – who is the ultimate sell-out.

  19. So the Teacher and the Union man line up behind the Voice of OC(EA) and continue the lie.


    Is he to Lazy, Too stupid or simply too irresponsible to update the most vital piece of existence in modern society?

    “He doesn’t pay the power bill”…..Yeah, he doesn’t pay his VISA bill either, we get that.

    SHow us your drivers license Perez. STOP THIS NOW. Prove that you are capable of being a leader.

  20. Andrew Galvin is another out of town liberal wanting to parlay on Santa Ana’s value, but doesn’t want to live here.

    The guy lives in Huntington Beach.

    Another Santa Ana wannabe. What a joke.

  21. When you say “WHY DOES JULIO’s DRIVERS LICENSE HAVE A DIFFERENT ADDRESS?” is it because you know that it does or because you just don’t give a damn whether what you say is true really is true?

    Don’t bother answering — if you had any proof at all, you’d have offered it already. You’re just a low-grade wannabe political ninja assassin.

  22. Hey Diamond,

    His license DOES show a different address. Thats the issue.

    Before you get too far off talking about his BIG 10 achievements and how he is the first in his family to go to college, why don’t you ask how that was possible.

    Records show Julio FREELOADED his way through UCI too!

    1. Coward (my term for people who throw out charges like yours from anonymous cover),

      I’ll be happy for you to provide links. I’m especially interested in what you mean by “freeloaded.” Do you mean something like “was on a scholarship”? “Ate off of other people’s plates”? Try making some sense.

      My CA driver’s license just renewed recently after a five year term. I had moved after the second year. They didn’t send out a new license. Instead, you fill out your own little addendum by hand (mine was on brown paper but I don’t know if they all are) and carry it with your license, while you’re supposed to have sent it into the DMV. It doesn’t look like anything official; in fact, it looks like something that one could fake — but that’s the system. I didn’t get a license with my current address on it until recently. If Julio is in the same position, then I cannot blame for not relying on his license, despite actually living at that house.

      Either you don’t know this or you’re trying to take advantage of others’ ignorance to slam someone and win and election. If it’s the former, now you’re informed; if it’s the latter, you’re despicable.

      1. Why didn’t Julio show his little slip of brown paper to the Register?

        As for being despicable, what can be worse than a carpetbagger who will always vote to raise taxes and who will be a reliable shill for the unions?

        1. Don’t be an ass, Art. You’re not only mischaracterizing Julio’s positions, but you yourself are far worse. By the way, Galvin made no mention of having asked for, seen, or not seen Julio’s license, so why are you inferring something YET AGAIN that isn’t even there? What is wrong with your comprehension — or whatever it is?


          No, you piece of trash, it’s not a distraction. Come out, come out, whoever you are — if you have an ounce of guts. But no, you won’t, because you think that you’re a political ninja operating under cloak of secrecy. That’s a mistake.

          I’ll tell you how I got your IP Address from Art after he willingly gives it to me and I’ve found out who you are. Just recognize that you’re not actually a ninja; you’re apparently the sort of person who gets disavowed and then sorrowfully told that they’re too much of a liability to help.

          I can’t speak for Julio, but I’ll tell you why I didn’t follow the procedure for a lost driver’s license: because I didn’t lose mine and saw no reason to do so. The only way that it would ever be a problem is if some secret ninja political assassin wanted to screw over a candidate by taking advantage of the fact that much of the public probably doesn’t know the procedure you just follow when you move rather than lose a license.

          1. You are right, Galvin did not ask for any hard evidence. Instead he asked about Julio’s toothpaste and soda preferences. How ridiculous!

            How typical that you are now resorting to making threats. Well that is not going to play here Greg.

            Why is it Greg that NONE of Julio’s neighbors knew who the heck he was when the process server asked them?

          2. Art, you don’t know that the process server ever actually asked any of the neighbors. Do you not realize that yet? Is this your will to be conned or do you actually think like a large three-year-old? You also don’t know that Galvin did or didn’t ask for hard evidence, which may or may not have belonged in his write-up, which would be enough to convince anyone but someone determined to keep some air in the tire of lies. And you don’t even care that you don’t know.

            As for the other, Art, I don’t think that you’ve ever heard me issue a threat before. I don’t do it lightly. But this, at any rate, is not a threat to you; it’s a threat to the ninja political assassin using your blog as a venue.

            You’ll give over information willingly if you think that doing so will help you. You may not think so yet, but you will. (No, it will not involve unlawful torture or anything else inappropriate. I work entirely within the system.) The other “secret ninja” guy is the real idiot for thinking that you won’t do it.

            By the way, shrieking that “no, no, I’d never do it!” would just invite his reliance on you. If by some chance you now have any resources worth suing over, it might not be a bright idea.

          3. What a surprise. Another anti free speech liberal. Take your threats elsewhere. I never turned over my computer to your pals at the Liberal OC and I sure as Hell won’t give it to you either. Consider yourself banned from this blog. That is something I can and will do.

  23. Greg Diamond wrote:

    “Coward (my term for people who throw out charges like yours from anonymous cover)”


    What does Julio’s license say?

    If he can’t make the effort to update his Drivers License, what does that say about his responsiblity?

    It takes one hour and $20.00 to get a new drivers license. My question is why wouldn’t you or Julio do that right away? Strange.

  24. The process server was a sham. He never showed up to Julios house or talked to his neighbors.

    Hit piece.

    The lady who apparently “the process server”(we’ll call him Greg) called, was on the title of the house about two owners ago. She no longer lives at that address.

    So Greg, the process server got some old information and most likely called this lady, Asked her if Julio lived with her and she said no. Greg is very sly and didn’t give all the info. Greg is a big liar… the process server that is.

  25. The only proof needed is the proof provided to the ROV.

    Since he is now a qualified candidate on the ballot, the ROV has certified his residence.

  26. Sounds like I struck a chord.

    So let’s ask this, suppose you get my IP address? what then, you call me? Harass my wife and kids like your friends at the LOC are so famous for doing to people.

    What are you gonna do Diamond? Come to my house? You are losing touch with reality quickly “secret ninja guy”. You are whacked.

    All of this because people (not just me) want Julio to show his proof of address. Why that pisses you off is more suspicious than your empty threats.

    I guess the idea of questioning our democratic process doesn’t work well with the Orange juice Blog and The Liberal OC.

  27. Ha I called the process server art in my original response.
    Admin edited my response.
    If anything, you are entertaining.

    What does that say about you, art?

  28. OOOOOHHH Where is Diamond?

    I thought you were coming to get me Greg?

    Now that the rumors of Julio’s address being that of his jilted EX-lover (male) are floating around you clam up.
    Typical chicken. You are a weakling Greg, you talk about others. A quick google search sheds the light on your faults.

    Whats wrong with admitting he’s homosexual, is Julio ashamed? His friend John Perez wore the label proudly.

    So this is yet another reason to question this mans integrity.


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