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According to a new anonymous letter that was sent to the County of Orange and to the Orange County Register, Bustamante and one of the four women named in the new letter “met more than a dozen times a month for more than a year either in his office or her palatial quarters he built for her.” The letter writer also promises “steamy, erotic pictures” of the sexual encounters will be soon posted on social media.

The new letter also “accuses another high-ranking male county employee of having sex in his office.”

I am also hearing that the City of Santa Ana may have to start their own investigation of Bustamante – which could turn up even more cases of alleged harassment.

The Santa Ana City Council is meeting tonight, at the SAPD Community Room.  This meeting won’t be televised live but I am told that it will be televised after the meeting is over.  You can watch it then online here.

A friend of mine reported that Bustamante did show up to the meeting tonight – as did his friends in the Usual Suspects.  They are there to screech about the Chivas soccer stadium deal, which I still don’t think will happen, even though I hope it will.

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24 thoughts on “City of Santa Ana may investigate Bustamante as more women surface”
  1. “.. one of the women named in the letter, reached at her county office Monday, told us that the allegations in the letter are not true. “That’s a big lie” the woman (said) ..”

    Why don’t we all wait until the facts come out?

  2. So what you are saying is that SA has “Whores” both Male & Female being Employed by the City? Didn’t Bill Clinton visit SA earlier this year? Maybe he gave Carlos some pointers on how get “Nookie” on the job. I’m not saying these charges are true.. Just saying

  3. Roasted. Carlos is done politically and professionally.

    Junior, because just like the DA, Rob Richardson and friends have a penchant for sweeping things under the rug.

    I don’t care to see any cheap pictures that were never ment for me, but I do want to see my government act swiftly.

    1. The alleged victims have a right to be anonymous. If this happened to your daughters wouldn’t you be screaming for justice? Well, this happened to someone’s daughters, allegedly.

  4. Dan the Polack is reporting that the city isn’t investigating Busty.

    He doesn’t know that to be fact. He is just giving cover to a Republican again.

    This is a personnel matter and I doubt the PIO would be privy to what’s going on until the investigation is complete.

  5. Temper, temper Mikey!

    Hey Tardif just admit that admin was right. If Carlos banged one of your daughters on a conference table at work you’d go nuts.

  6. The alleged victims have a right to be anonymous.

    ANONYMOUS crimes are not crimes but rumors. Good reading in trashy papers in the check out lines, but not a reason smear someone continuously.

  7. You people can’t be so gullible to believe Carlos Bustamante’s lies about this, can you?

    Carlos’ philandering and sexist behavior are the worst kept secrets at the Hall of Administration.

    If this were much ado about nothing and simply “anonymous” allegations he would be back to work already.

    Where there’s smoke there’s fire and this is a 5 alarm blaze. He is done at the county and if Rob Richardson isn’t careful he’ll be out the door right behind him.

  8. Full Monty,

    For the record, Rob likes it best when C-LO is working it. So it would be the other way around: Carlos Behind Rob.

  9. To be the ALPHA MALE bring jealousy is the BETA LADIES.

    Carlos is allowed to screw his chicks why you ladies are not.

    However, I wish he would support my Red Light District in Santa Ana.

  10. Dan the Polack says this is a non-story because this has nothing to do with his position on the city council.

    Well Andy Quach’s DUI had nothing to do with his position on the city council and yet the Polack and the gimp went nuts over that.

    So why the double standard?

    Obviously they want to provide cover for Bustamante because he doesn’t like Pedroza and Mill. Just admit it you stupid Polack.

    Bustamante’s behavior at work, like Quach’s DUI is an example of their character. They should be treated in a similar fashion.

  11. I have a few questions about this situation:

    1) Where does Carlos Bustamonte work? In the county offices at civic center or a remote site?

    2) What is his title and salary?

    3) Was he a councilmember prior to attaining this postion?

    4) How many people does Bustamonte directly supervise? what is his budgetary responsibility?

    5) Does this position require County Supervisor approval (as in an appointment)?

    These are five questions completely unrelated to the rumored sitiuation, that if answered would provide great background on this situation. Unfortunately, the OCR does not provide any journalistic substance and therefore, we all assume whats happening.

    When these five questions are answered, and the scandal evolves (as all scandals do) facts can dictate the results.

    1. The allegations against Bustamante are serious enough to warrant an investigation by the City of Santa Ana – because their own female employees may have been harassed as well. The City PIO would have no clue about this because it would be a personnel matter.

      California’s harassment laws are very tough – if the City of Santa Ana opted not to investigate they could be held liable should any harassment of their employees, by Bustamante, have occurred.

  12. Who will replace beleaguered Santa Ana Councilman Carlos Bustamante?

    Wouldn’t it be premature to replace let alone put Bustamante on leave until the investigation is concluded? What if the allegations are found to be false? Why would Bustamante actions on his county job put his City Council in jeopardy if what he did was on the county time and property?

    1. We will see if what he did was proper. Remember that as an administrator he could face big fines and maybe even jail time, should the harassment charges be true.

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