Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

The SAPD is finally acknowledging the increase in shootings, mostly gang-related, in Santa Ana since New Year’s Day. There have been 16 shootings since Jan. 1, according to the O.C. Register. Fortunately only one shooting has proved fatal.

There were two new shootings in the past day. One took place at around 8:30 p.m. on Thursday as two men were arguing outside a home at the 1300 block of West 3rd, near Lydia Romero-Cruz Elementary School, according to a witness who spoke to the police.

One of the men involved in the argument shot the other man several times. The victim was struck in his upper torso but somehow managed to take off westbound on his bike. The suspect ran off eastbound on West 3rd St.

Police found 9mm bullet casings at the scene but both the victim and the suspect are still missing and have not been identified. The police even contacted all of the local hospitals but came up empty.

There was another shooting today, at 7 a.m., at the 800 block of South Townsend Street, near Monte Vista Elementary School. A 42-year-old woman was walking on the sidewalk on that street when she heard gunshots and then came to realize that she had been shot in her lower torso.

A 4-door gray sedan was seen speeding away from the area, by witnesses, but the police were not able to find the shooter.

The good news is that the woman’s injuries were not fatal. She was taken to a local hospital and is expected to survive.

The shooting on W. 3rd St. took place in Santa Ana’s Ward 4, which is represented by Councilman David Benavides.  The shooting on S. Townsend St. took place in Santa Ana’s Ward 5, which is represented by Councilman Roman Reyna.

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4 thoughts on “Two more shootings reported in Santa Ana since last night”
  1. Saturday around 3 am i heard a single gun shot didnt make much of it, but now there is ambulance and crime scene investigators’ van but they came in silence ,no sirens this is on chestnut just east from birch

  2. My son who was dropping off a friend the other night off borchard in Santa Ana near edinger and Raitt was shot at multiple times . Bullets hitting his car and breaking windows ,thank you Lord he’s ok . My son is not involved in gangs,nor does he loom like a gang member he just simply gave a friend a ride home . What is this world coming too?

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