Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

Cecilia Iglesias poses with State Senator Lou Correa

By: Duane Roberts, Green Party Candidate for the U.S. Senate

There is an incredible amount of hullabaloo being made about Ms. Cecilia Iglesias, an Independent candidate running in the 47th Congressional District, because an image of her was caught in a photograph squeezing Meg Whitman, the mega-billionaire who thinks she can use her vast fortune to buy her way into the Governor’s office.

Frank Barbaro, Chairman of the Democratic Party of Orange County, recently stated in an email posted on the DPOC website that “voting records show that Ceci walks like a Republican, talks like a Republican and votes as a Republican…. I think she needs to explain why she is so embarrassed about being a Republican.”

Although I’ve thought about casting my ballot for Ms. Iglesias as a protest vote against both Loretta Sanchez and Van Tran, the photograph of her hugging Whitmann almost made me throw up, to be quite frank with you. But honestly, I would have felt just as nauseous if I saw a photograph of her with Jerry Brown.

Despite my dislike for “Queen Meg,” I’m smart enough to realize the photograph doesn’t mean that Ms. Iglesias supports or even agrees with of her on various issues. And so far I haven’t heard Mr. Barbaro complain about the fact she posed for the above photograph with Democratic State Senator Lou Correa.

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