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Will First District candidate Andrew Do and his former boss Janet Nguyen succeed in fooling Republican voters in the Jan. 27 Special Election?

They already got busted when two Orange County employees were recently fired for politicking on Do’s behalf while working at the Westminster County office that Nguyen opened so she could pander to the Little Saigon community.

What amazes me is that the OC GOP and the CA GOP both endorsed Do as have a slew of state and federal legislators – despite the fact that he quit the Garden Grove City Council in 2011.  Why in the world would the entire Republican machine crawl into bed with an pathetic quitter?

Chris Phan for the First District

It’s not like the Republicans don’t have another choice – and they do.  Garden Grove Councilman Chris Phan, notably not a quitter, is also running for the First District.  He isn’t perfect but he is a whole lot better than the ridiculous Do.

Janet Nguyen and Andrew Do

You have to wonder though if voters have a clue who Phan is? I have not seen any mailers from him, even though my Republican wife has never missed an election.  But I have seen at least three mailers from Do and about a half dozen from the Democrat in the race, Lou Correa.

That’s too bad.  Correa has really blow it by not attacking Do and Phan has not been able to properly market his campaign.  Janet Nguyen was a truly terrible Supervisor.  Can you imagine how awful her lame henchman will be?

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One thought on “Will Andrew Do and Janet Nguyen succeed in fooling GOP voters on 1/27?”
  1. No they won’t “fool” anyone. But they most certainly will skate to victory vs. a prostrate DPOC.

    My prediction is the “hole in the donut” gets stuffed with an eggroll.

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