Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

When I heard that Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez was going to appear at a fundraiser in Orange Park Acres, for Santa Ana Mayoral candidate Alfredo Amezcua, I thought she had lost her mind.  It turns out she never gave Amezcua permission to use her name, according to an insider who contacted us today.

Why would Amezcua do this?  My guess is that he is desperate.  He has only raised $8,000 and time is running out.  The big donors are staying away from his campaign.

I was pretty peeved when I first heard about this.  I am glad to hear that Sanchez is staying neutral with regard to the Santa Ana Mayor’s race.  That is the best thing for her to do.

Sanchez’ opponent, the vile Republican Assemblyman Van Tran, is working hard to defeat her – and he is working together with Anaheim Councilwoman Lucille Kring, who is running against State Senator Lou Correa.  To make matters worse, popular independent Cecilia Iglesias qualified for the November ballot after collecting eleven thousand signatures.  She figures to take a lot of votes away from Sanchez in November. 

Sanchez does not need any distractions right now!  She needs to focus on getting reelected.  Shame on Amezcua for apparently using her name without permission.  Clearly he only cares about his campaign and could care less if Sanchez loses.  Remember that Amezcua is allied now with Republican Supervisor Janet Nguyen, who would love to run for Sanchez’ seat herself.  Nguyen is not supporting Tran and she surely won’t be supporting Sanchez.

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