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Contact: Jose Gonzalez, City Manager’s Office, 714-647-5200 – Office, 714-822-4415 – Cell

City of Santa Ana Hosts “Agent of Change” Community Forum on Cultural Diversity

SANTA ANA, Calif. (October 25, 2011) – Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez, in conjunction with the City of Santa Ana, is hosting a Community Forum on Cultural Diversity and Conflict Resolution, on Thursday, October 27, 2011. The Community Forum will be held at the Santa Ana Police Community Room at 60 Civic Center Drive, Santa Ana, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

A cross-section of community leaders has committed to participate in the Community Forum. This forum will focus on the Jewish–Latino experience as it relates to their shared history and common desire to promote social justice and economic prosperity. The Community Forum will consist of four components and will be moderated by Michele Ruiz of the Latino-Jewish Coalition.

The four components are:

(1) History of the Latino-Jewish collaboration led by the Latino-Jewish Coalition including the American Jewish Committee. Rabbi Marc Dworkin and Norma Garcia-Guillen will provide a historical perspective of Jewish-Latino communities working together to overcome discrimination and to promote social justice and economic prosperity.

(2) Kevin O’Grady from the Anti-Defamation League will lead the second component which will address the causes of harmful speech, its impact on our communities and the need for improved dialog.

(3) The third component led by Rusty Kennedy of the Orange County Human Relations Commission will be an exercise to develop trust among the forum participants through sharing of commonalities based upon their respective families’ immigrant experience.

(4) The final component will consist of practical solutions for conflict resolution presented by Marc Meyer of the National Conflict Resolution Center.

The Community Forum is an invitation only event to facilitate candid dialog among the participants. In an effort to promote this noteworthy event, the Forum will be broadcast live on the internet. Members of the public not attending and the media who wish to see the Forum may view it by clicking here.

Further media inquiries should be directed to the City of Santa Ana Public Information Officer Jose Gonzalez.

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12 thoughts on “Alvarez Latino-Jewish forum to be broadcast live online”
  1. Santa Ana says: “The Community Forum is an invitation only event to facilitate candid dialog among the participants.”

    That is BS – the forum is by invitation only in order to silence the true community. They could easily accommodate SA residents by asking for respect for all of the panelists and taking some questions in written form from the community.

    Anyone who participates in this sham is complicit in the quashing of the right of free speech for the residents of Santa Ana.

  2. Uh oh!!! The old man’s cranky!

    Stay at home and watch on the web Tardif.This will allow you to continue trolling around blog sites.

    Nap time gramps. Tell the Mrs. to fix you a nice glass of warm milk.

  3. How dare they shut the Long Beach resident and myself out of this event. Don’t they know how important we are? I was planning on taking off time from my busy schedule coaching little girls in soccer and basketball to be there. The Long Beach resident was planning to attend during work hours at the county, it’s not like he ever works anyway.

    Now I am going to have to watch online and that’s gonna piss the Mrs. off. She needs to use the computer to work and earn money to pay our bills and feed the family.

  4. You haters are a joke.

    I propose a contest. Your Latina Councilwoman Vs. My Jewish Councilwoman.

    Seventy seconds, who ever can eat the most Matza Balls and Tamales wins.

    Beth once ate 16 in a minute, but the Great Park paid for it so that doesn’t count.

    Your lucky Long Beach isn’t involved, they have a champion Hot Dog eater!

  5. Ok, I watched a good part of the forum, and was shocked to find that more than 30% of the Nation’s white supremicists live in California, and that of that number, 30% of those live in the OC. That is shocking to me. I can honestly say that not many live in Santa Ana, and I am ashamed that so many are active out here. No wonder there is so much racial strife in the OC. I was oblivious, and now that I am aware, will be much more sensitive to it. All I can say is WOW, what a shame.

    1. Sad to say but we actually have a lot of racists in town. We call them the Usual Suspects. Fortunately most of them have been booted off our City Commissions.

  6. I am just so ashamed. I really believed (naivete) that we had progressed past that. Racism has never entered my mind, and I thought others would be passed it too. I don’t see color in this day and age, and I naively thought others were the same.I am so ashamed of other OC people.

    1. The problem is mostly the OC GOP. It is why I quit the Republican Party back in 2007. They have become a party of hateful xenophobics and the worst of them are to be found in Santa Ana.

      The good news is that our young people are not like this at all. My kids are all Libertarian-leaning, independent and open minded.

  7. Admin ,

    “where’s junior” made a comment in this article that mentioned my wife’s name.

    I never mention your family by name or even by reference on this blog or any blog. I would appreciate the same courtesy extended to my family. Please remove my wife’s name from “where’s junior’s” comment.

    Also you mentioned my grandson on another article – please do not do that in the future.

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