Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

The intersection is now open at Civic Center Drive and Minter Street to through traffic in all directions. The intersection was temporarily closed for the construction of the new traffic circle and roadway surface for the “Civic Center Bike Boulevard” project. This project will help enhance pedestrian and bicyclist’s safety and should reduce excessive speeds along Civic Center Drive.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during the intersection closure.

Actualización: Intersección Volver a Abrir – Centro Cívico Drive/Calle

La intersección ahora está abierta en Centro Cívico Drive y la calle Minter para pasar el tráfico en todas las direcciones. La intersección fue cerrada temporalmente para la construcción del nuevo círculo de tráfico y la superficie de la calzada para el proyecto “Civic Center Bike Boulevard”. Este proyecto ayudará a mejorar la seguridad de los peatones y ciclistas y reducirá la velocidad excesiva a lo largo de Centro Civico Drive.

Gracias por su paciencia y entendimiento durante el cierre de intersección.

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6 thoughts on “Another annoying traffic circle now installed at Civic Center Drive and Minter Street”
    1. Our opinion is based on the feedback we get from our readers. Most folks in town don’t like the traffic circles.

  1. Now that the traffic circle is completed, how do we cross the street? There’s no crosswalk. Also, does anyone know why they’re still working on Minter St? They’re hammering up the sidewalk on the park side.

  2. Circular intersections come in many forms. Neighborhood traffic circles reduce speeds where vehicle lanes cross, so reduce the severity of crashes. The lower section around the planter section is for large trucks to start or complete turns, but should only be about 3 inches above the street surface.
    Neighborhood traffic circles usually keep the old traffic control but mini-roundabouts convert to all-way yield and do not have planted areas in the circle.

  3. Yesterday, Sept 22, 2020, at 10:00 am I ran into this circular intersection and literally flew in my car over the two curbs and when I landed popped three of my four tires, disabling my car. Had my car flat bedded to a shop for repairs. I was shocked that there were absolutely no warning signs nor traffic cones to warn me this was in the middle of the road. Ironically at the same time Public Works were meeting there to discuss the problem is was causing. I think the city may have a liability in this regard.

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