Fri. Mar 24th, 2023
Benavides signs at Bustamante’s house

I got a tip today that disgraced Santa Ana Council Member Carlos Bustamante has been seen putting up signs for his pal David Benavides’ mayoral campaign, and that Bustamante has Benavides’ signs in his yard.

So I drove over to Bustamante’s house and sure enough, he had two Benavides signs in his lawn!  And a pile of Vince Sarmiento signs on his porch to boot.

Here comes trouble…

Bustamante’s apparent endorsement and support of his longtime pal Benavides is a stark reminder of the bullet we dodged when Bustamante got arrested after being charged with numerous felony sex crimes and public theft.  If that had not happened, it was likely that Bustamante and Benavides were planning on teaming up with their friend Roman Reyna.  Imagine the trouble those three were going to get into at political conferences and community events?

Reyna caught worshiping Bustamante

This comes on the heels of the endorsement of Benavides by perverted Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, who in 2007 slept with his campaign manager’s drug-addled wife!  And I am told that meth addict Nadia Maria Davis is also supporting Benavides.

It is very clear that if you want a world class Mayor then we need to re-elect Miguel Pulido, however if you want a Mayor without class, Benavides is your guy…

Good luck getting women to vote for you now Benavides – and the same goes for your pal Reyna too!

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16 thoughts on “Disgraced Councilman Bustamante promotes Benavides for Mayor!”
  1. I’m not surprised one bit that the two elected officials in Santa Ana who disrespect women the most are buddys. Mr. Pedroza, why do you think Pablo uses David instead of his real name? I like the name Pablo. I mean, it’s not like his name is “Paco”. It’s Pablo, a name from the Bible (Spanish version).

  2. Yes, but “Pablo” Picasso was a worldclass Piggie also. You could see the corruption take hold in his art career. He started with very sensitively done semi-realistic expressionistic portrayals of women and decided to convince the world to take pleasure in those bastardized images that nobody could hardly recognize as women or men or horses anymore. He ended his career doing mass produced porcelain plates with stick figures for Spanish gift shops. He probably became too indebted to the banksters. It is really quite sad to see what that Pig had too do for the Modern Art machine. Everything became fake and spiritually void.

  3. Good point Mateo. I had not connected the dots between these two Pablos. Here is a list of other Pablos which may also shed some light on the candidate Pablo Benavides. Pablo Escobar being the most closely related.

    List of people with the given name Pablo
    Pablo Bartholomew, an award-winning Indian photojournalist
    Pablo Brandán, an Argentine football (soccer) player
    Pablo Brenes, a Costa Rican football (soccer) player
    Pablo Casals, a Catalan cello virtuoso
    Pablo Couñago, a Spanish football (soccer) player
    Pablo Cuevas, a Uruguayan tennis player
    Pablo Escobar, an infamous Colombian drug lord
    Pablo Francisco, an American comedian
    Pablo Galdames, a Chilean football (soccer) player
    Pablo Gutierrez, First Colombian Gladiator (405 AC)
    Pablo P. Garcia, a Filipino politician
    Pablo Hernández Domínguez, known as Pablo, a Spanish football (soccer) player
    Pablo Ibañez(known commonly as Pablo), a Spanish football (soccer) player
    Pablo Lombi, an Argentine field hockey player
    Pablo Darío López, an Argentine footballer
    Pablo Lugo, a Puerto Rican boxer
    Pablo Meana, an Argentine volleyball player
    Pablo Mills, a British football (soccer) player
    Pablo Mirabal, a U.S. Government Official
    Pablo Olmedo, a Mexican distance runner
    Pablo Picasso, a Spanish painter and sculptor
    Pablo Salinas, a Bolivian football (soccer) player
    Pablo Sandoval, a Major League Baseball third baseman for the San Francisco Giants
    Pablo Soto, a Spanish computer specialist
    Pablo Squella, a Chilean middle-distance runner
    [edit] Fictional charactersPablo (Tintin character), a recurring character in the adventures of Tintin
    Pablo’s Inferno, an independent comic created by Rhode Montijo
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    Pablo, a character from the John Steinbeck novel Tortilla Flat
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    Pablo, the eponymous character from Cesare Pavese’s novel Il Compagno (The Comrade)
    Pablo the Drug Mule Dog, the dog used to smuggle drugs into Britain in an anti-cocaine advertising campaign by Talk to Frank
    Pablo, a character in the Ernest Hemingway novel For Whom the Bell Tolls

  4. It is good to see a fellow Republican supporting David.
    Besides this will be the last election Carlos will ever be allowed to vote in.

  5. A Benavide’s supporter just came to our door.

    i ould not let this kid park my car! If thisis the hope for the city and state we are in BIG TROUBLE.

    “Like” and “You Know” are not words that need to be repeated fifteen times in a two minute conversation.

    If Benavides win’s it will complete the take over of California by the unions who are manipulating Latino’s into doing thier work.


  6. Non of this really matters does it?
    David Benavides stands little or no chance of winning the Mayors race in the next 50 years.

    His Al Queda like campaign, using criminal youth and the promise of Jihad against the big bad leadership (replace World Trade Center with Miguel Pulido)and then get some under educated self intrested people to support you.

    Next, you’ll establish a mis-information campaign (VOC & LOC) who are happy to destroy anything to make a name for themselves (curiously, they have NOTHING TO DO with Santa Ana???).

    Push the criminal element (Roman Renya’s Gang friends) who will happily inflict violence on command.

    There you have it.

    The trouble is, isDavid has burned all his bridges. Let’s see where his little group ends up on December 1.

    1. I see things very differently. Benavides has mobilized a broad spectrum of supporters to work his campaign. The other day when supporters gathered to walk the precincts there were student athletes, a church youth group, college students, and young parents with children. I recenlty saw Olympian Jesse Ruiz supporting the Benavides campaign! These are hardly criminals. Yes, Benavides HAS worked with at risk youth, some of whom have been in the criminal justice system. He has mentored them and has shown them a different path. Sorry “Lars and Suie,” but you’ve got it all wrong. Regardless of whether Benavides wins come election day, I congratulate him on mobilizing so many of the young in our city to participate in the electoral process.

  7. Mr. Pedroza,
    I’m been in Santa Ana long enough to go through various City Council elections and I’ve been shocked at how lazy Benavides and his slate are. Is it because they believe the Unions will carry their water? They just don’t seem to have that “fire in the belly” that Mayor Pulido has.

    1. You’re right. It has been a wholly lackluster effort. It also appears that most of the Benavides slate is running as far away from him as possible…

    2. Maybe you just haven’t been at the places where the Benavides campaign has been active. From my vantage point it’s been the opposite. I haven’t really seen much movement from Pulido, but I see Benavides putting in work.

  8. Dear Mr. Pedroza,

    Why don’t you invite your readers to make predictions on the Santa Ana races, especially school board and Congress etc. I’d be very interested in hearing what Mr. Lomelei and other readers think will happen tomorrow. I only ask that you be respectful of their predictions because I like Dr. Lomelei and think that sometimes he is not getting the respect he deserves here. I know you don’t control your other readers but I do hope we can all get along. Also, what are your predictions for each race with place and % of votes each candidate will get? LOVE your site.

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