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The Orange County District Attorney’s office slapped down the Santa Ana City Council and the Santa Ana City Attorney today after the City Council threatened to out a confidential report on their investigation into a real estate deal between Mayor Miguel Pulido and a city contractor, according to the Voice of OC.

Senior Assistant District Attorney Michael Lubinski outlined the DA’s position in a letter sent today to City Attorney Sonia Carvalho. Lubinski claims Carvalho backtracked on her own confidentiality request regarding the city’s report, which was referred to the DA’s office over six months ago.

“I do not understand your change of position,” Lubinski writes. “The disclosure of confidential reports is premature and should not be released until our investigation has concluded to ensure justice.”

Lubinski wrote that when the documents and reports on the land swap were turned over to the District Attorney’s Office, the city had requested that the information remain confidential during the investigation. He wrote that he did not understand the city’s “change of position,” according to the O.C. Register.

Change of position?  Well I can explain that.  State Senator Lou Correa pulled out of the Santa Ana Mayor’s race, leaving overmatched first term Councilman Roman Reyna as the City Council cabal’s mayoral candidate.  If Correa didn’t think that he could beat Pulido why should anyone believe that Reyna can do so?

What this boils down to is the City Council playing politics instead of seeing to the City’s business.  I am glad the OCDA shut down their latest scheme.

In the end Pulido will likely have to pay a small fine to the FPPC and then he will beat Reyna like a drum on Nov. 4.

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One thought on “The OCDA slaps down the Santa Ana City Council and the City Attorney”
  1. Hey tudy he’s a crook and it’s not wright to have the council cover his dirty work ,the voice of oc explains it better then you ,you add to much innocence to the mayor ,as for you editor you do not seek change for city in your eyes bribery is fine and totally legal so if you were mayor you would except bribes all day long…there’s thousands hoping the DA slams the mayor ,like I said before KARMA will prevail unless you don’t believe in KARMA…

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