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There is almost nothing that I have enjoyed more than being a part of the local blogosphere over the last four years.  As a member of the blog team here at New Santa Ana and before that at the Orange Juice and the Liberal OC I have truly enjoyed writing posts, sharing opinions and debating with our readers.  I have come to realize that one of the things that I enjoy more than blogging is serving on the Santa Ana Planning Commission.

In September of 2009 I stepped down from the Planning Commission to join with Art Pedroza in creating this new venture we call “New Santa Ana”.  We wanted to create a place where folks wanting to find out about all things Santa Ana could come to in the blogosphere.  It was our goal to promote our city, its businesses, its happenings and its leaders in a positive fashion.  I think we have succeeded in doing that since our inception.

However after some time I realized that I missed being involved with the Planning Commission and being a part of a group that will help shape Santa Ana’s future.  Being a part of the Planning Commission is a serious undertaking and deserves dedication from its members.  That being the case I have decided to stop blogging altogether and dedicate the time I have away from my job to being the best Planning Commissioner I can be.  The citizens of Santa Ana deserve no less than that.

This past Monday the 24th was my first meeting back on the commission.  Most of the commission members are the same as when I was there previously with the exception of Frank Acosta and Sandy Nalle.  Sandy, who also come on board Monday, had also previously served on the commission some years back.  I am very excited to get to serve with Sandy whom I see as a tremendous source of knowledge on planning, real estate and Santa Ana history.

I look forward to serving all of the residents in my capacity as a commissioner and am excited about playing a role in creating a bright future for us all.  Should you have any suggestions, concerns or comments about issues facing the city or the Planning Commission I encourage you to contact me at or (714) 858-1145. 

I know that this blog will continue to grow under the capable and tremendous efforts of Art Pedroza.  I encourage you all to tell all your friends about New Santa Ana and to continue with your loyal readership.  Finally I want to thank Art for all he has done with this blog and for promoting our city in a positive fashion.  Keep up the great work.

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28 thoughts on “A blogger no more, call me Commissioner Mill”
  1. Thank you Sean and good luck on the Planning Commission. We are fortunate to have you there!

    I look forward to continuing to work with you to build a New Santa Ana!

  2. cruz,

    Don’t get your hopes up about ANY parks in Santa Ana. This city thinks of parks last, if at all.

    Parks in SA come way after handing out redevelopment cash to developers and those same developers shoveling campaign cash back to the city council.

    1. Junior,

      Your comment is absolutely incorrect. Since the current Council majority came to power we have added a number of new parks and playgrounds, to wit:

      The Kaboom Playground opened in Bishop Manor.

      A new park is slated to open at Willard Intermediate and another park, which is a joint project with Latino Health Access, will be opening on 4th St.

      And the new Lighthouse Community Center and Sports Field opened last year too.

      Plus a new YMCA opened up in town too.

      As for your libelous final comment, as I recall your pal David Benavides got caught up in the same mess – and as we reported the fault was Joe Fletcher’s. He is now gone.

  3. Cruz,

    Art is correct about the council majority and their efforts to bring more park space to our community. Mike Tardif aka “junior” is a contrarian who has nothing positive to add to the discussion about our city’s future.

    I’d love to hear more about your ideas for RC tracks. This is a growing hobby and I think that we should look at doing something like that here in Santa Ana. You can reach me at the contacts given in the post.

  4. “It was our goal to promote our city, its businesses, its happenings and its leaders in a positive fashion.”

    Correction: you want to promote a particular set of leaders, not all of them.

  5. Santa Ana has a shortage of public parks.

    To the R/C guy.

    There are empty industrial building and empty office building.

    Rent or buy one of those places to play with your toys.

    I remember as a kid the private businesses that provided a place to play with “slot cars” for a fee, and more recently the private business that provide a place for people to play “paint ball” for a fee.

    These people play with their toys and cover the cost of their hobbies without taking away from the public their public parks. Also those business contribute to the tax base, whereas a gift of a public park brings in nothing.

    (I believe the council made a mistake in giving away the public parks to the private soccer leagues earlier)
    (and it was a black eye to cut the real fee and then take campaign money from those who benefited.)

