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Adam Elmahrek, Norberto Santana, and Nick Gerda of award recipient the Voice of OC

Orange County District Attorney Press Release

For Immediate Release: September 4, 2014


“The Orange County District Attorney (OCDA) has endured years of unethical and inaccurate web ‘reporting’ by various staff members of the Voice of OC.

The latest occurred this afternoon during my conversation with Adam Elmahrek, who is on staff with the Voice of OC.

Any reporter might make a mistake, but it’s unethical to not correct their mistake when it is obvious they made one and it creates mistaken fact.

Any publication that quotes any future stories from the Voice of OC should proceed with extreme caution and verify its accuracy.  If anyone would like the details of the Voice of OC’s pattern of misconduct and unethical behavior, they should contact me directly.  Meanwhile, the OCDA is contemplating all remedies available on future contacts with the Voice of OC.

Until this issue is resolved, all calls from the Voice of OC to OCDA staff should be directed to me.”

Susan Kang Schroeder

Chief of Staff


By Editor

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7 thoughts on “OCDA complains about unethical and inaccurate reporting by the Voice of OC”
  1. The funny part is, two of the three in the picture live within 1,000 feet of Pulido!

    Nick with Mommy and Daddy and the Muslim/Jew Boy with his new wife. I see Vern Nelson and Greg Diamond are jumping into the Santa Ana game. I can’t wait for those two clowns to try and tell the people on the southside how good The council has been to them.

    Nevernd the council has COMPLETELY alienated asians. But, thats bcause they are not collecting free services like Diamonds kids.

  2. What is this? D.A. Korean Nazi Girl thinks she can protect her D.A. position by crying foul, and not even declare what it is that she was misrepresented on.? That’s like Editor saying he is being attacked by ISIS for unknown reasons but if you call him he might be able to clear it up for you. Ha ha he he. She must be a watergirl for the O.C.”House of Cards” that you speak of.

    1. And at least “muslim Jew boy” isn’t being bought off by Jews Samueli, Chase Fainberg, Jakowsky like El Nuevo Juden Pulido!!!

      1. Pulido is about as Mexican as Obama is Muslim.
        Both are Neo Liberal sell outs to the Post American Zionist Bribery Machine.

      2. The entire Council picks up our regularly scheduled $249 checks four times a year from Irv and Ryan Chase and A Feinberg

        It’s our new program “Cash for Liquor Licenses”

        1. Not surprised about Benavides. The Zionists like to mind control the Born Again Evengelicals into working for them instead of their own country.

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