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Several sources in and around Santa Ana’s City Hall are reporting that the City of Santa Ana has suspended their search for a new city manager.  I am told that this was also conveyed to a reporter from the Voice of OC today.  However, another source reported that there is no suspension.  The truth is likely somewhere in between…

My sources said that an argument will be made that conducting a national search for a new city manager is too expensive and that we ought to just roll with interim City Manager Paul Walters, who also serves as our Chief of Police, to save money.

The downside of this however is that the defacto city manager is now none other than longtime assistant to the last city manager, Jill Arthur.  Apparently Walters is leaning on her a lot – and she is now effectively running the 8th floor.

That Arthur is in the catbird seat is beyond disconcerting.  All the other “Reamers” are gone.  She needs to be gone too – and soon.  I urge the Council Members to reject this talk of suspension and give Arthur the boot instead.  That ought to save some money, considering she pulls down a fat check in the high six figures.

Will Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido get three more votes to make the suspension a reality?  That is hard to say.  I can see some of the other Council Members going down that road, due to the city’s budget issues, but I cannot see Pulido getting four votes to agree to suspend the search.  These are tough times for Pulido, who no longer can ring up automatic votes among the increasingly rebellious Council Members.

Two Council Members who won’t vote to suspend the search are Michele Martinez and David Benavides, who are going forward with a community forum on Thursday night, to discuss the city manager search with local residents.  Click here for details.

I am also hearing that there will be a special meeting of the Santa Ana City Council this week, possibly on Thursday night, to discuss the City Attorney search.  It sounds like Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez is having a royal cow about the Latina candidate – accusing her of having been involved in MEChA and being a Cesar Chavez supporter.  Huh?  Isn’t Alvarez a Democrat?  Why are those negatives to her?  She is starting to sound like a Republican – or a Usual Suspect.  No bueno!

Alvarez has also alleged that the Latina candidate, who is the General Counsel for a large school district up north, is a friend of Assemblyman Jose Solorio.  Who isn’t?  He is an affable guy and an influential member of the State Legislature.

I am hearing however that the rest of the City Council likes the Latina candidate – but that they are now haggling over money.  I hope she doesn’t get too greedy and just accepts the best offer they send her way.  We could use someone who believes in civil rights in our City Attorney’s office!

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12 thoughts on “Has the City of Santa Ana suspended its city manager search?”
  1. Of course Pulido and Arthur want to end the search. They found the guy they need in Paul Walters. He’ll sit in proxy for Jill at the City Managers desk and sign all the documents Pulido needs. It’s no secret Jill is running the city.

    So Pulido and his new ally Clownia Alvarez only need two votes to keep Walters and Jill Arthur.

    Santa Ana deserves better. Isn’t it cost effective to do an honest search for City Manager than to pay Paul Walters $250,0000 a year to learn on the job?

    Doesn’t anyone on Santa Ana City Council have any integrity?????

    1. Oh who knows Mateo, she might be old school for all we know. I mean she’s a Chavez fan. Probably still eschews the grapes! I hope she gets the gig…

  2. Claudia Alvarez’ issue with the Latina Lawyer is that she is prettier, very articulate and better educated than Claudia. Oh yeah, she doesn’t wear Old Lady Shoes like Claudia. I’ve heard from a good friend that the Latina Lawyer attended and graduated from Harvard University unlike Claudia who only has a certificate from Harvard.

    Claudia looking for reasons not to hire the Very Qualified Latina Lawyer is clearly driven by jealousy. @ Claudia: don’t hate the Latina Lawyer just because she’s beautiful. Why don’t you get a makeover?

  3. Old School Chicanas way cool. The most active activists babes muy hot. A.V.A.S.A., A.M.A.D. Don’t tell them that though, they will take it personally wrong. I did a hot tub with Dolores Huerta’s daughter, a year or two ago at the U.F.W. house in central L.A. I need to give her a call.

  4. Claudia ,will not waste her time in jealousy, she will look first what is good for the city and the people of Santa Ana.
    This is not a game of who she is or what club she belong get serious to the matter.

  5. Claudia doesn’t care about what is good for the City. She is only interested in what is good for her pocket and dying political career.

    Sorry Gabacha but Claudia is very jealous of other women who are more successful than her.

    Since she’s your friend do her a favor and tell her to get rid of her Old Lady Shoes and please take her to get a makeover. It’s long overdue.

  6. Hey Gabacha. I know you’re Claudia’s mom. Why don’t you two get a mother-daughter makeover. It would be a lot of fun.

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