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The Santa Ana Literary Association will be presenting a new poem by a local poet every week this year. This week’s poem is “Short Expressions I Wrote on My Flip-Phone While Out In Social Settings During 2018” by Ryan Bishop.

Short Expressions I Wrote on My Flip-Phone While Out In Social Settings During 2018

By: Ryan Bishop

Trying to be attractive in my gaze.

Taking art-liberties I’ve no right for.

Forming weird self-alienating key personalities that can’t fit with childhood friends. In jobs, in adult social ambitious relationships weighing on our direction of spirit.

I’m for anything goes. Amoral towards any expression brave enough to be formed.

Those clothes (houses) are naked. They’ve no humans in them. That guy’s naked, no clothes on him.

Life is the public’s mass projections thrown upon it.

Looking at the same reality but we all have different levels and attractions of libidinal strengths and capacity of memory. Hence technology?

Our bones on flesh skin cheeks that court meaning and knowledge.

The temple of our eyes. White clay of health and good with grace manners.

Art as sport above one local and global technology?

How many animals have I seen today?

Tone deaf not even speaking.

Every moment not day to day.

Between disintegration and nothingness.

Home. A usual purpose to defend against over-inquisitors.

Don’t run away from words tagged from the other in conversation. Will to repeat to gently mock and refresh our speech.

How do you wear your shoulders instead of your lower gorilla gut?

Building up our tombstones with hardcopy artifacts.

Transcribing one’s talking voice into a singing voice. Just give me a violin to use as is.

She went she was she is
She goes.

So incompetent with our tools to sing our souls.
We are drive-thru-menu tones of voice.

How can we all work together to make one happy Earth?

Never thought I was in childhood. Still the good old days I said to myself before I was six.
Smile when one inhabits childhood.

Minimum wage mule. Cacophony of coughs.
Employee is always right
Clear as mud
No growl. You’re pushed around.
The sad face. Articulate your sorrows I can help. Advice coming to be promised to.

Ryan Bishop: Born 1980, Anaheim, California. Caucasian, mostly Irish and English. Male. Mostly left-handed, with low right-handedness. Lives in Santa Ana. Mostly monolingual, English with low Spanish.

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