Tue. Mar 28th, 2023
Benavides tried to evade the PBID issue, but failed

A clearly chastened Santa Ana Council Member Carlos Bustamante returned to work tonight, showing up to the City Council meeting so that he could join his longtime friend and Council ally David Benavides in supporting the unethical PBID tax.  Benavides is also a mayoral candidate this year.

Bustamante’s presence allowed the City Council to discuss the PBID.  Only two other Council Members could participate in that discussion – Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez, who capably presided, and Council Member Sal Tinajero.

Bustamante just can’t quit Benavides…or the PBID

Alvarez moved several times to outright kill the PBID and Benavides voted to keep it intact, over and over, joined by Bustamante.  Finally all four voted unanimously to hold a PBID town hall meeting.

Shame on Benavides and Bustamante for continuing to support a tax that robs one set of Downtown Santa Ana businesses so that the bars and restaurants can market themselves.

Alvarez and Tinajero did the right thing by standing against the PBID tax.

By Editor

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11 thoughts on “Bustamante returns to join Benavides in supporting the PBID tax”
  1. Hey these two can chase some tail in the district!

    Two shameless fools.

    How is any woman going to vote for David, knowing what a PIG he and his buddy are.

    Maybe they are slamming back Cazadores at Ranch De Mendoza, chasing trannies tonight.


  2. Benavides just lost my vote. He talks about bringing change to city hall and then sides with the old school gabachos that want to run la raza out of downtown. Just another vendido looking for power.

  3. How does Mayor Pulido feel about the PBID? Don’t tell us that he can not vote on it. That is not what is being asked. How does Mayor Pulido differ or feel the same about the PBID than Benavides? Santa Ana deserves to know.

    1. You will have to ask him. There are Council Candidates Forums coming up soon.

      But again Pulido has NEVER voted for the PBID. Benavides has, and did so tonight and will do so again.

  4. So Mayor Pulido has no publicly articulated answer about the PBID.
    Benavides has no publicly articulated answer about the PBID.
    Alvarez did.
    but she does not believe in term limits even though in the past she convinced the public to support that measure that asked for 2 term limits.
    just thought I would get that off my chest.

    1. I Benavides had several opportunities to kill the PBID tonight. He failed to do so. Watch the Council meeting again and see for yourself.

      As for Alvarez, she did her best to kill the PBID tonight. She is Pulido ‘s closest ally on the Council.

  5. “Pulido has never voted for the PBID!”
    Well I have never voted to have an abortion.
    Then again, I have never had to be pregnant.

  6. Mateo,

    Looks like you won’t get an admission on Pulido’s public position on the PBID from Editor. Not likely as his intention is to sway voters away from Benavides on this issue when in reality Pulido orchestrated the unconstitutional implementation of the PBID,has not stated PUBLICALLY his position on the unconstitutional PBID he created.

    Pulido will not vote on downtown issues due to a conflict of interest convenient in order to have those like Editor state ” Pulido has never voted for the PBID”. Disingenuos at best as Pulido created the unconstitutional PBID.

    The four council members on Tuesday voted 4-0 to have a town hall meeting giving time for the city attorney to find a possible solution and form a ordinance to eliminate the PBID. Benavides is part of this group , mayor Pulido was no where here to let the residents his position on the PBID he created even if he can not vote due to a conflict interest.


  7. Art Lomeli you focus on the past, focus on the here and now. Benavides supports the PBID NOW!!!


  8. I am focused on the NOWBPBID comparisons between Benavides and Pulido. Refer to my prior post as to what benavides is doing and Pulido is doing now relative to the PBID.

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