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Gualterio Santos found himself in New York 27 years ago as he left the State of Oaxaca, in Mexico, and traveled north to find work. He ended up in the fresh flower business. But a few years later he made a mistake that continues to haunt him today. He accidentally drover over the border into Canada – and U.S. border officials quickly figured out that Santos did not have a visa or any other residential documentation.

Santos was released at the time and he eventually ended up in Santa Ana, CA, where he continued to work in the fresh flower business. In fact fifteen years ago he started a business in Santa Ana, Santos Flowers. Now he is literally fighting for his life as ICE has found him and is trying to deport him – to a country he has not lived in for almost thirty years.

Gualterio Santos and Mayor Miguel Pulido

Today Santos also operates a second location in Las Vegas, NV. His employees sustain twenty families with the money they earn working for Santos. He has always paid his taxes. But for whatever reason he never formalized his residential status in the U.S.

Santos’ business is incredibly successful. In fact he sells flowers mostly on a wholesale level even though local patrons still walk into his shop in Santa Ana all day long to buy his fresh flowers. Santos told me today that his customers include as many as 150 supermarkets.

Santos also has seven children – and three of them are U.S. voters.

Mike Gonzalez and Art Pedroza with Gualterio Santos and his Friends and Family

Many local politicians have expressed support for Santos including Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido, U.S. Representative Lou Correa and Miguel “Mike” Gonzalez, a local businessman who is running for Ward 2 on the Santa Ana City Council.

This Sunday, November 4,  at 12 noon, supporters of Santos and his family are going to gather at E. 4th and French St. in Downtown Santa Ana to support this great friend, entrepreneur and leader of our community.

For more information call 714-658-3016 or contact Santos on Facebook here.

Stop by Santos Flowers at 1628 S. Main St., in Santa Ana and meet Santos in person!

Gualterio Santos in New York 27 years ago

Santos is an upstanding businessman who has always paid his taxes and worked hard to support his family and his employees. He is no criminal and he should not be treated as such by our Federal immigration officials!

Fortunately Santos has hired a great local lawyer, Lisa Ramirez. She is doing everything she can to help Santos to stay here with his family in the U.S.

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