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Santa Ana residents have been voting via absentee ballots for about a week.  During that time Assemblyman Jose Solorio has mailed a letter to all the voters in support of Mayor Miguel Pulido.  And Santa Ana’s Firemen and Paramedics have also been featured in a mailer in support of Mayor Pulido.

Santa Ana Council Ward 3 Candidate Eric Alderete sent out a nice mailer the other day.  So did Councilman Vince Sarmiento and Ward 5 candidate Roman Reyna (the infamous mailer that featured Reyna wearing a clip on tie).

But where in the world are the mailers in support of Mayoral challenger David Benavides?

Not only have I not seen any Benavides mailers, I am told that his erstwhile allies are not walking for him either.  No one is.  What gives?

Apparently Benavides’ entire campaign strategy is based on having Republican Orange Park Acres resident Art Lomeli comment on his behalf every time I rip Benavides!

Well folks, that is not going to get it done.  The election will be upon us very soon.  Pulido’s campaign has a huge crew of volunteers making phone calls every night.  Pulido himself is appearing at events all over town.  And Benavides?  Well he appears to be running about as hard as the Amezcua sisters who are running in Wards 1 and 3.

This election appears to be over already.

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37 thoughts on “Where are Benavides’ mailers?”
  1. Art, Don’t underestimate the power of Dr. Lomeli’s postings! They just may carry David to victory! Who needs direct mail anyway? It’s such an overrated way to communicate with voters. I say attend a handful of candidate forums, recycle some of your old yard signs with stickers that say Mayor over the top of the last post your ran for, make a few new signs that say “25 years is to much” because you have no new vision or catch phrase about yourself or what you would do, drop a couple hundred flyers with Roman Reyna, send out lots of mass emails touting fundraisers that raise no funds, and call it a day. Sure fire recipe for winning the Mayors race! Oh, and kick your wife and family to the curb along the way for good measure.

  2. Great thesevare the firemen that were outsourced ? Replaced , lost income and jobs because Pulido lead there union benefit plan which nearly bankrupted the city and the flyer claims a balanced budget? GOOD COMEDY.


    1. Sorry Lomeli. Your boy Benavides voted for all of that too. In the past six years he has voted with Pulido over 98 percent of the time.

      So where are Benavides’ mailers?

  3. So doesn’t change anything I said.. Whether or not. Pulido is claiming ownership of the IMF. On flyer . he does not say Benavides and I . Benavides votes 98% with me so give him credit too.

  4. Park Santiago local wrote:

    ” I say attend a handful of candidate forums, recycle some of your old yard signs ”

    Pulido’s campaign is following your advice. The flyer above is one sent last election cycle. I guess the firemen and paramedics are not providing money.

  5. Hey Art, Even if 60% of the voters have already mailed their votes in, Benavides can still win if he gets 125% of all poll voters. It’s possible!

  6. Art, Before major sporting events, the Mayors of the cities involved often make friendly wagers regarding the outcome. Why don’t you and Dr. Lomelei bet on the Santa Ana Mayor’s race?
    All you need to do is decide what the winner/loser has to do post-election when the results are known.

      1. Majority council independent from Pulido have weakened him beyond repair. Staying mayor does not change this. Benavides if not elected Mayor stays on council. Benavides and the majority Pulido independent council win whatever the outcome.

  7. You are right Art. I’ll bet at least half of all voters have already mailed it in.

    What some people want to know is where is the mail in the Mayors race from Benavides? Is he living on his money raised for this campaign? He has sent no mail and is using old signs with stickers covering the last office he ran for. Sad.

    1. When this is over the question will have to be asked – why did the Benavides cartel choose him as a candidate instead of Sal Tinajero? Fail.

  8. As Paul Walters once said of Jazz Club owner and Mayoral Candidate Randall Young, “I couldn’t agree with you more” Art. Sal Tinajero would have been a MUCH better candidate and should be named Mayor Pro Tem after the election. We need a Mayor Pro Tem like Tinajero. Watch Vince try to snag the Mayor Pro Tem spot and watch Sal slap him down.

    The others, Sarmiento and company are Key Stone Cops not ready for Prime time.

  9. The council majority support Benavides. Sal is part of this group.Sal along with the others elected to support Benavides for mayor and distance themselves from Pulido.

  10. That is your opinion . Tepid or not they support Benavides do not support Pulido and wish not to work with him. This translates to a wasted vote on Pulido. Major donors understand this. Is why low donation numbers for Pulido.

  11. AGAIN:

    Majority council independent from Pulido have weakened him beyond repair. Staying mayor does not change this. Benavides if not elected Mayor stays on council. Benavides and the majority Pulido independent council win whatever the outcome.

  12. Casa Bonita Player says:
    October 19, 2012 at 4:26 pm
    Try !

    What a pig.

    Cheap shots do not matter. What you wish for does not matter. The power has been removed from Pulido.


  13. I am very concerned for the safety and well being of Ms.Onofre.

    If she is fortunate enough to be elected to the council, she will be seated along side Benavides, whose Bustamonte like behavior will make ANY young woman uncomfortable.

    This is serious. We KNOW that Bustamonte operated in a world where he thought he was God’s gift to women. Now we have another cassanova in Benavide’s.

    She should make it CLEAR upfront that she will not tolerate sexual harassment from a fellow council member. Until we understand the extent of his daliances with women, other than his wife.

    BE CAREFUL KARINA. You are young and impressionable, benavides is a exploitive predator. Gaurd against his phony charm. Also, if you qualify for government assistance steer cleer. He’s an expert at taking advantage of his “women”.


  14. Question:
    If this “new majority” of the council has 4 votes to rule their world…and they all claim to hate Jill Arthur and made that the number one item of the list they presented Pulido…then why oh why is Jill Arthur still working on the 8th floor of City Hall? Where are the changes promised? Could it be that they are all talk?

      1. This means what?

        What I here is that Jill had power when Ream was city manager based on Ream’s control of city manager’s office. Had some when Ream was retired due to Pulido still in power and wishing her promoted. Majority council did not allow this. Now none issue as Pulido has no power and neither does Jill.

  15. Editor says:
    October 19, 2012 at 6:04 pm
    This alliance is a joke. It is falling apart and will completely shatter after Benavides loses

    Wishful thinking . The separation from Pulido was done recently while Pulido is mayor. Why would it fall apart at all anytime and within your scenario.

    The new majority do not want to follow Pulido . If Pulido wins the election he has to join them not the other way around. In any case Pulido is rendered powerless.

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