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Editor’s Note: This picture is not doctored. This is John Palacio.

I am hearing from multiple sources today that SAUSD Trustee John Palacio is inexplicably considering running for our City Council’s Ward 3.  There are already several candidates including Planning Commissioner Eric Alderete, who has the support of almost the entire City Council (Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez has not endorsed anyone yet); O.C. middle manager Charles Hart, a Republican; former Santa Ana City Council Member Brett Franklin, who has Mayor Miguel Pulido’s endorsement; Park Santiago resident Shane Ramon Barrows, a cop in Irvine; former Orange School Board Member Steve Rocco, and Ana Rebecca Valencia-Verdin, a friend of current Ward 3 Councilman Carlos Bustamante, who lives in Floral Park.

Palacio was first elected to the SAUSD School Board in 1998 and re-elected in 2002, 2006 and 2010. He was appointed Board President in 1998, re-appointed in 1999 and served again in 2001.  He is involved in the Hispanic Education Endowment Fund, but I am not sure in what capacity as his name does not show up on their financial reports.  

Palacio has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from the University of Arizona, attended Catholic University of America Law School and did graduate studies at both Bucknell and Arizona State universities. He continues to maintain a second home in Arizona.

Palacio’s former ally on the SAUSD School Board, Nativo Lopez, was recalled in 2003.  Click here to read about Palacio’s past support for Lopez and his involvement in the district’s disastrous Project Labor Agreement, which banned non-union contractors from bidding on district construction projects.

Palacio buddied up to the Usual Suspects after the recall.  And he did so again when they lined up behind his buddy Al Amezcua in 2010, when Amezcua ran against Pulido and lost badly.  Palacio is backing the current school board campaign of Amezcua’s daughter, Valerie.

I am not sure what the heck Palacio is thinking if indeed he is considering running for Ward 3.  Alderete has already lined up all the big endorsements and he can and will raise a lot of campaign money.

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9 thoughts on “Will SAUSD Trustee John Palacio run for Santa Ana’s Ward 3?”
  1. “Will SAUSD Trustee John Palacio run for Santa Ana’s Ward 3?”…….. Hmmmmmmm

    An another recycled Mexican.

    It looks like you like keep recycling these Mexican dinosaurs.

    Get more original Art!

  2. Again, New Santa Ana is getting the latest information weeks before the other news sources. This was the hot topic among teacher/labor leaders at our school site this week along with who should be supported to run for Palacios seat on the school board if/when he wins. No one is surprised that Palacio has his eye on this council seat and no one is better prepared to run the 90 day campaign which is required. John has streamlined his campaign team over the years and his name I.D. is very high among parents and others because of his civic work in our community. Those who underestimate his ability to get his people out to vote on election day do so at their own peril. With term limits for Santa Ana Council now 3 four year terms, why would Palacio wait 12 years (2024) to run for city council? SEIU and the Teachers union will support him. He has a free shot and will take it.

  3. Also, many parents would like to see 3 former school board members on the Santa Ana City council (Tinajero, Reyna, Palacio) so that we can finally get some joint use agreements with the school district in place that will allow more school sites to be used for soccer, recreation, etc like every other Orange County city already has in place. There is no excuse for the locked school gates when our children in Santa Ana don’t have enough open space.

  4. “many parents would like to 3 former school board members on the Santa Ana City council (Tinajero, Reyna, Palacio)”…… Hmmmmmm

    I wonder what these three stooges accomplished on the board. The Santa Ana school district is worse in the Orange County.

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      So you see Stanley when it counted my people stood up for freedom and they rejected the Nazis, while your people, sadly, rolled over.

      1. I will not discuss with you politics of the yesterday especially learned from Wikipedia of which you have absolutely no clue.

        If you would be good Mexican you would know Madero “Effective Suffrage – No Reelection!”

        However, you are constantly reelecting elsewhere termed out Mexican losers hoping for better government — that is outright silly Art.

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    Tell me Stanley, do you wear clown shoes?

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