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“County executive manager Carlos Bustamante, the target of an internal investigation into accusations that he had sexual encounters with his employees, resigned from his ($178,000) job Tuesday afternoon,” according to the O.C. Register.

The Register article hinted that others in Bustamante’s department might still be on the hot seat, which makes sense given California’s tough anti-harassment laws.  If it can be proven that Bustamante’s superiors covered up for his alleged behavior, or looked the other way, more heads will surely roll.

Will Bustamante resign from the Santa Ana City Council?  He must.

By resigning from his County job Bustamante is essentially admitting guilt, isn’t he?  The City of Santa Ana’s Code of Ethics demands that our officials act with integrity – and that they obey all our laws.  Check out the Code’s preamble:

The people of Santa Ana expect public officials, both elected and appointed, to comply with both the letter and the spirit of the laws of the State of California, the United States of America, and the Charter, Municipal Code, and established policies of the City of Santa Ana affecting the operations of local government. In addition, public officials are expected to comply with the provisions of this Code of Ethics and Conduct established pursuant to the expressed will of the people. All persons covered by this code will aspire to meet the highest ethical standards in the conduct of their responsibility as an elected or appointed official of the City of Santa Ana.

Harassment in the workplace is illegal in the U.S. and particularly in California.  I have not yet read Bustamante’s letter of resignation, but the fact that he resigned is immutable.  It is time for him to now walk away from the City Council.

And there are other good reasons for him to leave.  For one thing, he can now be compromised – blackmailed.  We can’t have a City Councilman who is in such a position.  For another, our city is broke.  Our elected officials need to focus on our budget, not on distractions.  And finally, Bustamante must resign out of respect for the women who work for and live in our city.  His continued presence at City Hall is an insult to them all.

Walk away Carlos.  Move to DC and see if you can get a job as a Republican hack.  Your time in Santa Ana and in Orange County is over.  Adios and good riddance!  And shame on those faux liberal bloggers who have been defending this guy…

Click here to read about the candidates to replace Bustamante on the Santa Ana City Council.

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23 thoughts on “Bustamante quits his County job – will he resign from the Council too?”
    1. That isn’t illegal mateo. In poor taste? Yes. Illegal? No. As an artist you ought to be an advocate for free speech – even if you don’t like it.

      And she apologized. Bustamante has yet to do that – but he felt compelled to resign. Speaks volumes.

  1. mateo,

    Can’t you read Cal. Civil Code section 47(b)?

    Which part of the “privileged speech” you do not understand?

    I am not talking about the 1st amendment! That is something else.

  2. Question is, if the council knew, during the of Monday meeting, that Bustamante will resign next day.

    If yeas than the entire council acted unethically to reappoint Bustamante to his commission positions after he symbolically stepped down.

    They all should resign and we should hold special election.

  3. Tom Daly is next. There are five woman who have been harass by Tom Daly.

    The truth will come out soon TOMMY BOY!

    1. I guess not since you want Alvarez to resign over what she said. Get over it. She already apologized. She is the only Council Member opposing the PBID. Why keep up this vendetta against her? What did she ever do to you?

  4. Did I miss something? Why in the world would I want Alvarez to resign over something like that? Did you slip off your meds Admin? W.T.F?

    1. LOL! I must have misinterpreted your reference to Hitler and the Code of Ethics. What you meant was that the Code doesn’t mention Hitler, ergo that was not a violation. Got it. Disregard! My work for the night is done anyway. This new Bustamante post will surely rack up 1,000 hits by tomorrow…

  5. Did you all See Hank Williams call Alvarez, oops I mean Obama, Hitler on Fox news (You Tube Oct 3). This guy makes Alvarez look like Toastmasters World Champ. Hank Williams = ultra conservative, reactionary, does not think congress should do any “compromising” Hmmmm, sounds like he is projecting his own Hitler tendencies.

  6. Wait!! Whatever happened to the investigations disproving these “rumors”?

    On a postive note, Carlos now has one more thing in common with his constituents: UNEMPLOYMENT. The rate is high in centralOC.

    Whats next for this guy?

  7. It is interesting that the OC Reg buried this story on the 7th page of the Local section – with no mention on the front page.

    1. The story broke late last night. It will be above the fold by tomorrow. By then the Register should have a copy of his resignation letter.

  8. I only have one thing for Bustamante.

    Thanks Council Alvarez for been with the Downtown Merchants and Property Owners.

  9. How much do you think Carlos Bustamante will be asking for his house when he puts it up for sale?

  10. I forgot to ask, “When is Santa Ana’s next garage sale?”

    I bet Bustamante will be selling his stuff cheap.

  11. Steve Jobs IS DEAD. Another Wall Street SCAM!How did Wall street not know this???

    Carlos’ wife has said she is keeping the house. Phil Schaeffer, the nieghborhood predator, oops I mean realator.

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