Sat. Jun 10th, 2023

Earlier today, in an effort to address excessive speeding and racing on Tustin’s roadways, a Tustin police officer was conducting traffic enforcement on Jamboree Road. The officer observed a vehicle driving in excess of 100 miles per hour and attempted to stop the vehicle, which failed to yield.

The officer was unable to catch up to the vehicle, but the vehicle’s illegally modified loud exhaust provided a telling tale of the reckless drivers location.

Officers located the vehicle which again attempted to flee, but crashed almost immediately and rendered the vehicle disabled.

Two juveniles in the vehicle were arrested for evasion, speed violations, and endangerment and their vehicle was impounded.

Treating public roadways as raceways is extremely dangerous and is rigorously enforced by the Tustin police department and their partners in public safety. Motorists should continue to expect enhanced enforcement and efforts to reduce racing and speeding.

The Tustin Police stated that “We hate to spoil the fun, but Jamboree Road isn’t the Indy 500. If you treat it as such, you may find that our pace cars come with ticket writers and an impound of your vehicle.”

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