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“A coalition of gay and lesbian groups lost its bid in court Thursday to force the Little Saigon Tet Parade organizers to include the group in this Sunday’s event. Orange County Superior Court Judge Geoffrey T. Glass ruled against granting injunctive relief to the Partnership of Viet Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Organizations,” according to the O.C. Register.

“For three years, LGBT activists have participated in the colorful gathering in Little Saigon, but this year — with the event shifting from city sponsorship to private hands — they have been rebuffed and quietly told to make a “sacrifice” and stay away, members said,” according to the L.A. Times.

Did the gay groups work to raise money to save this parade? As far as I know, they did not. But they sure tried to hijack the parade and that was not right.

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8 thoughts on “Court stops gay activists from hijacking the Orange County Tet Parade”
    1. No sir. I support gay marriage and gay adoption and believe gays should be able to serve in the military and participate in the Boy Scouts. I don’t however believe that anyone should flaunt sexual behavior in a community parade. Nor should controversial political messages be allowed to intrude o no these functions, particularly when they are privately funded and managed.

  1. The cancer is when damaged DNA can, for various reasons, metastasize in your body which will eventually destroy it.

    The homosexuality is not political nor social issue but genetic one.

    If you are conservative then you most likely believe in creation so ironically homosexuality was created by the GOD an is a part of the life as his blueprint until the GOD strikes to correct.

    In contrast, if you are liberal you most likely believe in the evolution which is based on mutation and split of the genetic material where the most adoptable split survives and the other dies whether in the micro, by disease, or in the macro by wars.

    Therefore, ironically for leftists, the homosexuality has no chance of surviving genetically because it is not adoptable and procreating split and in absence of the social support will be eliminated when it will interfere with stronger split.

    Good recent example is AIDS which was introduced into the society by the homosexuals. In fact virtually all VDs were introduced by homosexuality and bestiality.

    So you leftists/ conservatives can be huffing and puffing but the gene and virus will decide who will live and who will die to maintain “progress” based on the rules of the evolution.

    Many great societies and empires like Egypt, Mayas, Hellas, Roma, naming just few, fell when the homosexuality prevailed.

    We are the next because we have allowed and supported clean ear and environment in expense of the dirty and damaged genome.

  2. I love how worked up a bunch of people who are neither GAY or Vietnamese are gong bonkers over this!

    My favorite part is when the supporters of the gay faction announced a “boycott”. the parade organizers said “Great, we didn’t want you here anyway, that’s why you weren’t invited”.

    So now they are going to attend “in protest”, in other words just to ruin it.

    Have no fear, the greg Diamonds of the world will find another EVIL cause, like unequal amounts of pretzels in the Cheeze-it snack mix. He’ll hoot and hollar threaten to sue (and get my IP address)until the next big thing comes along.

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