    Oh, and on point, I am going to miss S Mill commentary, always insightful and controversial.

  6. anon,

    Art writes stories on this blog promoting everyone and everything in Santa Ana. There is no other place in town that you can get more information about the happenings in this city than the New Santa Ana.

    You are simply incorrect and I believe you are intentionally so.

  7. Sean,

    How about if I use a term that you and Art use frequently on this blog: “Council majority”.

    Like I said, you promote a particular set of leaders.

    When I see posts that promote those from the “Council minority”, then I’ll change my opinion.

    1. anon,

      I am not sure what you are referring to. We report on all the Council Members, but generally the Council majority is the group that is getting things done, while David Benavides and Carlos Bustamante are largely paperweights.

  8. Art, Sean did not use the word “report” in his post. He said you “promote” the city’s leaders.

    You and Sean do not promote Benavides and Bustamante.

  9. Please Art, writing about someone and “promoting” them are two different things. What part of that distinction don’t you understand? Why do you insist on trying to convince us that this blog, when it comes to “promoting” City leaders, is some benign, noble, non-partisan, altruistic endeavor?

    1. I am still not sure what you are getting at. We try to cover everything going on in town. We have in fact even posted about Benavides’ public meetings. The fact is however that neither he nor Bustamante ever send us any information about what they are up to. We cannot pull that info from thin air.

      If you talk to them, please ask them to copy me on any press releases or event announcements, at

      We did by the way “promote” the fact that Bustamante held a fundraiser for Van Tran, at his home. I am pretty sure Congresswoman Sanchez took note. I am also quite sure she will be working in 2012 to make sure he loses.

  10. Again anon Benavides and Bustamante aren’t leaders. Perhaps that is why Pedroza and Mill do not promote them. The next time they do something worth promoting will be the first time.

  11. Art,

    Benavides and Bustamante choose not to interact with you? Gee, I can’t imagine why.


    How about if you ask Art and Sean right here on this blog if they think Benavides and Bustamante are leaders?

    1. Let me get this straight, you want me to ask myself a question? Isn’t that a bit schizo?

      At any rate, I think Benavides is more of a leader than Bustamante, but neither one of them has any pull at City Hall. They are afterthoughts.

  12. anon I don’t see them as leaders so frankly I could care less what Art and Sean think of them. They (Benavides and Bustamante) are both non-factors in the decision making process at city hall. They have zero clout.

  13. anon,

    What I do know is that this blog provides links to their personal campaign websites and it promotes any event that they are involved in if given advanced notice. No other local blog does this. So I would say this blog does a better job of promoting Carlos and David than any of the others.

    Of course the council majority gets more promotion here probably because they do more. If you want David and Carlos to receive more promotion here perhaps you should have them contact Art or maybe even you could help promote them.

    I am not a part of this blog any more other than to comment from time to time. But I am sure Art will be happy to promote David and Carlos if given the information.

  14. “I think Benavides is more of a leader than Bustamante”

    That’s like saying you’d rather have been traveling on the Titanic instead of the Hidenburg. No matter how you look at it they are both unmitigated disasters.

  15. “They are afterthoughts. ”

    So explain to us again why they should choose to interact with you?

    Which came first; your dismissive attitude, or their choice, apparently, to ignore you?

    1. The reality is that neither Benavides nor Bustamante are part of the Council majority. As such they have zero influence on the Council. If you don’t like that, I suggest you work hard to elect Roman Reyna in 2012, to replace Claudia Alvarez, as Reyna will no doubt form a new majority with these guys and Mayor Pulido.

      Of course for this to happen, Bustamante will have to first get reelected. That is in doubt. The Democrats happily ignored him until we caught him promoting Van Tran last year. He is now a marked man. I think he is finished.

      It should be noted that Sarmiento is likely to run for and win Solorio’s seat. And I expect at least one other Council Member in the majority to run against Supervisor Janet Nguyen.

      What all of this means is that the current Council majority has two years to get things done, then it is anyone’s guess what the Council will look like, after the Nov., 2012 elections.

  16. Good Luck Sean.

    I am sure a “guest” spot will always be open to you.

    Rememeber as a planning commissioner:


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